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Brooklyn Singer: Mystery Beauty Films Video

singer-brooklynSometimes a shoot-first, ask question’s second backfires when there isn’t anyone to ask – or you don’t get the opportunity to cross the high-traffic area that is Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn to inquire on the goings on under the train rails.

We pulled over, a few days ago, as we made our way JFK bound, after spotting this Nubian Princess shooting what appeared to be a music video under the rails, and figured we would recognize her upon closer inspection.

The sun was in our eyes but our mind told us we’d be able to figure it out.  It also thought, at a distance, at first glance, it could possibly be the likes of Eryka Badu or Lauryn Hill.

‘They love filming in Brooklyn!’ our little voice suggested. Read the rest of this entry »


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Anne Hathaway: The Intern Films in Brooklyn

annehathaway-theinternsplitA seemingly unhappy Anne Hathaway filmed scenes for her new project, The Intern, in Brooklyn, yesterday, alongside her costar Robert DeNiro, much to the delight and, at times, frowns of local residents. Read the rest of this entry »

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Fort Greene Park Muggers: Busted via Selfie

Alleged Brooklyn serial muggers Tyquan Solomon, 19, and Terrance Sistrunk, 16

Alleged Brooklyn serial muggers Tyquan Solomon, 19, and Terrance Sistrunk, 16

Here is the mother of all Valentine’s Day presents for some awaiting inmates.  Two prime dumbass new fish may be heading your way!  Tyquan Solomon, 19, and Terrance Sistrunk, 16, were busted after posting a selfie pic – wad of cash in hand – with the very iPhone they stole from their 22-year-old victim, near Fort Green Park, Brooklyn – DNAinfo reports. Read the rest of this entry »

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Protected: Matthias Schoenaerts: Animal Rescue Brooklyn

This content is password protected. To view it please enter your password below:

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Shailene Woodley: The Amazing Spider-Man II Brooklyn Set

Shailene Woodley films scenes for The Amazing Spider-Man II in Brooklyn, NY.

Shailene Woodley films scenes for The Amazing Spider-Man II in Brooklyn, NY.

Shailene Woodley, of  The Secret Life of The American Teenager and The Descendants fame, can be presently found on the set of the currently filming follow up to the blockbuster creepy-crawley flick re-boot “The Amazing Spider-Man II.”  The role:  Mary Jane.  Co-stars:  Andrew Garfield and all around talent and beauty Emma Stone.  (Cheers, applause, accolades!)

It’s gotta be bittersweet for her right about now.

Sure, on the one hand its quite a coup to land yourself in the thick of a guaranteed hit.  No doubt something to be gleeful about. Read the rest of this entry »

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Shaun Woolford: Beaten to Death By Ex-Beau

Fifth Avenue hairdresser Shaun Woolford died from injuries caused by blunt force trauma to the head in Brooklyn, NY.

We often hear of not so pretty stories involving an ex-beau, husband, lover, baby-daddy etc, that flies off the handle and, in a fit of rage attacks.  The result is seldom pretty and always leaves us wondering WTF!  This is one of those times.

Devineil Brown is accused of having visited his ex-beau Shaun Woolford of five years and delivering blunt-force trauma to his head resulting in death.

No word yet as to what initiated the violent outburst.

It gets prettier.  Dumbass Brown then allegedly knocked on a neighbors’ door and delivered a revised version of the alleged incident to a 911 operator to the tune of having arrived and finding Woolford laying on the floor.

Reports have Brown cracking under questioning a short time later.

And we are still left wondering WTF?

Sure, we have a friend down South who once hit an ex-military-lover over the head with a frying pan and knocked his ass out after the dude up and got all hands-on beat down with him.  But that dude lived and they have never been in touch again.

That’s the proper protocol.

But why is it that some folks can’t part and go on about their business…?  Why is it that folks – gay or straight – can’t reconcile themselves with the fact that relationships end.  Stories don’t always have a happy ending.  Disney is a myth!

And generally speaking, having further interactions with someone you once shared a lil-something-sumthing with, regardless of the length of time, doesn’t require further communications once it is done.

Move the fuck on.  Erase their number.  Redirect your focus elsewhere.  There are other pieces of ass to be experienced.  Ain’t no piece that good!

Well, in the case of Brown, he will get lots more to choose from when he is sent away.  Assuredly that ass will get passed around the Block, with little opportunity to protest.

On a side note, Woolford’s ink bares an awful-likeness to those sported by rapper Eve…  Hmmmm.

Photo of Devineil Brown. Brown is accused of allegedly killing his ex-beau in Brooklyn, NY.

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Soul Summit: Ft. Green Park Party

Hot Chocolate at Soul Summit Ft. Green Park Party

After spending an amazing day out on Jones Beach with my good friend Ralph of Flossie & McKinley Catering, we made an impromptu pit-stop at the Fort Green Park “Soul Summit” party which was well underway.

We walked right into the soiree everyone had an invite to and was guaranteed to enjoy.  It had amazing sounds, all types of hotties – thanks for the photo Nafie Pollard, a collective positive vibe and the feel of a truly unified local neighborhood gathering.  Hot stuff!

The Music, by Sadiq of Soul Summit Music, rocked harder than that found behind any velvet rope sans any attitudes and I lost my t-shirt right quick to join the masses getting down to his tunes.

Lucky that we stopped by too, cuz as it turns out this was to be their last “block party” style fete for the 2010 summer – largely due to the Bloomberg’s admin and their tightness with the permits – they were only extended two!  Ain’t that something?

Can you imagine limiting a collective gathering fusing good music, camaraderie, neighborhood unification and all around positive vibes – all on the technicality of political bureaucracy and red tape?  DAMN Bloomie – that ain’t right!  I know you’re a business man but seriously…  Loosen that Hermes tie a bit…

But the folks partied on and kept it positive non-the-less!  And thats what its about!  Rock on…

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