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Kristen Stewart: Still Alice Skank

Kristen Stewart on the set of her new film Still Alice

Kristen Stewart on the set of her new film Still Alice

The Urban Dictionary gives a variety of definitions for the word Skank.  Shocked?  Join the club…  We happened to stop and agree with the following one :  [A] derogatory term for a (usually younger) female, implying trashiness or tackiness, lower-class status, poor hygiene, flakiness, and a scrawny, pockmarked sort of ugliness. May also imply promiscuity, but not necessarily. Can apply to any race, but most commonly used to describe white trash. Read the rest of this entry »

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Neal Edwards: Cleared of School Porn Presentation

Parents protest Neal Edwards being cleared to return to classroom over porn incident

Parents protest Neal Edwards being cleared to return to classroom over porn incident

Celebrity cellphone hacking has become the act of legends – not that you would remember any of the tech culprits without Google’s help – lending fans worldwide a peep into the truly personal lives of the rich and famous.  Scarlett Johansson, Blake Lively, Jamie Foxx, Josh Hutcherson and countless others have been the “victims” of hacking of personal material and “leaks.”

Well here now you have a prime example of where celebrity culture and everyday life collide – school hallways, classrooms and their grappling defense of wayward acts.

Carmichael, California school district has cleared Neal Edwards, a teacher at Casa Roble H.S. – Home of The RAMS – of “accidentally” showing porn during a classroom projection presentation, after the winter recess, and the parent(s) are none too thrilled, reports state. Read the rest of this entry »

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Ryan Reynolds: The Croods NYC Premiere

Ryan Reynolds at The Croods NYC premiere.

Ryan Reynolds at The Croods NYC premiere.

The Croods’ NYC premiere brought out the dashing Ryan Reynolds to Manhattan’s UWS, yesterday morning.  And not too far on his trail was the Mrs…  Black Lively.  Not that we can blame her really – we wouldn’t let him too far out of our sights either. Read the rest of this entry »

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Blake Lively and Leighton Meester: Gossip Girl Trailers

We happened on Blake Lively and Leighton Meester, coming and going to and from their trailers, after filming in the Wall Street area of NYC yesterday.  And as the handlers rushed about, attempting to look busy, we simply stopped for a quick fag to capture the keep sake on our trusty IPhone.

We are always thinking of y’all!

Gossip Girl steadfastly enters its last season which presently looms on the horizon.  And some folks are rejoicing.  We remain neutral on the matter, although some on the show are less than our faves.  Sure, we have enjoyed visiting the set and dealing with the personified starlet attitudes but it shall be no longer!  We will simply wish them – not all – well and continued work.

We’d hoped to have a glimpse of Chace Crawford and Penn Badgley, cuz lets face it those two are way easy on the eyes, but it was not to be, and we couldn’t spend too much time waiting on the starlets to surface.  So this here video is what it is and there you have it.

We did however have enough time to marvel at how the two leading ladies snubbed a handful of awaiting fans, some of which came all the way from Germany, and wouldn’t even sign autographs for them.


Our other observation was along the lines of how dowdy Meester looks.  And did she gain weight?

But let that be a lesson…  Be careful where you place your adoration, we say.

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Blake Lively: Marries Ryan Reynolds in S.C.

Blake Lively attends the Savages NYC screening hosted by the WSJ

We don’t know how she did it, truly we don’t, but Blake Lively has gone and married hotness and ScarJo’s ex-husband, Ryan Reynolds in South Carolina over the weekend.

And the girls are gagging!

Seriously, we are still reeling from the fact that she wiggled her way into an Oliver Stone film and now this!

Something ain’t right.

Assuredly the duo will be heading up their newly bought home in Westchester County.

If she gets to reproduce with the likes of Reynolds we will trip and break something…

Well!  We wish the happy couple all the the happiness his previous relations clearly was missing.

Here’s hoping this one last longer than two years!

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Danell Leyva: NSFW Olympic I-Phone Pics

Self-phone pic of Danell Leyva – Bronze winner at the 2012 Olympics Games hits the web.

Here’s the thing about slow news days and the web – it makes the mundane web posting ready in a jiffy!  Case and point: 2012 Bronze medal winner, Cuban American, 21 yr old, Olympic gymnast, Danell Johan Leyva Gonzalez’s self semi-nude pics.  The have found a breaking news online posting via BuzzFeed as if it were groundbreaking discovery.

