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Four New Delhi Rapists Sentenced to Death

Mukesh Singh, Vinay Sharma, Akshay Thakur and Pawan Gupta:  Guilty and Sentenced to Death

Mukesh Singh, Vinay Sharma, Akshay Thakur and Pawan Gupta: Guilty and Sentenced to Death

If you have ever wondered what the face of evil could look like – well, wonder no further.  Here you are!  Mukesh Singh, Vinay Sharma, Akshay Thakur and Pawan Gupta were found guilty of the New Delhi gang rape of a 23-year-old female student who later died of her injuries.  The four had pleaded not guilty.   Read the rest of this entry »

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Pope Election: White Smoke Spurts Out

Smoke spurts out of chimney at the Vatican

Smoke spurts out of chimney at the Vatican

White smoke at the Vatican indicates new pope announcement imminent, reports state.

Far be it from us to tell folks what to have faith in or not and why.  Folks need to believe what will aid them in getting thru a day/month/year/life time and, our general position on it is more power to you.

What we wholeheartedly fail to understand is how a pope resigns his life-long post midst allegations of a scandal of a sexual nature and all avenues redirect to the election of a new perv in some Prada shoes.

History teaches that where there is smoke, there generally can be found some type of fire.

It isn’t that we don’t believe in a higher being – assuredly there is the plausibility of some celestial being out there somewhere – we simply don’t subscribe to the ‘pay, pray and obey’ practices of the Roman Catholic Church.

Our personal detachment to this practice dates back to our Catholic School sentence as a child.  We innocently enough asked why the man was in a dress at a holy Friday mandatory service and it all went to hell thereafter.

Seriously, it was like we had demonstrated the anti-Christ insignia.

Fast forward to present day and our view is still reservedly on this avenue…  Drag queens get chastised for donning cross-gender attire yet these men wear dresses everyday and we are supposed to view them as deity.


What with the altogether recent scandals of inappropriate activity at the hands of pervy Priests one would think that the initial mention of impropriety, as far up as the Vatican, would merit getting down to the nasty details of what there lies beneath but NO!

How does that happen?


Jorge Mario Bergoglio elected as new pope, to be called Pope Francis

Jorge Mario Bergoglio elected as new pope, to be called Pope Francis

Jorge Mario Bergoglio elected as new pope, to be called Pope Francis

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Lemon Juice: Hasidic Scumbag Extra-Ordinaire

Lemon Juice of Brooklyn is accused of snapping photo of victim and posting it on the web to hinder pedophile case against Prominent Orthodox leader Nechemya Weberman

Lemon Juice of Brooklyn is accused of snapping photo of victim and posting it on the web to hinder pedophile case against Prominent Orthodox leader Nechemya Weberman

Meet Lemon Juice of Brooklyn, NY.  He is Hasidim worshiper presently accused of snapping a shot of a 17-year-old victim in court during trial investigating pedophilia at the hands of Prominent Orthodox leader Nechemya Weberman.  All in an attempt at intimidating and hindering the witness in a case where suspected acts have already been identified.

Sound like a holy man and devout worshiper to you?

‘To each their own’ has been our general rule when it comes to religion.  We ain’t regressing back to it ourselves but far be it from us to tell others how to interpret a book written by men.

But we can say that we have always disliked those who hide behind their religion and purport a self-righteous pious stance.

This act, to us, is right up there with politicos who tout a Family Values stance while they do the do in bathroom stalls and/or demand their mistresses abort the product of their indiscretion.

Religious fervor, as with Family Values, comes to pass being deeply based in bullshit.  But to each their own.

Juice however is a whole-nother level of scum.

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Innocence Of Muslims: Short Movie Sparks Alleged Muslim Outrage

Innocence of Muslims short film sparks alleged riots in Syria.

Behold!  The short film Innocence of Muslims (Mohammed: Prophet of the Muslims) which is allegedly being attributed to having sparked riots and the murdering of four U.S. Diplomats in Libya.

We were so curious as to what could be so incendiary as to be at the ground root of such heinous actions that we had to go and pull the youtube clip before it is wiped away.  And yes, we did sit through the trifling material first.

Offensive?  Certainly appears to be its core message.

But what we are left really pondering is where the hell did $5 million go in the making of this garage made home-movie.  For real!

Assuredly someone, and by that we mean the alleged “investors”, got seriously jipped.  Cuz this is some hand-held non-sense, not worthy of a film student creation anywhere.

Of course we don’t attribute the likes of this here shabby attempt at cinematography as the root of the present uprising – those folks don’t rightly need to much of a push to point their finger to the West and burn the American flag.  But why would anyone want to go and give them apparent cause is the real question.

52-year-old writer, director and producer, Sam Bacile – if we are to call him that…, is quoted as stating that he “wanted to showcase his view of Islam as a hateful religion.”

