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Anna Nicole Smith: Bahamian Grave Visit

Anna Nicole Smith grave site in Nassau, Bahamas

Nassau, Bahamas is a hotspot for jetsetters from around the globe.  Sir Sean Connery is a permanent resident, Johnny Depp has his boat docked there, Shakira owns real estate and frequents the island and Javier Bardem visits with wife Penelope Cruz.  It also happens on being the final resting place for pop-icon Anna Nicole Smith and her son Daniel Wayne Smith.  A sad ending to a troubled existence, one which, we feel, has left a void in present day pop-culture.

And no, we don’t think Britney’s anst are of merit!  That troll may be an unwielding weed but she ain’t no Anna Nicole!

Truth is Anna brought a-whole-nother level of crazy when she popped up.  Inciting near riots with fans and paps alike.  Never mind that paps would step over themselves for a shot at a turtle crawl if it were to be deemed news – with Anna, it became like she was a cold drink of water to a desserted man!

True that. 

On the tail end of the Huffington Post reporting on The Today Show’s Anna Nicole Smith’s daughter DanielLynn tribute – originally airing earlier in the year – to fill air time during a slow news day no doubt – we were forced to think of the controversial beauty and how it all came to end so disastrously. 

It was also eery that we had just visited her grave during our Bahamas holiday.

We prefer to think on Anna Nicole as the stunner that she was and chose to leave her daughter alone.  That little one has had enough drama.  We would petition that The Today Show and HuffPo & the rest of em do the same & let that child just be.  May she rest in peace.

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