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Jeremy Meeks: NSFW Alleged Nude Photo Surfaces

Alleged Jeremy Meeks NSFW photos surface online

Alleged Jeremy Meeks NSFW photos surface online

Jeremy Meeks went from unknown felon to a social media sensation overnight.  A sensation that sparked some 140k “likes” (and counting) on his Facebook page, within days, and over 92k likes on the Stockton Police page alone.  All stemming from a gun raid the resulted in the arrest of four – Meeks included – and the subsequent Stockton Police Department posting of his advertisement worthy mug-shot which has spawned a frenzy of apparent worldwide devotion.

If you happen to still be grasping understanding what could possibly be behind the virtual run-away sensation that has men and woman swooning and proclaiming undying well-wishes – well – you may not need look any further than these here alleged NSFW nudes of the West Coast biracial native that have surfaced online. Read the rest of this entry »

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Alex Minsky: Leaked Nude Photos Surface

Former US Marine turned underwear model Alex Minsky

Former US Marine turned underwear model Alex Minsky

You all may recall the name Alex Minsky.  A twenty-something former US Marine who lost part of his leg – enter the term amputee – while in Afghanistan.  He is said to have spent weeks in a coma and many more hours in recovery – both from injuries physical and emotional.

Minsky was later spotted in a gym by a photog and a modeling career took off.

And how could it not!  Papi has a kick-ass body that he works at 4-hrs a day and an earnest mug…  Fucker is tight.

Well, lo-and-behold, a whole new set of pics have surfaced of a more revealing nature – allegedly leaked.  Don’t you love that word?  We do… Read the rest of this entry »

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Anthony Weiner: New Nude Photos Surface

2013 Mayoral hopeful Anthony Weiner

–  2013 Mayoral hopeful Anthony Weiner

Mayoral hopeful Anthony Weiner can’t catch a break these days.  He threw himself into the political trenches thinking that his sex-ting scandal – which caused his Senate House of Representatives seat resignation – was a thing of the past and that redemption was at hand with his dream of becoming the next NYC Mayor fast on the horizon, but NO!  Lo-and-behold some mid-west skank surfaces with copies of their inappropriate texting and pic exchange, all in a bid to snatch her fifteen minutes of ‘I’ve been victimized’ headlines, and screws up his lead in the preliminary poles.

Ain’t she that a bitch? Read the rest of this entry »

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Nathaniel Marshall: NSFW Nude Self Photos

American Idol’s Nathaniel Marshall nude self-pics surface.

American Idol runner up Nathaniel Marshall has joined the elite bunch of reality television nudist.  Photos have surfaced of the pudgy singer in all his glory.  And we must say that the ass is banging!  Smooth and supple.

We are not kidding.  The ass is without a doubt the highlight of the set and given the pose utilized to capture the moment we’d go as far as to say that it’s a safe bet Marshall is of the passive persuasion.  As if the above photo featuring a headband weren’t enough proof…

We could’ve done without the g-string shot, however, but far it be from us to censor it for y’all.

We cannot display this gallery

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