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Daniel Sawka: One Time Playgirl Model Sues Employer

Daniel Sawka circa his Playgirl modeling days - 1990's

Daniel Sawka circa his Playgirl modeling days – 1990’s

This here is a classic tale of actions and consequences – you know the one like mom warned you about as a kid, as you rolled your eyes into the back of your head while trying to tune her out type.  Meet Daniel Sawka.  A strapping 6.1, blue eyed, one-time blond boy next door type, who happened on posing for Playgirl  circa the 1990’s.  As a lumber jack no less. Read the rest of this entry »

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Justin Timberlake: Flashes Penis Peeing in Pool

Alleged shot of Justin Timberlake relieving himself in a shallow pool.

Alleged shot of Justin Timberlake relieving himself in a shallow pool.

Word has it that N’Sync’s alum turned big screen actor, Justin Timberlake, is making his way back into the musical arena.  Some call it bringing sexy back.  Don’t make that face at us – we didn’t pen that ourselves.  But off we went trawling around for intel.

Nothing really came of the musical notes being reported – truth is we just don’t care that much.  Although if you are so inclined for word of his imminent return you can check here!

But we did come across is this here shot of an alleged Timberlake – pre-marriage to Jessica Biel – relieving himself in a shallow pool in full view of spectators.

Like many a celebrity nude – this here shot has been debated ad nauseum.   And if you are looking at us for the definitive word on the matter – well – all we can tell you is there is an incredible likeness.  Too much of one for it to not be him.  So suck it up and just accept that JT is a douche like many others.

We have heard about this shot – repeatedly.  From many a fellow blogger.  Although we were never that interested.  He just doesn’t get our panties in a twist.  And after finally reviewing the much talked about pic, here posted for your own review, we are fully justified in our position.

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Joey Kovar: Opiate Overdose Death Ruling

MTV’s Real World alum Joey Kovar’s death cause ruled opiate overdose.

Juiced muscle Mary looking Real World alum Joey Kovar died as a cause of opiates, report state.

We haven’t watched anything MTV related in quite sometime and rightly had no idea who the pretty smile belonged to and why anyone needed to care.  So we had to go on the research quest to figure out who this fool was with a fucked up hair-do.

Seriously, y’all!  Who styled him and/or told his dumbass that the front sweep in that overly-gelled do was attractive?  On the flip side, he did see the error in his ways and let the do grow out.

Our search, lo-and-behold – landed us on his Playgirl run and we got to see his other attributes.  Not that there is anything to get overly excited about.  Evidently the juice didn’t make all things grow on the 29-year-old.

But we couldn’t help having a tinge of sympathy for Kovar.  Fame – and it’s pursuit – can be a bitch!

RIP Kovar.

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Bobby Cannavale: Full Frontal

Hotness Bobby Cannavale full frontal in Boardwalk Empire.

We can’t begin to tell you what stumbling across these here full-frontal screen grabs of hotness Bobby Cannavale in Boardwalk Empire brought on for us.  It was like having a cold-sweat fainting spell with an outer-body experience – simultaneously.

Once we came to and suppressed another bout of the vapors we were left jonesing to be afforded an internship on the shows costume department.

We have a whole new lever of desire for the tall 6.2 1/2 thespian.

It is also nice to see he is anatomically correct!  And that’s soft.  Heaven help whoever gets to ride that erect.

Yummy Bobby Cannavale at The Other Guys world premiere

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Justin Bieber: NSFW Nudes Surface Post Theft

Justin Bieber joins the celebrity leaked-nudes club!

Twink-a-licious Justin Bieber joins the bevy of celebrity folks with leaked nudes.  And fans rush to decry foul.  But the evidence would suggest authenticity.  Right down to the smooth torso and body art that adorns the Canadian crooner.

On the tail-end of his personal computer and camera being nicked comes word on the internet of nude pics surfacing of a pre-pubescent looking boys body posing for stills with ink prominently visible matching that of Biebs.

Coincidence?  Possibly.

We don’t know for sure whether they are indeed factual, but we ain’t putting nothing past it!  But for now we are going with the fact that all evidence points to truth.  Cuz lets face it… Biebs is hardly the innocent he so desperately purports to be.  And the body matches.

If it smells, sounds and looks like a duck that ain’t never done a push-up – then the quack is the very one that y’all see on stage!

Only question is how long before the sex tape surfaces.  Cuz it ain’t going to be too far off.

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Lindsay Lohan: James Deen Canyons Trailer

Lindsay Lohan and James Deen film The Canyons.

Lindsay Lohan’s return to the big screen is the stuff of constant fodder.  But the time has arrived and will mark a co-starring role opposite some two-bit hetero porn-wanna-be-starlet named James Deen.  That his “stage name” is a jump-off of a more famous, somewhat controversial (for his time) 20th century a-lister and troubled individual doesn’t get lost on us.

Not one bit.

That the Mean Girls star would reduce her waning chances at a true comeback by starring opposite someone so desperate from the word go to achieve infamy is where we stopped and can’t seem to get passed that gear.

