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James Franco: Bathroom Selfie Posting

James Franco shares a semi-nude bathroom selfie via social media (left).  Franco pictured at TFF Directors premiere in NYC

James Franco shares a semi-nude bathroom selfie via social media (left). Franco pictured at TFF Directors premiere in NYC

James Franco wants to be talked about these days.  Whether trawling around for some young meat or attempting to defend his honor by denouncing the alleged Lohan hookup – he wants to have his say! And we ain’t looking to stop him any…

Not when papi will go and post a semi-nude bathroom selfie to get our attention!  (You see Franco, we are easier than that 17-year-old with less hassle…) The star of stage – presently appearing in Of Mice And Men – and screen took to the Howard Stern radio show to clear things up, cuz who else do you go to when the topic is sexually driven…  The king of all skank of course. Read the rest of this entry »

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Justin Theroux: The Leftovers Photo Exclusive

RTM PIC EXCL:  Justin Theroux films The Leftovers in NYC

RTM PIC EXCL: Justin Theroux films The Leftovers in NYC

We have paid “The Leftovers,” HBO’s new mini-series slated to premiere mid-June, a visit, in the hopes of procuring ourselves a few Justin Theroux photos, many times before.  And each time we have turned up emptier than a vodka bottle at Lindsay Lohan’s place pre-rehab.

It had gotten to the point that every time we stopped by we reserved ourselves to encounter any of the dozen alternate cast members other than our intended.  (No offense.)

That was the very thought we had yesterday when we decided to skip on catching Johnny Depp at the David Letterman stage door for a re-try at Aniston’s better half.  (What?  He merits all the attention she gets!  Lord knows her film projects are box office poison.)

Lo-and-behold…  For once, we lucked out! Read the rest of this entry »

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Lindsay Lohan: New Mugshot to Her List

New Lindsay Lohan booking photo after she pleads no contest to reckless driring charges and lying to the cops.

New Lindsay Lohan booking photo after she pleads no contest to reckless driring charges and lying to the cops.

Poor ole Lindsay Lohan.  She has just pleaded no contest to lying to the pigs investigating her reckless driving charges.  And at this point in her illustrious career can we muster anything more than a yawn?

Not really.

It does seem like the legal system has all eyes on the one-time A-lister but can’t say girl is making it hard for them.

We would say ‘this too shall pass, Linds’ but in all likelihood she will likely go and get herself into more trouble and just make a tom-foolery of it all.

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Lindsay Lohan: James Deen Canyons Trailer

Lindsay Lohan and James Deen film The Canyons.

Lindsay Lohan’s return to the big screen is the stuff of constant fodder.  But the time has arrived and will mark a co-starring role opposite some two-bit hetero porn-wanna-be-starlet named James Deen.  That his “stage name” is a jump-off of a more famous, somewhat controversial (for his time) 20th century a-lister and troubled individual doesn’t get lost on us.

Not one bit.

That the Mean Girls star would reduce her waning chances at a true comeback by starring opposite someone so desperate from the word go to achieve infamy is where we stopped and can’t seem to get passed that gear.

Out of curiosity we had to go and look up this out of shape self-proclaimed porn impresario and see if there were any redeeming traits to warrant benefit of the doubt.

Que drums!

What we found was not much to get a rise out of.   His blog for instance can only be described as a lackluster experience.  Even by hetero standards.  The snatch he mainly features – as opposed to his own bodily parts – are beat up and resemble relics of passed around the bathroom stalls of dive bars on the West Coast type of snatch.  And when you get to the bare essentials of his package – well – it hardly measures up.

Sure, some would say its nothing to send home but we measure from a whole different perspective.

Would it hurt him to do a push-up or two?  Say nothing of a stomach crunch…

Suffice to say that American Gigolo he is not.

The movie trailer to her return project is as cheesy as it promises – we give it that.  For sure the folks behind the Liz Taylor bio-pic, which looms on the horizon, are non-too pleased with what precedes their efforts.

But don’t take our word for it.  Take a look see for yourselves…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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Christian Labella: Glad Charges Were Dropped

Congressional Aide Christian Labella cornered by TMZ: Glad the charges were dropped!

There are lessons one must learn the hard way.  A rite of passage if you will.  Like, let’s say, not star-chasing the likes of Lindsay Lohan and taking unrequested cellphone pics in the hopes of grand standing with your friends about getting to visit the whirlwind craziness that is La-Lindsay.  Especially pics she might be upset by…

It won’t end well.

Case and point…?  Well, Labella is just coming out of the vortex that is Lohan after he hooked-up with the troubled starlet at NYC’s 1Oak and headed back to her W Hotel quarters.

Que suspense – as if y’all weren’t aware of the story already…


You would think that getting to party w/ the likes of her crazy ass might suffice, but NO!  Labella had to go and document his unsuspecting ring-leader in what has been said to be unflattering moments, and when Lindsay became aware of it, well, all hell broke loose.

Presently the latest news comes via TMZ who cornered the politico aspiring dumb-ass and he attempted to evade the attention.  He relented and stated that he is “glad the charges have been dropped.”  Following up with “no, comment.”

Oddly enough our Dictionary word of the day is Apophasis: Denial of one’s intention to speak of a subject that is in fact named.

We bet that Labella will think twice before star-chasing again and may even wish to never revisit her name…

We still think hanging with her crazy ass would be a whole lot of booze induced fun!  Call us girl.

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