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Vin Diesel: NSFW Full Frontal

XXX star Vin Diesel goes au naturel at the beach.

au naturel at the beach.

Here is one we haven’t seen before.  And what better way  to wrap up 2012 than with something new to our eyes.   Feast on a frontal of XXX star and fellow NYker Vin Diesel!

Bandoleros: Rodriguez n DieselAllegedly~

We have heard 1st hand accounts of stories of Diesel being a two minute man.   C’est vrai.   Not that we would turn down 120 seconds with the raspy voiced action star.

We figure 2 minutes might be better than 60 minutes – if its a good two minutes.

Don’t judge…  Some MF’s couldn’t get it right if you gave them a map and played them a how-to video simultaneously

On the flip side it is good to see that he isn’t one to shy away from showing off while in the midst of shrinkage.

We will look forward to his return to the big screen come 2013 and view him with a whole new level of respect.

Here’s to a rocking end to a long and trifling year and best wishes for the road ahead.

Happy 2013 folks.

(Please note:  The above is alleged!)

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