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Kellan Lutz: Red Nose Day Benefit in NY

Kellan Lutz attends the Red Nose Day benefit at Hammerstein Ballroom

Kellan Lutz attends the Red Nose Day benefit at Hammerstein Ballroom

Kellan Lutz is a doll.  We mean that in the most endearing way possible.  Yes, he is also studly, but give him a red nose, on the step-and-repeat, during the Red Nose Day benefit, and he will ham it up for the crowd without a second thought.

How many hotties do you know that can forego composure, for a good cause, and look good doing it?

The Hercules star was joined on the carpet by the likes of Rose Byrne, Billy Eichner, Cheryl Burke, Elizabeth Moss, Jeff Dye, Jill Kargman, Laura Gomez, Michael Che, Sawyer Fredericks, Stephen Merchant, Nicole Scherzinger and a worked-out Josh Groban. Read the rest of this entry »

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Kellan Lutz: Hercules Trailer

Kellan Lutz stars in Hercules: The Legend Begins

Kellan Lutz stars in Hercules: The Legend Begins

Man.  God.  Hero.  That is a whole lot to live up to.  And from the looks of this trailer, which is riddled with enough flesh to make any gay man hungry, blond hotness Kellan Lutz is a rising star ready to tackle the challenge in his upcoming flick “Hercules: The Legend Begins.” Read the rest of this entry »

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Kellan Lutz: iD Gum Launch NYC

Kellan Lutz drops into NYC to help launch iD Gum.

Hotness Kellan Lutz swooped into NYC to launch the new iD Gum last night and our hearts are still in a flutter.  We know he is something a whole lot of folks wish to chew on – if softly – but we made due with the new gum and left him to fill the eye candy role.

There was no passing up the opportunity to lay our eyes on the strapping 6.1′ Twilight co-star.  Of course we’d prefer to have him wearing less as that is a whole lot more… candy.

But we can attest to it not being for lack of trying.

Yes,  y’all, we asked.

Sorta had a soft ring to a True Blood gig we stopped into, come to think of it…

‘Can we get a few shots without the jacket,’ we innocently asked.  “What else will be next,” Lutz quickly threw back with a grin featuring his yummy dimples.

He had us there!  There was no telling where someone else on the line would ask next.  Ornery bunch we can be.

No matter.  Pretty is – well – pretty!  But with a “Tarzan” role, presently filming, there should be plenty of less is more moments.  Also in the pipelines for the North Dakota native:  Syrup, Java Heat and Love is All You Need.

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Kellan Lutz: Bloomie’s Abbot Main Launch

Kellan Lutz flies into NY to launch the '12 Abbot + Main collection at Bloomingdale's in Garden City.

Twilight’s Kellan Lutz is one piece of hotness you want to be scorched by!  No way around that…  At 6.1, the North Dakota native inspires you want to put city living down and head your ass out West for some good ole clean living – and a barn where you can romp around with the likes of something like him after they chop down a tree or something…

True that Lutz now permanently resides in Hollywood, but he is the son of the Dakotas.  The birth place of that beautiful smile and crystal blue eyes.

Our dearest bud Henry dropped us a note and informed us that Lutz would be appearing at Bloomingdale’s – Garden City, to launch the Abbot + Main ’12 collection and we packed our bag for a road trip stat.

The facilities came furnished with a resident DJ, cupcakes & Bloomie’s water being catered about the grounds.  Thank you!

And when the man, in all his ripeness materialized, the schlep out to Long Island was complete!

Lutz posed up beautifully, gave a few words to thanks the horde of fans gathered and was surprised with a birthday cake commemorating his 27th year.


Papi even went in for a taste, post blowing out the candles.  ‘You can afford a bite,’ we offered him.  And with a grin, Lutz went in and took a mouthful!

We nearly fainted and had to be fanned for lack of air.

Happiest of birthday wishes to Kellan for being a good sport and many more!

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Kellan Lutz: Bald Headed Hottie

Kellan Lutz has celebrated wrapping up the Twilight: Breaking Dawn flicks with shaving his curly locks, reports People.  First, hotness rocks out a mohawk and then finishing off the job by taking to a pair of clippers and shaving the rest of his hair completely off!

And what would such a dramatic move be without sharing it with the masses?

None, we say.

And we are thankful to him for so generously sharing them on all types of social media – his website, facebook & twitter pages.


Now, before you go and think the buff bodied pretty boy has gone and lost his damn mind, fear not.  He is simply down in Australia surfing or something or other.

He also posted an awesome beach pic.

“Love swimming in the ocean here in Australia with my shaved head,” Lutz says in the captions for his pic.

Some might rightfully say that this is a bit extreme but, given his hotness factor, it really does make for little difference.

We would mount it regardless!

Yes, of course we have a preference – we are partial to the mohawk look a bit more than the bald head.  What can we say?  It gives him a bad ass look and hint of someone who would grab you hair while you are on all fours and giving it to you right good.

And of course, how could we have not mentioned that we’d like nothing more than those rumours of a post-Breaking Dawn coming out would include this Chelsea looker…  Would make perfect sense…  Just saying.

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Kellan Lutz: MBFW Fall 2011 Wrap Up

Kellan Lutz photographed at the Fall 2011 Calvin Klein show

Another season of MBFW has come and gone and thanks to the folks at their prodution office, who have generously made these here photos available to the masses – and my having the energy to revisit the photos, I can now give y’all a roundup of some of the notable folks who attended the week-long mayhem.  Kellan Lutz at Calvin Klein, Gabrielle Union at Charlotte Ronson, Fergie, Alexa Chung, Christian Cota, Iman, Kristen Chenoweth, Robert Verdi, Vanessa Hudgens, Karolin Kurkova – well you get the message.

