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Chris Brown: Re-Jailed Post Rehab Eviction

chrisbrownpowerhouseInfamous celebrated girlfriend beater and singer, Chris Brown, looks to be a the tail end of his luck rope, ending his run of laissez-faire antics of hurling objects through windows, getting into street brawls and blahblahblah as he jet from one country to the next – which mainly involves Canada and back – and has ended up where so many had predicted he would do so at the very start…  Caught between a rock and a jailhouse cell! Read the rest of this entry »

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Chris Brown: Scratched Chin in Brawl With Drake

Lip-synch’in wonder Chris Brown showcases his “injury” during an altercation with Drake and his posse in NYC club.

Punk ass Chris Brown found himself in a brew-ha-ha with Drake and his posse at a NYC hip-hop establishment which ended with the lip-synching woman beater sporting a chin gash and his bodyguard Big Pat – among others – in a bloody mess.  The altercation allegedly occurred over pop princess Rihanna.


We can’t earnestly say that we are all that riveted by the news – lord knows we shy away from any hip-pity hop fetes for obvious reasons – but given that the lip-synch wonder went and posted twitter pics of the injuries, well, we just couldn’t resist throwing our two cents out and sharing them dashing images with the masses.

Sadly, Brown merely ran off with just a gash.  As opposed to the propper beat down he so justly deserves.  Brown’s PR folks will undoubtedly try to spin the male into a declaration of innocence, all the while Brown will sashay about perpetrating some fraud along the lines of this altercation raising his street thug creds to the tune of Tupac & Biggey Smalls’ level – as opposed to proving just how much of a pussy boy he truly is.

Reports have his ass exiting the establishment well before the bottle which sliced his chin hit the ground and well before the arrival of the 911 responders.

Surprised?  You shouldn’t be…  Bitch ass that he is.

Sit tight and wait on the public apology.

But lo-and-behold, some good Samaritan documented some of the fracas on their smart-phone with an ample view of the supposed VIP room where it all went down.

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Chris Brown: Nude Self Photo Leaked

Chris Brown's Latest Scandal: Self Nude Photos "Leaked"

It has to truly suck being on Chris Brown’s PR team.  Seriously y’all.  That MF just can’t seem to get it together.  And just when his team pulls a miracle and damn near makes folks forget about his ghetto ass behavior and affliction of beating on his bitches – he goes and has a nude self-portrait “leaked” on the web. 

The phrase your own worse enemy comes to mind when thinking of Brown’s antics. 

Here are the NSFW pics allegedly leaked along with another of his genius moves – a twit-pic of his domestic violence “diploma”. 

Really, Chris?  What the fuck is wrong with you? 

My doctor would be glad to prescribe something to help you handle acting on your dumbass thoughts so brazenly.

On a different note, lets reflect on the nudes. 

It looks long, we give Brown that.  But it doesn’t look like it has much girth to it.  And in it’s semi-erect state it doesn’t look like its goin to fill out any…  

Brown, as that male enhancement commercial says…  It’s thickness [folks] really want.

Chris Brown Performs at PowerHouse Concert in NJ

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Chris Brown Meltdown

Chris Brown Twitter Melt Down

It’s little news that Chris Brown is not having a good year!  Brother man can’t catch a break.  Funny how beating on your girlfriend in a rented Lamborghini can affect one’s life…  And his less than stellar sales of his new CD “Grafitti” appears to be pushing him over the proverbial edge. 

Brown has taken to fighting the industry on his Twitter account!  Bright one he is…  (Thnx HitDanBack for clueing me in…)

Brown Twits:

  • - im tired of this shit. major stores r blackballing my cd. not stockin the shelves and lying to costumers. what the fuck do i gotta do…
  • - WTF… yeah i said it and i aint retracting shit
  • - im not biting my tongue about shit else… the industry can kiss my ass

Poor boy.  His career has permanently derailed and he needs more help than a PR spin can possibly facilitate.  I can’t help but feel sorry for him, largely due to recognizing that he is his own worst enemy.

At least he returned to thank the few that have stuck by him.  “Thx again to my real fans. U don’t go unnoticed. Love y’all.”

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Chris Brown: I’m Sorry (For My Career!)

Chris Brown Performs at PowerHouse Concert in NJ

Singer Chris Brown, 20, went and got himself booked on ABC’s 20/20 after Glam-bert’s ousting from the network over some touchy/kissy AMA performance.

This should have been a moment of closure and redemption in his long ass road of apologies.  Because we all know that all is right with the world after Disney sanctions it.  But it, once again, arrives with a level of artificiality that belies its intent.

“I never, ever had problems with anger,” Brown states.  Hmmmm, says I.  Adding that there have been “No domestic violence [issues] with any of [his] past girlfriends or any altercations.”  Hmmmm, again.  “I was never that kind of person…It’s like, ‘How could I be that person?’” He goes on to add.

Am I wrong to question him on this?  Wasn’t he in a domestically violent home as a kid?  I’m not saying nothing, just asking…

And when Roberts plays Rihanna’s interview, also on ABC, for reactionary purposes – you guessed it – his response is less than remorseful.  “I was wrong for what I did,” Brown responds.

But I swear that the moment immediately before these words look like he’s thinking ‘fucking bitch! I should’a beat your mouth shut!’

Brother man, I saw you on stage – you were good.  I also know you have a new album “Graffiti” about to drop, for which your promotional concert venues have been less than stellar.  You should’a put some Vick’s vapor rub on your eyelids and shed a few tears accompanied by some sobs during this interview!  Seriously, get some better publicists.

You will forever be associated with a moment in that rented sports car where you chose to stop and get into a fist fight with RiRi instead of leaving her ass there.  I bet you wish you had walked away now though…  I hope you have a fall-back career choice.

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Chris Brown: PowerHouse

Chris Brown returned to the stage, after a whole year hiatus, via the 105.1 PowerHouse concert in East Rutherford, New Jersey last night to hoots and hollers from the crowds!

It seems his physical altercation with now ex-girlfriend – Rihanna, has done little to curtail his appeal and stage prowess. Brother got down – literally, on the stage and grinded his crotch for a full 4 minutes like he had just found the G-Spot and was going for the gold medal!

And the gold I would award his ass – I can’t resist those nipples! Without a doubt the HIGHLIGHT of the three plus hour concert which included dud performances by Keri Hilson, Fabolous, some dude named The Dream (which unfortunately he wasn’t!), Trey Songz – who simply came across as a Brown wanna-be and Day 26.

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