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Paula Broadwell: Four Star Adulterers

Writer Paula Broadwell and Gen. David Petraeus currently grip a nation with their extra-marital liaison.

The wayward acts of married scribe Paula Broadwell – biographer of four-star general and now ex-CIA Director David Petraeus’ “All In: The Education of Gen. David Petraeus” – are everywhere.

And our simple-mindedness wonders how is it that time and again the extra-marital affairs of some tramp with an aged poon-hound in a position of authority and/or power manages to grip a nation so tightly.

Seriously, it’s as if this woman were privy to the secret of performing Penis Captivus! 

Newsflash:  She isn’t the first & assuredly wont be the last.

Sure, we understand that as Broadwell was literally taking him “All In” she was afforded the opportunity of procuring sensitive materials that she may not have otherwise been privy to extract while she was extracting, but that assuredly should be a private investigation as opposed to making it front-page fodder.

And, if she may have possibly obtained classified intel during her time taking him All In, than why give her a green light to such intimate proximity with one holding such material?  There are pictures of her on a jet with him for fuck sake!  Mile high anyone?  (We told you we were simple!)

Now y’all know this story will be going for quite sometime.  Cuz, well, you know for sure its more important than Hurricane Sandy’s destruction of a coast-line, the debt-crisis or actually having politicos work at fixing the countries persistent problems.

But let’s be frank, we can’t wholeheartedly blame the powers that be – Networks are in it to sell advertisement time and manipulate what holds your attention.

The real fault lies with the dumbass public who hangs on every trifling tid-bit that is newly “uncovered” of the liaison and its goings on as opposed to notifying the networks and Washington of a desire to handle this matter swiftly and efficiently and get back to real pressing problems.

We don’t mind tell the CIA, FBI, White House, CNN, MSNBC, The Times – et al – that we don’t give a ripe good fuck about what these two did unless there is a sex tape to accompany it for our review.

And as there has been non uncovered, please exercise some tact and quit the bullshit developing story alerts!

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