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Constantine Maroulis: Domestic Violence Arrest Statement

constantinemaroulis-clublifeOne-time American Idol’er Constantine Maroulis is not having a good week. The crooner was involved in a domestic spat in his Wyckoff, New Jersey home, with his baby-momma, and ended up being arrested for domestic violence on Wednesday, August 12th.

Maroulis has since posted bail and has now taken to addressing the incident via a statement in which he points to Angela Reed as the aggressor. Read the rest of this entry »

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Gabriel Aubry: Facial Injuries Revealed

Gabriel Aubry documents injuries sustained in altercation with Olivier Martinez while dropping off daughter Nahla at Halle Berry’s home.

Just look at what sliding into skank Halle Berry’s punnany goes and gets you!  Gabriel Aubry, Berry’s baby daddy, went and got his faced beat by her present in-house cock Olivier Martinez.  And all while dropping off his child back at her mothers’ house after Turkey day visitation.

Ain’t that some shit?

Reports state that Nahla got a partial look-see at the melee before being whisked indoors.

We ain’t never been a fan of the under-cover Ho.  And we are so less so now for this trailer-park trash act stemming from an ongoing child custody battle.

But now we add Olivier Martinez to the people who’s work we won’t patronize for going and damaging that beautiful face of Aubry’s.  That and for getting his dumbass involved in something he ain’t got two-words to say about as the child isn’t his.

Berry is no stranger to domestic violence and her various prior relationships are testament to that.  But in true Hollywood fashion, she has always purported that she was the victim…  Something we’ve always thought a far fetched farce.

Sometimes a bitch is always looking to start some shit.  Don’t act like y’all don’t know what we mean…

That Berry has gone the legal route in attempt at removing Aubry from his child is offensive enough but that she can’t put aside her control-freakish Me-Me-ME personality for the better of her daughter, not to mention a man she saw fit to once carry  on with and procreate is just too-damn much.

But the real kicker is that she is so wholeheartedly bent on scarring her child over some trifling bullshit is altogether the thing one can’t get past.

We cannot display this gallery


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Shaun Woolford: Beaten to Death By Ex-Beau

Fifth Avenue hairdresser Shaun Woolford died from injuries caused by blunt force trauma to the head in Brooklyn, NY.

We often hear of not so pretty stories involving an ex-beau, husband, lover, baby-daddy etc, that flies off the handle and, in a fit of rage attacks.  The result is seldom pretty and always leaves us wondering WTF!  This is one of those times.

Devineil Brown is accused of having visited his ex-beau Shaun Woolford of five years and delivering blunt-force trauma to his head resulting in death.

No word yet as to what initiated the violent outburst.

It gets prettier.  Dumbass Brown then allegedly knocked on a neighbors’ door and delivered a revised version of the alleged incident to a 911 operator to the tune of having arrived and finding Woolford laying on the floor.

Reports have Brown cracking under questioning a short time later.

And we are still left wondering WTF?

Sure, we have a friend down South who once hit an ex-military-lover over the head with a frying pan and knocked his ass out after the dude up and got all hands-on beat down with him.  But that dude lived and they have never been in touch again.

That’s the proper protocol.

But why is it that some folks can’t part and go on about their business…?  Why is it that folks – gay or straight – can’t reconcile themselves with the fact that relationships end.  Stories don’t always have a happy ending.  Disney is a myth!

And generally speaking, having further interactions with someone you once shared a lil-something-sumthing with, regardless of the length of time, doesn’t require further communications once it is done.

Move the fuck on.  Erase their number.  Redirect your focus elsewhere.  There are other pieces of ass to be experienced.  Ain’t no piece that good!

Well, in the case of Brown, he will get lots more to choose from when he is sent away.  Assuredly that ass will get passed around the Block, with little opportunity to protest.

On a side note, Woolford’s ink bares an awful-likeness to those sported by rapper Eve…  Hmmmm.

Photo of Devineil Brown. Brown is accused of allegedly killing his ex-beau in Brooklyn, NY.

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Charlie Sheen: Domestic Abuse XMas Charge

Charlie Sheen Arrested on Domestic Abuse Charges in Aspen

It wasn’t a merry christmas for all, nor for all a good night!  Charlie Sheen has been arrested and charged with domestic violence against his wife Brooke Mueller, mother of his twin boys, on X-Mas day, in Aspen, Colorado, after a call to 9-1-1 to local police on Friday morn, reports TMZ.

The Two and a Half Men costar was taken into custody and held until he posted an $8,500 bond late friday night, after the alleged incident.  Sheen is being charged on felony second degree assault, felony menacing and criminal mischief – a misdemeanor, the website RadarOnline reports.

Sheen is no stranger to trouble with a capital T!  Seriously, y’all – from drugs and booze to philandering and escorts to domestic abuse charges – Sheen trumps the rock-star lifestyle.  But this sucks for him and surely jeapordizes his tenure on the hit show where he earns a reported $825K per episode.

The details of his latest incident are sketchy at best, but reports are already surfacing of Mueller’s claims that Sheen choked her, prompting the 9-1-1- call.  She did however fess up to alcohol being involved.  Hmmmm….

“Do not be mislead by appearance. Appearance and reality can be as different as night and day. It would benefit everyone not to jump to any conclusion,” his publicist Stan Rosenfield has asked via a statement to TMZ.  Dully noted sir.

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