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Easter Bunny: Waiting at The Mall

Easter Bunny holds court at the Westchester Mall

Easter Bunny holds court at the Westchester Mall

With a slight chill still left in the Spring air imagine our shock at encountering the Easter Bunny at the mall yesterday.  There we were trying to race through our errands list – post car-detailing and pre-battery replacing on our watch – in a futile attempt at making it home before the cheese bus took to the streets and as we looked over the railing of the 4th floor escalator – WHAM – there he was! Read the rest of this entry »

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Macys: Thankgiving Parade 2013

Ariana Grande photographed at the 87th annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in NYC.  Credit:  Janet Mayer

Ariana Grande photographed at the 87th annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in NYC. Credit: Janet Mayer

As a New Yorker, there are a few things that tourist’s consider must do’s while in NYC that we will never volunteer to do – for instance:  Times Square Ball Drop – sure we once went to a rap party at a hotel on East 42nd Street which is within the vicinity, but being herded in  throngs of barricades with folks back to back, HELL NO; Statue of Liberty – of course we have seen her while covering a premiere on the adjacent island, but that is as close as we want to be really; and the Thanksgiving Day Parade – something about parades just doesn’t sit well after you have attended a Catholic School that forced its student body to march every fucking parade imaginable.

Read the rest of this entry »

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RTnM: Happy Turkey Day To All

peanuts-thanksgivingNot much happening on this end…  The drop in temps and the holiday have put a damper on chasing a photo.  But we haven’t forgotten about y’all…  Let us give thanks for you your viewership and continued support.

May you get stuffed nicely!



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Brazilian Hotness: Palais de Justice Capoeira Performance

Brazilian hotness take over the Palais de Justice square

Brazilian hotness take over the Palais de Justice square

Its not often that we will sit and watch street performers – especially while on holiday – it generally isn’t our thing but what is one to do while you wait upon the arrival of a friend in the old center of Nice and a lot of hotties arrive and begin to stretch it out?  Sit your ass down and watch them warm up is what you do.  It’s that simple!  (see video after the jump!) Read the rest of this entry »

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Brussels: RTnM Holidays

The Atom - Brussels, Belgium

The Atom – Brussels, Belgium

Time for a holiday!  As we enter the tale end of Summer we head across the Atlantic for a much needed respite.  Don’t judge us, we find working for the man – as opposed to working on one – exhausting.  Read the rest of this entry »

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Merry Ho-Ho-HO 2012

Christmas-BearTwas the night before supposed merriment and we have to work but the thought of wishing you well we’ll never repent!  Getting is good though giving can be great – but whatever your preference do it with zest!

Happy ho-ho-HO to one and all from your friend Native NYker at RT&M!

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Darren Criss: Shirtless Santa Pic

Glee's Darren Criss poses as a shirtless Santa.

Glee’s Darren Criss poses as a shirtless Santa.

The holidays are hard for some folks.  So here’s something to take your mind off the lackluster merriment that plagues your ho-ho-ho.  Darren Criss – of Glee stardom – posing as a Santa (of sorts) shirtless, holding an over-sized candy-cane.

It put a spin on our very own.  If for a moment.

Less is more, is our personal practice, but we ain’t kicking the Murphy gift-horse for sharing this teaser.  Although we might’ve been a little more gleeful had this been an over-the-should showing some smooth posterior.

Coulda, shoulda, woulda been…

Merry Holidays to all and to all a long lick the candy cane!


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Barcelona: Sagrada Familia

Barcelona's famed Gaudi structure - Sagrada Familia

What is a pilgrimage to Barcelona if you don’t – at the very least, make a trip to the Gaudi structure known as the Sagrada Familia.  The never-ending work and assuredly the longest to finish holy house of worship ever created. 

It is far from finished but still they dredge on and the work continues.  And by the looks of it, it will have some additional years to go before its completion.  And with more architectural variations than a Michael Alig outlaw party. 

But still folks flock to it like flies to shit as they reflect on the perversities that is their lives. 

Actually that part I just threw in – most folks visit “holy” structures and don’t do shit but spend enough “see me” time to merit themselves the appearance of faith.

Given that there was only one other thing I did while in the sunny beach destination – which entailed the sun gods, I thought it prudent to make a pit-stop post laying out for some 7 hrs and snap a few keepsakes.  Not hard really – the tube stop from the beach went directly to it!  I just wasnt going to go in – again.