We’ve stated this before on the topic of capturing yourself nude – and anything sex related –  and it never gets old – if that is what a hard working, talented, committed, fine ass dude wants to do with what little free time he has on his hands, well, who the hell are we to criticize.  Seriously!

And lord knows we have similar if not worse material on our own camera roll.  (What’s on yours?  Let he/she with sin cast the initial stone through that glass window…)

We clicked on a link and came up on a whole series of his private pics posted for public consumption.  In truth they are slightly NSFW but certainly nothing on par with the likes of those SYTYCD guys (we have em posted on our site,) Blake Lively’s “no, it’s not me” pics or Scarlett Johansson’s hacked cellphone leaked pics.

Those forays  into the ‘self-nude pic-I-didn’t-mean-for-them-to-get-out’ phenom – among others – live in infamy till the present day!

Yes, some have been slightly artsy as well but lets call a spade a spade and get past the nonsense, these above mentioned examples’ of self-nudes/personal xxxpression were  just what Leyva’s are present day – if less revealing – booty-call purpose self pics.

And there is nothing wrong with that!  Especially on a Cuban!  Damn if they ain’t all types of hotness in bed.  DAMN.

But let us not digress further…

Congrats to papi Leyva on his Bronze medal and for sharing those photos.  We’d are drooling over those lips!

We cannot display this gallery

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Blake Lively: Savages Disappointment at The Box Office Cont

Blake Lively is to Savages what we feared most.  A disappointment.  The Oliver Stone directed fabled love drama about a menage a trois of herb growers living the high life on the West Coast until the Mexican drug cartel comes to muzzle in and force their hand into their success jar by kidnapping the Lotus playing Gossip Girl alum has all the ingredients for success.  John Travolta anyone?  But, like a cheap tease, it never achieves shock or much else really.  And no one likes a tease!

In theory, this movie, which boast a high-wattage of A-list talent, including:  Taylor Kitsch – who just can’t seem to catch a break, Aaron Johnson, Benecio Del Toro, Salma Hayek and alleged bi-sexual tabloid cover boy John Travolta – as the two-timing federal agent – should’ve been a huge hit.  It’s opening should’ve made the top three, or at least better than its fared so far, opening in sixth place – and not looking to recover any ground.   And this was something expected with Travolta’s participation alone.

But the flick don’t give you any type of satisfaction.

Our theory, after sitting through it, is that blame cannot be solely placed on Lively – as much as we would like to try.  Stone’s story just fought too hard to keep the film PG-13 appearing.  And that’s no bueno.  Blood and gore, which in this movie is deftly depicted thru the ensuing violence within the world of Mexican drug traffickers and their enforcers – Del Toro does shine as a deranged sociopath – is not enough to drive a film which headlines a three-some as its driving force.

Sad that lighting a man on fire and be-headings are more mainstream than some tits, cock and ass.  Where is the logic in that?  420 is for making long sweet love y’all.

Let this be a lesson to Stone!  If your femme fatale is too cutesy shy (or diva-ish) to show a little snatch when getting into a bathtub with the 2nd of her two love interests in the film, then the signs would indicate you have yourself the WRONG femme fatale!

Same goes for your male counterparts.  If they are too self conscious to show some cock and balls than they are the wrong duo!  The story demanded a less white-washed representation given that it’s not exactly new ground – Traffic anyone?

We don’t see this film getting a 2nd life with the oncoming Dark Knight debuting.  Savages looks to have gotten its one and only breadth and achieved DNR.

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Blake Lively: Savage-ly Works Her Way Into an Oliver Stone Film

Blake Lively attends the Savages NYC screening hosted by the WSJ

Thank goodness for the Wall Street Journal and their brilliant idea of hosting a special screening of Oliver Stone’s new film Savages, in NYC!  We are deeply grateful.  The film stars John Travolta – Teflon poster boy for ‘gay scandal of the moment,’ hotness Taylor Kitsch (who already has a huge flop under his well adorned belt) and Gossip Girl’s alum Blake Lively.

