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Ellen Page: Confronts Ted Cruz on LGBT Issues in Iowa

ellenpage-freeheldwhiteplains2Pint-sized actress Ellen Page put her advocacy stance into the GOP stronghold, questioning Republican Presidential nominee-hopeful Ted Cruz on LGBT issues during an Iowa State Fair appearance.

The video, captured by ABC News, with an incognito Page confronting Texas based Republican Senator Cruz, has become the topic du jour online. Read the rest of this entry »

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Pastor Rick Scarborough: Petition to Set His Ass Ablaze

Scarborough.Rick_As we head into celebration of the 2015 Independence Day, we thought it also a good day to see Pastor Rick Scarborough make good on his promise to set himself ablaze in light of the National passing of marriage equality.

We can never have one too many fireworks displays!

The good christian in us would be remiss if we didn’t aid the good pastor in keeping his word, so we thought it a good a day as any – if not the day – to start a petition and fuel up our zippo for the deed. Read the rest of this entry »

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Dallas Fort Worth Airport Anti-Gay Attack Video

Dallas man gets arrested after anti-gay attack in DFW airport

Dallas man gets arrested after anti-gay attack in DFW airport

A video of an anti-gay attack in which a belligerent man is seen hurling gay slurs at another man in a pink shirt while at the Dallas Ft Worth Airport is going viral  The footage culminates as the scene escalates into a physical attack and having a group of eyewitnesses cut the assault short by tackling the assailant to the ground until officers arrive and arrest him.  (See video after the jump!) Read the rest of this entry »

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Hunted: The Real Homophobia of Russia

Timor is a member of Parent's of Russia - an anti-gay org in St. Petersburg.

Timor is a member of Parent’s of Russia – an anti-gay org in St. Petersburg.

There are little words we can muster to convey the horror we experienced watching Liz MacKean narrate Hunted – a documentary, which aired this past week just prior to the start of the Sochi Winter Olympics, about homophobia in present day Russia.  WARNING:  The video is violent and graphic. Read the rest of this entry »

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Pavel Lebedev: Sochi Olympics First Anti-Gay Arrest

Socki Olympic security tackle Pavel Lebedev in the town of Voronezh for unfurling and waving a gay flag

Socki Olympic security tackle Pavel Lebedev in the town of Voronezh for unfurling and waving a gay flag. (Photos: Andrei Nasonov)

Pavel Lebedev was arrested and detained for unfurling and raising a gay rainbow flag during a procession of the the Olympic torch through the town of Voronezh, reports state.  Photos show Lebedev being tackled by Olympic uniformed security, on Saturday. Read the rest of this entry »

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August Diehl: German GQ Mund Campaign

August Diehl takes part in kiss against homophobia in GQ Magazine - Germany

August Diehl takes part in kiss against homophobia in GQ Magazine – Germany

The gay equivalent to the hetero man’s girl-on-girl fantasy is not hard to imagine.  Not really.  Two straight men going at it is all it encompasses.  But if you take that simple formula and throw in an anti-homophobia campaign to boot, well, you’ve achieved to achieve not only the the cake with plenty of icing but a side of ice-cream and a bevy of candles that can warm your heart and bring a tear to your eyes.   Read the rest of this entry »

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Vitaly Milonov: From Russia With No Love

Vitaly Milonov

Vitaly Milonov

There is something deeply hurtful going on in Russia present day.  Their anti-gay propaganda laws are, by far, the most extreme homophobia being exercised by a supposed developed country.

And for those who believe that it only affects the locals – which in and of itself is an atrocity – it doesn’t.  It applies to foreigners as well.

Doubt this?  Google the recent arrest of Dutch tourist/protesters.

And with the 2014 Olympics slated to take place in – wait for it – Russia, we are left with mouth gaping open that anyone – Olympian, coach or sponsors – would commit their support to an ass-backward country fueling such hateful practices.

Well lo and behold, their is a petition presently making the rounds looking to ban Elena Mizulina and Vitaly Milonov from acquiring visas required to enter the USA.  And as we have already put down our John Hancock, we thought to share the petition with y’all in the hopes of helping the petition reach its 100k required number to go before John Kerry.

Help send a message to these two  spiteful individual, as well as Putin himself, that says ‘it’s not OK to exercise such blatant homophobia!’

Elena Mizulina

Elena Mizulina

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Paris Hilton: Anti-Gay Statements by Most Used Piece of Equipment

Paris Hilton Busted for Cocaine Possession in Las Vegas, Nevada

Celeb-utard Paris Hilton loves getting attention.  But this time she has gone the most extreme route to get herself some.  The heiress with the most used piece of pussy on two coasts was recorded by a NYC cabbie making anti-gay slurs after being shown a gay website.  Ain’t that some shit?