Out of curiosity we had to go and look up this out of shape self-proclaimed porn impresario and see if there were any redeeming traits to warrant benefit of the doubt.

Que drums!

What we found was not much to get a rise out of.   His blog for instance can only be described as a lackluster experience.  Even by hetero standards.  The snatch he mainly features – as opposed to his own bodily parts – are beat up and resemble relics of passed around the bathroom stalls of dive bars on the West Coast type of snatch.  And when you get to the bare essentials of his package – well – it hardly measures up.

Sure, some would say its nothing to send home but we measure from a whole different perspective.

Would it hurt him to do a push-up or two?  Say nothing of a stomach crunch…

Suffice to say that American Gigolo he is not.

The movie trailer to her return project is as cheesy as it promises – we give it that.  For sure the folks behind the Liz Taylor bio-pic, which looms on the horizon, are non-too pleased with what precedes their efforts.

But don’t take our word for it.  Take a look see for yourselves…

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YouTube Preview Image

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Prince Harry: NSFW Butt Ass Nekkid!

Prince Harry uncensored!

We knew it would surface & alas it has.  Here you have the hotness of British Prince Harry butt-ass nekkid during his frolicking holiday in Vegas a few weeks ago.

Reports indicate that there is a video being shopped around…  No word on the entire content on the footage – as yet.

You gotta admire the young royal.  He has handled it quietly and sans apology for his playboy ways.

Young and full of jizz!

Love that about him.

We do however feel the invasion of his privacy by some skanks looking to cash in after being afforded his company and hospitality.

But lets face it…  Vegas is hardly the place to go befriending undercover ho’s and pimps.

Lord knows if we had the privilege of witnessing that fine ass of his 1st hand we would gladly curtsy and bury the evidence.

But alas, it is little surprise that there are less than honorable folks in Vegas.

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Nathaniel Marshall: NSFW Nude Self Photos

American Idol’s Nathaniel Marshall nude self-pics surface.

American Idol runner up Nathaniel Marshall has joined the elite bunch of reality television nudist.  Photos have surfaced of the pudgy singer in all his glory.  And we must say that the ass is banging!  Smooth and supple.

We are not kidding.  The ass is without a doubt the highlight of the set and given the pose utilized to capture the moment we’d go as far as to say that it’s a safe bet Marshall is of the passive persuasion.  As if the above photo featuring a headband weren’t enough proof…

We could’ve done without the g-string shot, however, but far it be from us to censor it for y’all.

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Danell Leyva: NSFW Olympic I-Phone Pics

Self-phone pic of Danell Leyva – Bronze winner at the 2012 Olympics Games hits the web.

Here’s the thing about slow news days and the web – it makes the mundane web posting ready in a jiffy!  Case and point: 2012 Bronze medal winner, Cuban American, 21 yr old, Olympic gymnast, Danell Johan Leyva Gonzalez’s self semi-nude pics.  The have found a breaking news online posting via BuzzFeed as if it were groundbreaking discovery.

We’ve stated this before on the topic of capturing yourself nude – and anything sex related –  and it never gets old – if that is what a hard working, talented, committed, fine ass dude wants to do with what little free time he has on his hands, well, who the hell are we to criticize.  Seriously!

And lord knows we have similar if not worse material on our own camera roll.  (What’s on yours?  Let he/she with sin cast the initial stone through that glass window…)

We clicked on a link and came up on a whole series of his private pics posted for public consumption.  In truth they are slightly NSFW but certainly nothing on par with the likes of those SYTYCD guys (we have em posted on our site,) Blake Lively’s “no, it’s not me” pics or Scarlett Johansson’s hacked cellphone leaked pics.

Those forays  into the ‘self-nude pic-I-didn’t-mean-for-them-to-get-out’ phenom – among others – live in infamy till the present day!

Yes, some have been slightly artsy as well but lets call a spade a spade and get past the nonsense, these above mentioned examples’ of self-nudes/personal xxxpression were  just what Leyva’s are present day – if less revealing – booty-call purpose self pics.

And there is nothing wrong with that!  Especially on a Cuban!  Damn if they ain’t all types of hotness in bed.  DAMN.

But let us not digress further…

Congrats to papi Leyva on his Bronze medal and for sharing those photos.  We’d are drooling over those lips!

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Jake Gyllenhaal: Do I Make You Horny?

Alleged Jake Gyllenhaal Nude Surfaces on Line Post Grace Jones Pose

Perusing the unmentionable online destinations we stumbled upon this here alleged pic of hotness Jake Gyllenhaal, in all his glory.  The posting was accompanied by a statement professing its unquestionable authenticity.  No word or mention of the purported source or how the photo became public.


We went in for a detailed look and upon closer inspection one can say it bares a remarkable likeness – yes, it’s something that can be achieved via Photoshop, we know.  But the hair, grin and body – circa Prince of Persia and Love & Other Drugs – would all substantiate believe-ability.  This could be R-E-A-L y’all!  And the notable circumcision would lend itself as hard concrete evidence, not to mention applicable.