I can still recall my 1st visit to the structure.  I particularly remember – on a hot ass day – climbing one of its four original towers, just to say I did, and see the view.  I got my ass up a whole slew of winding stairs and when I got up there, in true Catholic style, the gates to its small terrace were fucking closed!  I gagged.  

I had no other choice but to turn my ass around in the tight quarters and slowly and carefully come down those damn winding stairs – all the while telling myself not to panic or let the claustrophobia get to me!  Vertigo central.  I ain’t joking.  Shit was tighter than a chastity belt.

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Torremolinos Beauty: Poseidon Beach

May-December Coupling on Poseidon Beach in Torremolinos, Spain

I long ago realized that beauty lies in youth.  Having recently celebrated a birthday that pushed me over a threshhold I wasn’t eager to cross – I’m still resisting – I am at a cross-roads!  Botox appointment at the ready. 

With that, I point to a seemingly May-December coupling observed during my travels.

While on the Poseidon Beach in Torremolinos, Spain – holding court just shy of the refreshingly cold waters – I was made to endure being confronted with beauties residence – just a few feet away.

To say that this chico was beautiful is somewhat redundant – just look at him.  But I will say it anyway.  A more appropriate statement would be that of him being the most beautiful creature that canvased the small stretch of aforementioned district.  A true object of desire!

He is young – I place it somewhere between 19 and 24 – tall -measuring about 6.1, Latin, worked out and sporty.  He never left his companions side.  His companion on the other hand – I placed at about 50-something (if a day) – was all things far from well maintained. 

I am no idiot and fully aware of what such a coupling consists of.  I’ve never subscribed to such but know it well.  But they seemed gleefully happy, and who the fuck am I to object to happy. 

Indeed they were very attentive to one another and oblivious to the lustful glances directed at youth and the many raiseed eyebrows at its daddy type partner. 

Harvey Fierstein penned the phrase “a thing of beauty is joy until sunrise.”  No doubt!  I however say ‘a thing of beauty is joy until it ages (or it opens its mouth!’)

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East Meets West: Hottie Poseidon Encounter

Hungary Native - Ferenc on Holiday in Torremolinos, Spain

Meet 22 year old Ferenc.  Ferenc is from Hungary.  He is tall, handsome and has beautiful blue eyes with a great earnest smile. 

He was on holiday with his mum in Torremolinos.  We met on the Poseidon Beach and decided to get a quick drink and a chat. 

I love making new friends and was happy to steal away from the 35 degree temps to get acquainted with Ferenc. 

He’s never been to NY and I have assured him that he has an open invitation.   Look forward to showing him some Native NY sights!

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London Calling: Sammy’s 4th Birthday

Sammy Marraccino Celebrates 4th Birthday with Pre-School Mates in London

Shortly after my Geneva/Visancy stop where I overdosed on French champagne courtesy of Elodie & Thierry’s nuptials, I hightailed it back North just in time to wish my good buddy Sammy Marraccino the happiest of birthdays as he turned 4!

Now I am baffled at the fact that he is already 4.  I swear it was just the other day when he was struggling to keep his head up when I placed him on his stomach on the floor…  it was most amusing I assure you. 

But 4 he is!  And so London called and I answered.

Sammy and his pre-school classmates were gracious enough to allow me to attend his post lunch cake cutting and pin the tail on the donkey fete.  Thanks chaps!

The fact that I also got to play with and run his little brother Nico ragged on his tricycle was an added sinister bonus – but I’m easy to amuse.

The package was completed with some quality time cycling with Ant, a quick visit with my pal Serena and a shopping excursion with Mariela!

Shopping, eatting, drinking, playing with kids and good friends?  What more is there to ask for?  (I’m keeping this PG, so don’t expect me to answer that for you!)

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RTnM on Ho-liday: EU Bound

RTnM Greetings From 35k Feet

The time has come and my ass has to get to the EU for our annual whoring and tanning session.  Don’t judge us. 

We wish we could bring you all with us as we firmly believe in that the more the merrier… but alas, we cannot. 

Do know that we will be thinking of you throughout our travails and will try our damndest to put up the occassional posting to share our traversing cross the continent in timely fashion.  Just don’t expect that shit to be daily!  

We wish you a great 1st half of summer 2010 – which includes a popping 4th of July, and leave you with this here video clip of our take off on a trans-Atlantic flight, shot before that little blue pill kicked in (from last year – same route though…) 

We will be back mid-July tanned and ready for more!

a bientot…,


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