 Yes, it’s true the final day of the Fall 2011 collections was last thursday night, but given that I was off in an office knee-deep in coverage I couldn’t pull any further drive to post these any sooner.

Sue me!

We readily admit to a small part of us missing aspects of our many seasons of coverage running from show to show, pushing and shoving for a front row photo, marveling at the fashions coming down the runway and going without sustenance for so long that we too could fit a size zero – but we don’t miss politics and backbiting and grandstanding parading around by a bunch of fabulous nobodies.

And in the end it’s about the money – honey! 

Our one foray into the festivities was previously posted and we are still trying to get over it.  Xanax anyone?

As we get ready to cross the countries divide and head West for the Vanity Fair OSCAR fete this upcoming weekend we thought to make use of this generos courtesy and perhaps next season we will dive back into the on hand coverage pool – but we ain’t promising anything.

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Mehcad Brooks: Hot Chocolate CK Man

Mehcad Brooks Shows Off His Filled Out CK Undies

Ok, when I first learned of the re-launch of the Calvin Klein underwear ads I totally bought into the fanfare of Kellan Lutz being the sole face of intended campaign.

Funny how that PR spin pulled the wool right over these jaded eyes.  Lord and behold, Lutz is merely one of a slew of hotties.

So in my hublest attempts to ratify my ig’nance – a thousand apologies we plea on our knees – here is True Blood’s hot chocolate Mehcad Brooks filling in his CK’s like only chocolate can! 

Now, I love me some vanilla but damnn if chocolate doesn’t get the job filled rite!~ 

Hands down, Brooks gives off the intensity of making a public want to come between him and his Calvins!

I would take my diamond earrings off and break out the vaseline to beat down whoever got in the way of me getting to pull those undies down.  He is a full course meal and I would make like I haven’t eaten in months… 

Kudos, to True Blood’s Brook on being chosen as one of the faces of CK’s X-Underwear Line!

True Blood's Hot Chocolate Mehcad Brooks Tops Our Choice of CK Spokesmodels

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Kellan Lutz: CK Underwear Ad

Kellan Lutz for Calvin Klein Underwear

Much hype has been made over Kellan Lutz landing himself the Calvin Klein ad campaign gig.  And with good cause. 

His acting capacity might be questionable – at best, lets face it, his role in Twilight has been far from featuring any range – but his body is downright ungodly!

Kellan Lutz Photographed Promoting the Twilight Saga at Toys-R-Us in NYC

So with drool dripping down the side of my mouth (I do love a cheap thrill,) and with my good eye busy trying to make out what has been (if anything) airbrushed out, here are two of what is sure to be an avalanche of photos of hotness in his skivies. 


Does he live up to the Marky Mark ads of ole?  That still remains undecided in this cammp – those are large boxer-briefs to fill – but that is not to say that we would turn down the opportunity to nurse from either of those nipples before we worked our way South to size up the scene!

We sure hope they feature a back angle with a slight more flesh showing, cuz you know Lutz waxed any possible hair off, and nothing gets us wet than a smooth bum!

Kellan Lutz Bares His Buff Body for CK Underwear

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RT&M Hotlinks

Soccer Star Cristiano Ronaldo Takes Helm as Emporio Armani Spokesman

Sunday Morning and I got nothing but love for you and a tennis lesson for me!  Thnx Andy…  So allow me to share some notable mentions from around the way and chime in. 

But let me first congratulate Cristiano Ronaldo on his Emporio Armani gig.  The shots are yummy!  I know the nudes widely circulated have been revealed to be fakes but damn if he isn’t still a lick-able specimen.  I would lift, seperate and grease up in a jiffy!

JustJared:  Kate Bosworth attends Heaven Charity Gala in a strapless McQueen gown, looking fabulous!  (I passed her in WeHo and thought this girl never ages!  Rock on beauty.)

Taylor Momsen Comes Under Fire for Haiti Comment

HitDanBack:  Rags on Gossip Girl’s Taylor Momsen and her me-centric disposition!  (She’s fifteen Dan, for fuck sake!  Fifteen!  Go pick on that bitch Leigthon – leave Taylor alone.)

ICYDK:  Kellan Lutz attest to wearing CK undies.  (That is a damn lie!  There are pics of him showing off that hotness of a body of his in 2X’ist undies!)

 OMGBlog:  Sting N-A-K-E-D, on the beach stretching it out.  (At least now I know why he goes the tantric road!)

EthanSays:  Luizo Vega – a performance artist now claims to be Madonna’s illegitmate son.  (For fuck sake.)

CelebSlam:  Gerard Butler is a smooth operator.  (Mr. Man can even get strippers to take a break from their gig to be with him!  Damn.)

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Kellan Lutz: CK Spokesmodel

Kellan Lutz Signs On to Be CK Spokesmodel

Twilight beefcake and one time AF model – Kellan Lutz is taking on the spokesmodel CK underwear campaign reigns, report say.  And the powers that be are looking to bring back the “Marky Mark” style to the homoerotic levels it has come to be known for.

Now, Mark Wahlberg’s CK photos caused many a wet moment – for both boys and girls.  (Let me not get into that with you on here…)  So it is a no brainer that they would look to have Lutz to re-envision the moment.  Lutz is solid muscle!  (And Taylor Lautner is unavailable due to his rumored Armani Xchange something or other.)  But truth be told, Lutz has some serious inches… undies to fill, cuz Wahlberg packed a mouth load!

All knee dropping aside, the CK ads have a history of being fairly steamy, so it will be fairly interesting to see how this plays out for the under-utilized saga cast-member.  Especially since his “people” have been trying to market him as an “actor.”

Mark Wahlberg Bares Almost All for CK

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