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Blake Lively and Leighton Meester: Gossip Girl Trailers

We happened on Blake Lively and Leighton Meester, coming and going to and from their trailers, after filming in the Wall Street area of NYC yesterday.  And as the handlers rushed about, attempting to look busy, we simply stopped for a quick fag to capture the keep sake on our trusty IPhone.

We are always thinking of y’all!

Gossip Girl steadfastly enters its last season which presently looms on the horizon.  And some folks are rejoicing.  We remain neutral on the matter, although some on the show are less than our faves.  Sure, we have enjoyed visiting the set and dealing with the personified starlet attitudes but it shall be no longer!  We will simply wish them – not all – well and continued work.

We’d hoped to have a glimpse of Chace Crawford and Penn Badgley, cuz lets face it those two are way easy on the eyes, but it was not to be, and we couldn’t spend too much time waiting on the starlets to surface.  So this here video is what it is and there you have it.

We did however have enough time to marvel at how the two leading ladies snubbed a handful of awaiting fans, some of which came all the way from Germany, and wouldn’t even sign autographs for them.


Our other observation was along the lines of how dowdy Meester looks.  And did she gain weight?

But let that be a lesson…  Be careful where you place your adoration, we say.

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Joe Manganiello: Duracell Olympics Games Program Launch

Joe Manganiello lends his hotness in support of Duracell’s Olympic Games Program launch in NYC

We love em tall.  And True Blood’s resident ripeness Joe Manganiello fits the bill with inches to spare.  So when we got word that The Wolf was racing into NYC to take part in the Duracell Rely on Copper to Go for The Gold Olympic Games Program launch, we were drooling at the onset.   We tell y’all our hearts skipped a beat and we nearly fainted when he sauntered into the Stage 37 studios.

And it gets better!  Like wet dream better…  The ever pretty picture of Gossip Girl’s Chace Crawford proceeded Manganiello and all we could think of was a picturesque menage a trois with uncontrollable emissions. Read the rest of this entry »

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AnnaLynne McCord: Tweets Topless Pic to Fan

AnnaLynne McCord Accidentally Twits Semi-Nude Photo to Fan

The CW’s 90210, AnnaLynne McCord, is the latest in the Twit-pic indiscretion brouhaha to a fan.  The blonde beauty claims it was a tech-glitch and she quickly replaced the  photo with a cropped version.  But not quickly enough!  The web being what it is, the photo was instantly picked-up and re-posted online E-V-E-R-Y-W-H-E-R-E!

Now, she ain’t the first and assuredly not the last.  And girl can totally stand proud as the photo is tasteful and only shows a portion of her nips.  So there!

But really y’all…  When you are this beautiful does it even matter?

We had to struglle to take our eyes off her face in the twit-pic.  Just stunning!

What we don’t know is who the fuck is this fan?  And just how damn devoted must they be to get the object of their affection to twitter them a pic personally!  We need to talk with them right quick yesterday!  Tell us boo…  Sharing is caring… And then maybe we can facilitate having Ryan Reynolds, Chace Crawford, Ryan Gosling and Medcad Brooks accidentally transmit some intimate pics to us!

We won’t share em, PROMISE!

We cannot display this gallery

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Chace Crawford: Pot Bust in Texas

This has got to suck for Chace Crawford!  The clean cut Gossip Girl star was busted in Plano, Texas on Marijuanna possession in the early Friday morning hours, TMZ exclusively reports.

Crawford allegedly was busted with a friend outside a pub with an unlit joint at the ready.   Didn’t even get to smoke his shit! 

He has since bonded out on bail.  The charge runs a risk of six months in jail.

But here is the keepsake mug shot for posterity.

Being on the legalize marijuana side of the debate, I for one don’t condone wasting tax-payer $$$ on something as pety as marijuanna possession.  If folks want to smoke weed – let em, dammit.  Who is that hurting? 

Surely there are more grievous offenses occuring in the United States than this nonsense.

But busted he was.  But have you ever seen anyone’s mug shot make them look this fucking pretty?  DAMN.

Chace Crawford - seen here at the 09 Elton John OSCAR Viewing Party, Busted for Pot Possesion in Tx

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CW Upfronts: Tom Welling And Friends

Tom Welling attends the Annual CW Upfronts at Madison Square Garden in NYC

I have wanted a photo of “Smallville’s” Tom Welling for sometime now.  It seemed like everytime he was around I wasn’t.  Or if he was scheduled to attend a function it turned out he didn’t or didn’t do the step-and-repeat.  Such is my lot in life.  Go figure…

Well all that came to a grinding finale yesterday during the CW’s annual Fall lineup presentation party – aka The Upfronts – held at Madison Square Garden.

He is no longer twink looking – all grown up is he – but DAMN!  I looked into those eyes and damn near fell off my riser…

But it isn’t totally about Welling.  True he wrapped up the arrivals assembly line with all the beauty one could muster, but what preceeded him was a build up of tantric proportions!

The likes of “Nikita’s” Shane West and Maggie Q; “Vampire Diaries'” Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley; “Hellcats'” Ashley Tisdale, Robbie Jones, Sharon Leal and Matt Barr; “Life Unexpected’s” Kristopher Polaha; “ANTM’s” Jay Alexander; “90210’s” Ryan Eggold, Tristan Wilds and stunner AnnaLynne McCord; “One Tree Hill’s” Robert Buckley and “Gossip Girl’s” Connor Paolo and Chace Crawford were also in attendance.

Beauty abounded everywhere!

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