For real y’all.

Clearly, rising to national attention after a “leaked” One Night in Paris sex tape – one with the poorest performance of all time – with a porn entrepreneur doesn’t tarnish her reputation, in her eyes.   Say nothing of her multiple arrests.


To Hilton, she is still the embodiment of class.

It makes little difference to her that she’s been passed around more than a donation plate at a Sunday church group.

“Gay guys are the horniest people in the world … they’re disgusting,” Hilton is reported to have responded after being shown the Grindr app while riding in the back of a cab with an unidentified friend.  Wow!  This from a woman who has given out more rides than Six Flags.

“Dude, most of them probably have AIDS,” she goes on to add.

Screen grab from One Night in Paris featuring celeb-utard Paris Hilton.

Paris Hilton re-encounters a potential incarceration for posession of a controlled substance in Vegas

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Vlada Lounge: An Alternative to Rm Fifty 5

Vlada DJ and His Glam Girl Hold Court at Vlada Bar

As a member of the “alternative” clan in NYC one likes to think everything is at hand.  We hardly ever consider the thought that there may be destinations closed off to our patronage.  Those types of things don’t happen in Gotham.

Then you step out gagging for a cocktail after a night at the ballet and you find yourself confronted by the likes of something that might itself not gain entry to Whole Foods – simply based on their general form – and are made to endure their schpiel on why you cannot patronize their establishment.

Dream Hotel's Rm Fifty 5 Refuses Entry to Gay Trio

Friday night, three gay men – yes, I am one of them – were refused entry to the Dream Hotel’s lobby bar – Rm. Fifty 5, in midtown, for being “alternative.” 

It minded little that the couple preceeding us looked like they had come straight out of the back woods of Alabama wearing their JC Penny best.  We were three guys and if allowed in, we would off-set the ratio to the businesses clientele – so we were told. 

“Will you have any girls joining your party,” the short chubby doorman in a bad grey suit asked?  This was a puzzling inquiry and I initially thought it a joke.

‘Why would three gay men be needing to have women join them after a night at the ballet,’ I asked.  ‘We are self contained,’ I added with a smile.

“We can’t let you in,” replied chubby-poo.  Wow!

So we did what should’ve been done in the first place, we re-routed over to Vlada Lounge a few short blocks away for quick cocktails and snappy tunes at the hands of the above pictured DJ and his glam girl and thanked the heavens for having a spot to go to and finally having the sense to redirect.  (I don’t know what the hell we were thinking in the first place!)

But the shock of the night was still felt as a hard reality that even in the center of Metropolis bias acts can occur!  One is never safe.

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Ricky Martin Denounces Anti-Gay Attack

Ricky Martin Addresses Recent Anti-Gay Murder in Puerto Rico

I never thought I would see the day when I would be giving kudos to Ricky Martin for officially addressing a gay topic.  Sure he is a hot piece of ass (papi looks good in Speedo!) and has had some great sounds (I still bust a move to “She Bangs” & “La Vida Loca,”) during a span of a long ass career, but the whole ‘is he or isn’t he’ rubs me the wrong way. 

This is not because I expect Martin to take a stance and become a gay advocate from a makeshift Miami pulpit but because he hasn’t had the cojones to look into the camera and say “who I fuck is none of your goddamn business unless you want to suck my uncut cock!” 

Of course he doesn’t have to use my words – exactly…  but along those lines… 

 And then he goes and releases a statement to the Puerto Rican newspaper El Nuevo Dia addressing the recent heinous murder of Jorge Steven Lopez Mercado.  In case you haven’t heard of the story, google it!  

 ”The murders of James Byrd, Matthew Shepard, Jorge Steven Lopez, Marcelo Lucero, Luis Ramirez and countless others who were victims of violent ‘hate crimes’ should be completely unacceptable to every human being; because we’re all human beings. It’s up to us to change the paradigm,” Martin writes. 

He gets deeper with “I hear the word ‘tolerance’ thrown around in the media when it comes to cases like the ones I mentioned above. One of the meanings of tolerance is ‘the capacity to endure pain or hardship.’ Another is ‘the act of allowing something.’ To me, those don’t seem to encompass acceptance, by any definition. So how about this? Instead of saying ‘we need to tolerate diversity’ why not say, ‘we need to accept diversity.’”

I especially love the tolerance vs acceptance portion!  That breaks it down in simple terms.  Fucking-A. 

I don’t know whether this is a result of his being a new daddy to twins – they say having kids makes you see things differently, but whatever the cause it is some Act Up sentiment right there!  Bravo.  

Ricky Martin Poses with Twin Sons

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