The film looks kick ass with its Scarface/Traffic like drug story with a menage a trois twist and stellar cast – which also includes Salma Hayek and Benicio Del Toro – which will not only rock the $$$ takes but work wonders for the aforementioned members in need of a little good publicity.  What?  Don’t pretend you haven’t been enthralled with Travolta’s multiple alleged dalliances with a number of unidentified masseur.  This film will redirect attention from Travolta’s woes and place it back onto his screen prowess – which may or may not be on equal footing, if any of the allegations are to be true.  We ain’t saying anything further on the topic!  Bite us.

The film will also shine Kitsch’s otherwise lackluster box office tallies and prove just how hot he can be in a film at the hands of a good script.

Just call Oli Stone a modern day protector!

It also comes with a downside.  It will catapult Lively into a permanent big screen thespian.  Don’t roll your eyes, we are as puzzled at this casting move by the powers at be as you are…

There is no denying that Blake Lively is a pretty girl.  She is statuesque, blond and has a rack guys flock too!  Give her that, if little else.

Her acting chops, on the other hand, leave a-lot to be desired!  That’s not hating y’all, it just is.

So suffice to say that we are baffled at how this missing link managed to work her way into an Oliver Stone film.  Seriously.  What the hell is Hollywood thinking?  Sure she is pretty.  But outside of her being able to make like a walking mannequin for a fierce gown, she brings little else other than her ‘I’m divine’ attitude – which doesn’t really translate on a huge ass screen.

But since we are in the biz of capturing the fierceness of her well adorned ensembles, there is little more we can do.  Just aim for eye contact or editorially directed images is our goal.  And girl delivers on that front!

Other notable attendees:  A cheeky Chris Meloni (love him!), Ezra Miller (would it hurt you to shave your underarms?), Dana Dellany, Tyson Beckford and Rosie Perez.

We cannot display this gallery

YouTube Preview Image

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Blake Lively: Gossip Girl Set in Harlem

Blake Lively makes for a fashionable fast get-a-away after shooting Gossip Girl scenes in Harlem

On an otherwise slow yet sunny day, we stopped by the Gossip Girl set during their Harlem stop to snap a few quick pics of Blake Lively dashing from her trailer to an awaiting van.  The CW show, which looks to be coming to the end of its course, was filming at The North General Hospital for a better part of the day.

We also spotted Leighton “Sour Puss” Meester and Ed Westwick donning hoodies and hospital gowns.  But given the extent of their attempts to keep not only covered but shielded by umbrellas, we have concluded that the show is trying some “hospital” drama in an upcoming episode.

Just don’t ask us what the “drama” is or what character gets hospitalized.  But can’t they shoot that eyesore already?  With all the crime that happens on the UES can’t they write it into the show & off Blair?

No matter.  The hospital scenes come on the foot of the shows Vera Wang flagship store scenes.  (See post below…)

We reckon they are working overtime to keep it “fresh” and exciting for dwindling viewers.

Lively has been all the buzz of late due to her developing romance with hottie Ryan Reynolds.  The leggy blond has been keeping late hours with the stud and even visiting him while on the set of his new film R.I.P.D., presently filming in Boston.

Our hats are off to Lively for bagging that piece.  We don’t know how she managed that but kudos to her.

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Blake Lively and Leighton Meester: Gossip Girls Nudes

Blake Lively Nude Pic Scandal

The web is on fire with the “It is” vs. “It isn’t” tit-for-tat stories of alleged Blake Lively nudes that have surfaced this week.  So of course legal action is promised, by legal team representing the Gossip Girl star turned “serious” actress, to anyone posting the tell-tales of the young blonde thespian.  Are you surprised?  We aren’t.  Not that we care any one bit!  We believe wholeheartedly it is her.

And as there have been add’l pics released by the hacker, as posted on UnratedPerez, it is not irrefutable.

Oddly enough, no mention has come of the Leighton Meester nudes that preceded “The Town” co-star foray into capturing her smooth toned frame.

We thought this one grave omission.

So here are both.  Just for you!

Don’t say we don’t care about y’all.

What is absurdly obvious is how Lively’s self-portraits differ from Meester’s set.

Like ripe green apples to stale sour oranges.

In The Wake of Blake Lively's nude pic scandal lest not forget Leighton Meester did it first!

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