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Kanye West: Assault Charge Plea Deal

Kanye West attends the Met Opera gala in NYC

Kanye West attends the Met Opera gala in NYC

Can’t no one accuse punk ass hip-hopper Kanye West of trying to prolong unpleasant court proceedings – or so it would appear.  Less than a calendar year into charges being brought up against the temperamental singer and baby-daddy to Kim Kardashian’s bastard child, reports have West pleading no contest in the LAX assault case involving Daniel Ramos – a West Coast based photographer who accused the rapper of punching and grabbing his camera in an unprovoked attack. Read the rest of this entry »

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Sam Worthington: Assault and Arrest Video

Sam Worthington pictured being walked in handcuffs into a local NYC precinct.

Sam Worthington pictured being walked in handcuffs into a local NYC precinct.

Funny thing about being filmed is that it can serve to discredit any allegations one might be inclined to portray to look the innocent in an altercation.  Of course we speak of the scuffle between Avatar actor Sam Worthington and his alleged model girlfriend tag-teaming a photographer on the streets of NYC. Read the rest of this entry »

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Patti LaBelle: Sued for Employing Thug Bodyguards

Patti Labelle at the NYC premiere of For Colored Girls

Say it ain’t so, Patti!  The incomparable Patti LaBelle – Lady Marmalade herself – is now facing being named in a lawsuit stemming from her bodyguards beating on a Houston cadet observed “standing too close to her luggage,” while talking on his cell-phone, reports The Daily Mail.  Sound absurd? Wait for it, there is surveillance video!

In the video, LaBelle’s pricey keep are witnessed approaching and punching the young man and knocking him to the ground after he hits a concrete column.  A hit so hard in fact that brother staggers to regain his equilibrium!

That ain’t right…

Reports state the injured cadet bled everywhere.

We luv and have had the pleasure of making Ms. LaBelle’s acquaintance, so this is all too hard to believe.  But we also know – 1st hand – how overzealous hired thugs can be.   And the video is irrefutable!

And if it wasn’t bad enough – in the same video – police are later seen posing for photos with the legendary chanteuse as if it were a meet & greet and not a potential crime scene!  WTF is wrong with people?

We hope LaBelle makes this right – pronto!

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Charlie Sheen: Domestic Abuse XMas Charge

Charlie Sheen Arrested on Domestic Abuse Charges in Aspen

It wasn’t a merry christmas for all, nor for all a good night!  Charlie Sheen has been arrested and charged with domestic violence against his wife Brooke Mueller, mother of his twin boys, on X-Mas day, in Aspen, Colorado, after a call to 9-1-1 to local police on Friday morn, reports TMZ.

The Two and a Half Men costar was taken into custody and held until he posted an $8,500 bond late friday night, after the alleged incident.  Sheen is being charged on felony second degree assault, felony menacing and criminal mischief – a misdemeanor, the website RadarOnline reports.

Sheen is no stranger to trouble with a capital T!  Seriously, y’all – from drugs and booze to philandering and escorts to domestic abuse charges – Sheen trumps the rock-star lifestyle.  But this sucks for him and surely jeapordizes his tenure on the hit show where he earns a reported $825K per episode.

The details of his latest incident are sketchy at best, but reports are already surfacing of Mueller’s claims that Sheen choked her, prompting the 9-1-1- call.  She did however fess up to alcohol being involved.  Hmmmm….

“Do not be mislead by appearance. Appearance and reality can be as different as night and day. It would benefit everyone not to jump to any conclusion,” his publicist Stan Rosenfield has asked via a statement to TMZ.  Dully noted sir.

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Chris Brown: I’m Sorry (For My Career!)

Chris Brown Performs at PowerHouse Concert in NJ

Singer Chris Brown, 20, went and got himself booked on ABC’s 20/20 after Glam-bert’s ousting from the network over some touchy/kissy AMA performance.

This should have been a moment of closure and redemption in his long ass road of apologies.  Because we all know that all is right with the world after Disney sanctions it.  But it, once again, arrives with a level of artificiality that belies its intent.

“I never, ever had problems with anger,” Brown states.  Hmmmm, says I.  Adding that there have been “No domestic violence [issues] with any of [his] past girlfriends or any altercations.”  Hmmmm, again.  “I was never that kind of person…It’s like, ‘How could I be that person?’” He goes on to add.

Am I wrong to question him on this?  Wasn’t he in a domestically violent home as a kid?  I’m not saying nothing, just asking…

And when Roberts plays Rihanna’s interview, also on ABC, for reactionary purposes – you guessed it – his response is less than remorseful.  “I was wrong for what I did,” Brown responds.

But I swear that the moment immediately before these words look like he’s thinking ‘fucking bitch! I should’a beat your mouth shut!’

Brother man, I saw you on stage – you were good.  I also know you have a new album “Graffiti” about to drop, for which your promotional concert venues have been less than stellar.  You should’a put some Vick’s vapor rub on your eyelids and shed a few tears accompanied by some sobs during this interview!  Seriously, get some better publicists.

You will forever be associated with a moment in that rented sports car where you chose to stop and get into a fist fight with RiRi instead of leaving her ass there.  I bet you wish you had walked away now though…  I hope you have a fall-back career choice.

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