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Election Day 2012: Everyone Poops But One Smells Better!

Zoe sends voters a message: Everyone Poops! But y’all need pay attention to who’s poop is wretched!

The ole adage “out of the mouths of babes” has never been stronger than today with this here photo of cutey-petuty Zoe Sophie on Election Day 2012 proclaiming:   “Everyone Poops!” She is not only a beauty but a smart little cookie that one is!  The question is, in all sincerity, who’s poop is just simply wretched!

Ain’t little surprise to y’all that we are Team Obama.  That man has steadfastly fought an uphill battle of partisan politics in Washington – at times in the face of his own party.  But as his beautiful wife so eloquently stated in Des Moines last night, he’s “never waivered.”

But that is not to say that we wouldn’t pay attention to a Republican candidate who came along shooting straight from the hip.  We like to keep options available.

Romney, however, ain’t him!

Shape-shifter that he is, we have watched him, time and again, brush his aforementioned statements under a convenient rug as he panders to a people who deserve better but, should he be elected, will likely be the ones made to sweep up and swallow said lies.  With no sign of shame for for the fib he is selling.

The NY Times, being the high-brow folks they are, broke it down nicely:

“PolitiFact has chronicled 19 “pants on fire” lies by Mr. Romney and 7 by Mr. Obama since 2007, but Mr. Romney’s whoppers have been qualitatively far worse: the “apology tour,” the “government takeover of health care,” the “$4,000 tax hike on middle class families,” the gutting of welfare-to-work rules, the shipment by Chrysler of jobs from Ohio to China. Said one of his pollsters, Neil Newhouse, “We’re not going to let our campaign be dictated by fact checkers.”

To be sure, the Obama campaign has certainly had its own share of dissembling and distortion, including about Mr. Romney’s positions on abortion and foreign aid. But nothing in it — or in past campaigns, for that matter — has equaled the efforts of the Romney campaign in this realm. Its fundamental disdain for facts is something wholly new.”

So you see!  Zoe Sophie is right, at her tender age.  We all poop. But here is a concise totaling of who’s poop is stacked the highest!

Well today is that day to take it to the polls.

So we urge y’all to vote – wisely – & do your math.  For us?  We personally gear to brave the cold frost hitting NY to do as we preach to y’all.

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Zoe Sophie and Eugénie: Up and Coming EU Super Models

(Top to Bottom) Ms. Eugenie and Ms. Zoe Sophie mug it up for the cameras

Ladies and gentlemen, it is our esteemed pleasure to introduce y’all to two of the most darling and beautiful European additions to enter 2012: Ms. Eugénie and Ms. Zoe Sophie.

To those of you who have personally witnessed how easily we go from stoic to just plain ole dumbass in the presence of a baby, it will be little surprise at how giddy we are just looking at these here two family pics our dear EU friends have shared with us.

For the rest of y’all, well, the above disclosure is completely and utterly true. Nothing gets us acting like we have received a blow to the head and are permanently left with a  speech impediment quicker than a baby.  Hell, we even chuck our penchant for Italian labels for the chance at frolicking around on the ground, if it only means looking the fool or later being browbeaten by our friends over our less than dignified behavior if there is a possible chance of getting a baby to smile and/or chuckle (which does happen) –  stains be damned.

If we get to see their little faces smile, we will gladly tell y’all to suck it!  So there.

This affect only worsens as they mature and are able to run around after us and develop the ability to pounce and beat you into a pulp.  There is little excuse we can offer.  It just is.  No sense in denying it really…

We’ve never minded children, its most adults we have a problem with – but that’s another post entirely.

We don’t really know where this immense glee originates.  Kids just have that effect on us.  And we don’t care how stupid we look.  Put your complaint in writing!

We woke up this morning to find this here bottom photo of Zoe Sophie mugging it for the camera like a pro.  Incidentally she is ten days old.  And we simply couldn’t resist running to our fridge to recover Eugénie’s pic, who is now going into her fourth month, and scan the formally shared top pic – and by formally we mean carrier post for those of you who don’t recall the lost art – so that we could share them both with the masses.

We are simply blown over by how poignant these candid moments come across and only wish we could call on Tommy boy to fuel the jet and be formally introduced to these here lovely future beauty queens, cuz we don’t mind telling you that not even Chanel smells better than a baby!  C’est vrai.

Zoe Sophie is not only a total beauty – much like her mother – but she already appears to be loved by the camera, as this here photo of her channeling a younger Linda Evangelista with ease demonstrates.  And in true French attribute, Ms. Eugénie looks to be all things coy and playful – just like her maman.

We will start rehearsing them for the runway tout de suite – or as soon as they get their bearings upright!

Our general EU runs are eventful but we daresay that with these two additions a whole new set of fun is on the horizon.  We can’t wait to see all of you guys.


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