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Non-profit amFAR Reneges on Freelancers Press Gala Coverage at 11th Hr Leaving Them Out in the Cold

Having been snubbed off the amFAR Gala red carpet at the eleventh hour yesterday, I got nothing but lots of expletives for those folks and snow at my front door. 

Funny how even some non-profits will purposely work to screw the little folk out of making a living only to inundate your mailbox with form letter solicitations for $ donations.  My check is in the mail Dr. Krim!  Sit your ass right there in your 120 Wall St office and wait…

On a seperate, more important note, here are some stories from around the way for your 411 – and as always, I will chime in with what little cents I got left in my account to carry my ass over till I can work a corner to get myself out of over-draft.


David Pereira is Cirque du Soleil's New Star

Angry Black Bitch!:  Reflects on her 5 year anniversary of bitchitude.  (Rock on, bitch!  Ain’t no one out there doin it with your gusto.)

BBC:  Kelly Blatz, 22, touted as the new Zac Efron.  (WTF does that meann really?  Isn’t Efron still the poo?)

Celebslam:  Naomi Campbell’s billionaire Russian lover still goes home to his wife and daughter!  (I’d let him go home to them too if he bought me a fucking $18 million penthouse and let me fly on his jet tout le temp.)


Spaniard David Pereira, 18, is Physical Perfection

EthanSays:  Spaniard acrogymnast David Pereira, 18, is sucked into Cirque du Soleil!  (This video left me gasping for air and my back in hysterics!  Olay, David!)

HitDanBack!:  An abridged version of a cat fight between Princess Perez and sexy-thong wearing crooner John Mayer!  (It is too fucking sad to process that Mayer tongued that fat ass troll!  It hurts my eyes to think bout it…)

OMG Blog:  Eryka Badu and her new track: “Window Seat.”  (What a glorious sound.  Welcome back girl.)

TMZ:  Rounds up the legal ranglings of Bristol Palin and her baby-daddy child support demands!  (Give me a fucking break!  You wouldn’t have to worry bout something like this if you had kept those lips tightly sealed, you skank!) 

The Guardian:  Alexander McQueen found dead in his West End, London flat!  (How fucking sad is this bit of news?  Damn.) 

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