We’d say he managed to bypass that and just be downright insulting.  Oddly enough Jews get riled up over any statement directed at their views.  So why would you need to go and insult a people who don’t have capacity of being objective.

“Islam is a cancer,” he is said to have added in a telephone interview. “The movie is a political movie. It’s not a religious movie.”

Wrong again Mr. In-Bacile!  For additional coverage on this topic click here.

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Uganda Gay Pride Parade Debut

In the face of extreme retribution Uganda’s 1st ever gay pride parade takes place.

We love defiance.  It’s what takes place in the face of odds often times bigger than you.  You know the repercussions are a stones throw away but you push thru and march on anyway.  This above Amnesty International photo handout proclaiming Uganda’s gay populace making history by endeavoring in their 1st ever gay pride march would top the listing of acts of defiance.  It also serves, for us, a humbling piece of pie.

We are often asked why we don’t par-take in gay pride parades & the likes.  And we always respond the same…  We are gay everyday.  It’s true, can’t help it.  And we have always been perfectly at ease with walking out our door in a skirt, should the dress code deem it fashionable, in-spite of assured disapproving reactions.  As such, we have always felt that we don’t need a parade to mark some sense of pride or affirmation for who and what we are.  But we would never denounce anyone, or lessen its meaning, for the millions of dutiful participants.

But this act by Ugandans is more than a simple parade – something we dutifully admit we likely take for granted given our disdain for crowds and being stepped on.  This march is bigger than what it translates to for the dozens of other cities that put on such fetes – Berlin, Amsterdam, NYC, Los Angeles, Madrid, et al.  This is an uprising by an oppressed minority who face extreme retribution.  And for such they deserve our support and accolades.

So as such we yell bravo and bid our Ugandan brethren a deeply felt happy pride!  We’d totally make an exception and walk with pride with y’all.

For additional material on the festivities check The Advocates posting.

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Savannah Dietrich: Sexual Assault Victim Prevails Against Attackers

Savannah Dietrich prevails against her attackers Austin Zehnder and Will Frey III

Kudos!  Sexual assault victim Savanna Dietrich – the seventeen year old victim who stood up against her attackers and the Kentucky courts system by publicly releasing the names of the two Lacrosse players who sexually molested her after she passed out at a party and documented their exploits with photos – has prevailed.

You may recall that attorney David Mejia, who represented one of the two teenage boys Austin Zehnder and Will Frey III involved in the case, had filed a motion to hold Dietrich in contempt of court for going against the imposed gag order and twitting the names after a plea deal was put on the table and accepted for the perverts.

Word late Monday afternoon was that the motion was being withdrawn, clearing Dietrich of any potential prosecution which could have seen the already victimized teen facing 180 days in jail and paying a $500 fine.  (Ain’t that some shit?)  With the motion now being formally withdrawn, Dietrich is free to publicly address her ordeal.

Let the chorus sing.

“What could contempt do now?” Mejia is quoted as stating to the Courier Journal.

Our sentiment exactly!

You should have abstained from overly attempting to protect the likes of someone who would engage in such acts from the get go…  Cuz if they are doing this type of act as teens, what the hell will they be doing when their dumbasses get away with it and get to college?

Mejia further expresses his dismay at Dietrich’s actions and his discontent at his clients poor portrayal.  And he ain’t to happy about folks worldwide – like us – publishing their names as the sickos they are.

His “privacy has been trampled. He’s accused of things he didn’t do. Anybody who looks at (the postings online) believes things about this kid that are false,” he  states.

Hmmmm…  Let us see about calling up a pity party for him tout suite.

We would expect Mejia to say nothing else – that is what he is getting paid for – but here is the thing – we ain’t buying it.

What we are doing is singing the real victims praise for having the conviction of standing up for herself against a system – and the likes of Mejia – that not only looked to protect her attackers but impose a gag order to bar her against from defending herself.  Cuz kids will be kids – as the saying goes – but the actions of these two were not of kids, they were the actions of sexually sick individuals.

Now all that is left is having these two cowards being placed on a sex offender registry!

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Anderson Cooper: I’m Gay, Always Have Been

This should get a whole herd of folks riled up.  CNN anchor Anderson Cooper finally addresses his long-time official sexual orientation non-disclosure with a letter, published on The Daily Beast, officially and matter of factly stating his gayness.  “The fact is, I’m gay, always have been, always will be, and I couldn’t be any more happy, comfortable with myself, and proud,” states Cooper.

And the chorus sings.

Truth is we’ve always known and only wished it were us kneeling at his feet in praise.  But given that we haven’t been afforded the opportunity to taste hotness we haven’t cared much.  Live and look for a welcoming zipper is our motto.

But some would and often argue that his high-profile presence would be a welcomed champion, or beacon if you will, for gay youths nationwide.

Well now you have it!

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