But for all tense and purposes we will maintain ALLEGED.

We like ourselves some G!  How can we not?  He’s handsome.  Talented.  A boy next door type of the chosen persuasion – unlike ourselves.  Yes, that would suggest we are of the uncut and uncensored portion of society, but hell if we don’t think diversity is the splice of life!

But les we digress further, we will return to the photo in hand.

Curiously, the pic with the alleged Gyllenhaal likeness in the iconic Grace Jones’ position was quickly denounced by his team.  Too much of a protest for a fake, we think…  This here full-frontal, however, has not received any such objection, that we are aware of…  (Please correct us if we are wrong!)

Interesting?  Perhaps.

We can’t help but recall a certain Kwanten photo, which we posted, that subsequently resulted in an official statement from the True Blood sex kitten’s team unequivacably denying the photo’s authenticity.  (Same photo which the charming folks at HuffPost commented on and wrongfully credited to an alternate source.) Dumbasses.)   But what does come to mind in reviewing this here alleged Gyllenhaal full monty depiction is how little we care whether or not it’s real!

And dare we say, we are not alone!

Why fuck with the fantasy is our continued position!  (Call us cheap, depraved, perverted, lustful – we’ll take it!  And take it well.)

And in the end, there is little wrong with nudity.

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Jonathan Groff: NSFW Full Frontal Nude

Jonathan Groff joins Lea Michele and Matthew Morrison at the TONY Awards in NYC

Jonathan Groff, 26, is a Broadway darling.  He is most closely associated with his role in the hit Broadway musical “Spring Awakening.”  A role he originated off-Broadway and on The Great White Way.  He also happens to be a Glee supporting cast-member.  His character Jesse St. James is reportedly returning to the popular show as Vocal Adrenaline’s vocal coach later in the season.

But as Glee is a family show, there will be no nudity.   Ain’t that something?  A high school show which rarely touches on teen bang-bang.  Hmmmm.

That, however, doesn’t mean there hasn’t been a point where the out and proud Groff hasn’t gone and undertaken a role where he has shed any and all inhibition and gone full monty…

That’s commitment!

Here, for your viewing scrutiny, is a grab of Groff showing off all his attributes – or what little there appears of them.

We have already done our part.  We find the Pennsylvania native’s happy trail leading down his stomach sexy as all hell.  (We are wiping the drool from our keyboard as we type!)  Even though it appears to be a dead-end.

But in his defense, he could very well be a grower and not a shower.  Lord knows we have been wildly surprised, in many an instance, in the past by such appearances.  It happens!  (Don’t judge…!)  It could also be due to schrinkage!  (Don’t act like you are unfamiliar with the phenom!)

We also love his thick thighs and smooth chest and thick wavy hair.  His body is aptly made for the role of a passive homosexual.  What?  We are just thinking out loud is all.

Jonathan Groff is not shy about going full frontal for his art.

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Christopher Landon: NSFW Self Nudes Surface

Chris Landon and friend cozy up to Mr. Black LA buble ass at weekly fete

UPDATE:  Although we had no intention of removing the “leaked” nude photos of Chris Landon – they are super hot as far as we are concerned – we have been repeatedly asked to do so.  As such, we feel it only proper to comply.  Sad, we know, but true.  Our position on nudity remains the same & were our body to look as fine as Landon’s –  it’s yummy – we’d be running the street naked, as brought into the world, tout le temp.  Modesty be damned!  We happen on knowing that the photos are still circulating round WeHo, by jealous parties no doubt, so don’t be surprised if they arrive on your smart fone.  As a backup, here is a pic of Landon while at the Mr. Black La soires.

Christopher Beau Landon, son of Little House on The Prairie star Michael Landon, is the latest in the celeb world to face a self-nudes leak scandal.  Although we dare say that if the pics are going to show your bits to the world at large we should all be so lucky to have them look like this!  Lawd have mercy!  The boy is our definition of a stairway to heaven.

Landon, writer of the hit movie “Disturbia,” which starred Shia LaBeouf, is presently facing what appears to be a spread of his parts on display on the site WeHo Confidential.

The sassy site not only has the full monty but some dish on the young buck thrown in for catty purposes.

“Want more,” the site cheekily asks.  “You can always catch Christopher in the sauna at the Equinox Fitness Club on Sunset,” they offer.


We think this might be a wide step over the line of decency, bitches!  What someone does in the semi-privacy of a sauna ain’t none of your fucking business – less you have been personally invited.  For all you guys know it might be included in the contract cuz we’ve heard of goings on that top this mention out here at the East coast Equinox.

But the pics are up & the comments made.  To say homos are catty is as redundant as saying ‘the sky is blue.’  And there you have it.

We can’t help agree with the euphemism the site geniusly concocted however.  Michael Landon’s “Leg*A*C in between his son’s legs” is a gift worth more than a trust fund any day.

And Chris’ ass is tight!

Note to Mr. Landon:  We type 60wpm and would be happy to serve as your errr assistant – just give a jingle!

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