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Channing Tatum: Magic Mike Candid

Channing Tatum on the set of Magic Mike.

And still more material surfaces from the Magic Mike behind the scenes shenanigans.  Feast your eyes on this here unobstructed view of Channing Tatum and his glorious perfectly formed ass.

It’s the stuff of dreams.

The candid shot was taken on the set of the soon to be released on DVD film and we are thankful someone decided to share it with us all – as if we needed any reasons to wake up with a reason to get back into bed & fantasize of hotness.

Now, we know you are saying ‘we’ve seen all there is to see of Tatum!’  But as a good acquaintance once said to us ” more wants more!”


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Channing Tatum: Magic Mike Settles in Second Place

Channing Tatum aka Chan Crawford pictured turning the other cheek to an admirer during his stripper teen years in Florida

Here’s a Debbie downer for your Monday morning.  Channing Tatum’s Magic Mike – the do good’er stripper romance flick, starring a bevy of hotness, including Matt Bomer, Adam Rodriguez and Matthew McConaughey, opened in second place after a whirlwind of promotional appearances by cast members.  Box office tallies place estimated earnings at the $39.16 million mark.

Not anything to sneeze at but certainly not something to light up either given the magnitude of celebrity in the cast.

We haven’t headed out to catch the flick as yet – scheduled to attend on Tuesday – but one has to wonder about the outcome not receiving more fan fare given its sexual premise.

Did we wake up in a parallel universe?  When the hell did sex stop selling?  Or is it just that there isn’t enough of the sex to sell the flick?


The answer to this and more pressing questions – such as are the g-strings tell-tale signs of whats packing and how tight that ass is – will be afforded after attending Tuesday.  Stay tuned.

In the mean while, feast your eyes on the beauty that is Tatum with this hear roundup of pics of hotness accompanied by a video of his pristine performance shaking that fine ass.

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