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Boardwalk Empire: Yonkers Film Set

Boardwalk Empire shoots in Yonkers, NY.

Boardwalk Empire shoots in Yonkers, NY.

Here is an embarrassing classic example of the downside to not watching TV.  Boardwalk Empire, the HBO series, which stars Steve Buscemi, stopped in Yonkers, NY recently to film on location.  This being a old stomping ground, one which we happened to find ourselves in, we thought we’d take a saunter by.

We’ve admittedly never watched the show and, as a general rule don’t generally watch TV – cept for maybe Big Bang Theory, and that is if we happen to be home when its on.  We did however know that Michael Pitt, Paz de la Huerta and Bobby Cannavale also happen to be part of the cast (at some point in the past.)  And any of these three we would gladly shoot and be happy with… Read the rest of this entry »

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Bobby Cannavale: Full Frontal

Hotness Bobby Cannavale full frontal in Boardwalk Empire.

We can’t begin to tell you what stumbling across these here full-frontal screen grabs of hotness Bobby Cannavale in Boardwalk Empire brought on for us.  It was like having a cold-sweat fainting spell with an outer-body experience – simultaneously.

Once we came to and suppressed another bout of the vapors we were left jonesing to be afforded an internship on the shows costume department.

We have a whole new lever of desire for the tall 6.2 1/2 thespian.

It is also nice to see he is anatomically correct!  And that’s soft.  Heaven help whoever gets to ride that erect.

Yummy Bobby Cannavale at The Other Guys world premiere

We cannot display this gallery

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