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Cameron Dias: Sisters’ Keeper Prem

Cameron Diaz pulled a rare form and was all compliant at the world premiere of her new film “My Sister’s Keeper,” last night in NYC.

Dressed in a white asymmetrical cocktail number, Diaz proved to be none the diva of the night by showing up first!

The part Cuban hotness even surprised some by responding to calls in Spanish… How’s that for a shocker?

Diaz will soon be reprising her “Charlie’s Angel” role opposite Drew Barrymore and Lucy Liu. That is one I am eagerly waiting on!

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Evan Rachel Wood: Whatever Works!

When beauty steps onto a red carpet the general saying is “Whatever Works!”

When that beauty is Evan Rachel Wood – arriving on cue for her debuting film – you better damn sure utilize that phrase and work whatever you need out to make the moment come to pass!

Proclaim your love for dress, new hair color, stilettos, the beauty that was, is and will be combined – you get the picture! (Don’t you judge me… I meant every word!)

And so went the official Tribeca Film Festival kick off with Woody Allen’s film at the Ziegfeld Theater, last night.

Seriously, girl shined in her ballerina inspired basic black number!

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The International Premiere

We are in the midst of what we want to believe is an early spring here in NY!

That’s what happens when you spend a few weeks in arctic conditions – the weather rises up to forty degrees and your ready to throw on some colorful shorts and flippy-flops. Sad but true…

And so this was the general condition greeting the world premiere of “The International,” starring Naomi Watts and Clive Owen, put on by the Film Society on the UWS last night.

But apparently it wasn’t warm enough for the films star to don some color. Girl had on black – head to toe!

We were all left shocked at the reality of the situation, more so given that she appears to have shed all the baby weight in record time.

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