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Alex Rodriguez: Cocked and Loaded

Alex “A-Rod” Rodriguez gets ready to batter up!

As a Native NY-ker there are things that we have never done and rightly have no desire to check-off a list.  It’s true.  Like visit the Statue of Liberty.  Sure we’ve seen it and have passed it, up close, on our way to Ellis Island to cover a movie premiere, but we ain’t in no never rush to step foot on the premises.  We may also very well be the only New Yorker who haven’t visited Yankee Stadium – old or new structure.

Hell, we even go out of our way to stay away from the area on game days.

But this here photo of Alex “A-Rod” Rodriguez grabbing his package resurfaces a penchant for access to their locker room – in a major way!  We would even earn our keep by serving as towel boys.

It is rumored – around the ways – that A-Rod is indeed packing a rod and that he swings it most efficiently.  And although we are not of the group that cheers and jeers from a couch – over a game anyway – we do find our eyebrow arching a bit when confronted with his butch realness.

There is no denying that he feeds off a ‘I’ll fuck you two-ways from Sunday’ machismo jism…

The Yankees lost to some bird touting team at this game.  But its about the rod!

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