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Jake Gyllenhaal: Do I Make You Horny?

Alleged Jake Gyllenhaal Nude Surfaces on Line Post Grace Jones Pose

Perusing unmentionable online destinations we stumbled upon this here alleged pic of hotness Jake Gyllenhaal, in all his glory.  The posting was accompanied by a statement professing its unquestionable authenticity.  No word or mention of the purported source or how the photo became public.

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Jonathan Groff: NSFW Full Frontal Nude

Jonathan Groff joins Lea Michele and Matthew Morrison at the TONY Awards in NYC

Jonathan Groff, 26, is a Broadway darling.  He is most closely associated with his role in the hit Broadway musical “Spring Awakening.”  A role he originated off-Broadway and on The Great White Way.  He also happens to be a Glee supporting cast-member.  His character Jesse St. James is reportedly returning to the popular show as Vocal Adrenaline’s vocal coach later in the season.

But as Glee is a family show, there will be no nudity.   Ain’t that something?  A high school show which rarely touches on teen bang-bang.  Hmmmm.

That, however, doesn’t mean there hasn’t been a point where the out and proud Groff hasn’t gone and undertaken a role where he has shed any and all inhibition and gone full monty…

That’s commitment!

Here, for your viewing scrutiny, is a grab of Groff showing off all his attributes – or what little there appears of them.

We have already done our part.  We find the Pennsylvania native’s happy trail leading down his stomach sexy as all hell.  (We are wiping the drool from our keyboard as we type!)  Even though it appears to be a dead-end.

But in his defense, he could very well be a grower and not a shower.  Lord knows we have been wildly surprised, in many an instance, in the past by such appearances.  It happens!  (Don’t judge…!)  It could also be due to schrinkage!  (Don’t act like you are unfamiliar with the phenom!)

We also love his thick thighs and smooth chest and thick wavy hair.  His body is aptly made for the role of a passive homosexual.  What?  We are just thinking out loud is all.

Jonathan Groff is not shy about going full frontal for his art.

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Christopher Landon: NSFW Self Nudes Surface

Chris Landon and friend cozy up to Mr. Black LA buble ass at weekly fete

UPDATE:  Although we had no intention of removing the “leaked” nude photos of Chris Landon – they are super hot as far as we are concerned – we have been repeatedly asked to do so.  As such, we feel it only proper to comply.

Sad, we know, but true.  Our position on nudity remains the same & were our body to look as fine as Landon’s –  it’s yummy – we’d be running the street naked, as we were brought into the world, tout le temp.  Modesty be damned!  Read the rest of this entry »

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Scarlett Johansson: Hacked Phone Self Nudes Surface Online

Scarlett Johansson nude self-pics leaked online by hackers

Hollywood beauty Scarlett Johansson is the latest victim of leaked nudes self-pics, reports the web.  So we did a little bit of research and – eureka!  We came across the two very tasteful photos for ourselves.

Now, don’t get it twisted, we don’t condone hacking anyone’s anything to procure such material.  But it’s little surprise that once the material is leaked out to the world we will post for commentary purposes.

Johansson’s rep have officially stated contact with the FBI has commenced to look into this violation of privacy, blah blah blah.

We personally don’t know what the hoopla is all about cuz girls body is banging!

We may be of the alternative persuassion but damn if her booty didn’t give us a stir where there should not have been one.

We cannot display this gallery


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Google Street Maps Catches Miami Woman Naked

Miami, Florida woman of NE 66th Street caught on her yard butt-naked by Google Maps

Well, you sorta knew something like this would happen, eventually.  Let’s face it – there are way too many people in the world for it not to occur.  And officiating a street view of every roadway and byway of the world is bound to catch some inopportune moments.  Case an point:  A Miami, Florida woman who sashayed out of her house stark naked and Google Maps did caught it!

What are the odds?  They don’t matter none cuz they did it!

Of course they have now gone and blurred the image featuring all the Miami residents attributes, catching her as she exited her home butt-naked with a gallon of water in her right hand and appearing to shield her face with the other – but it begs the question:  ‘What the fuck were you doing coming out of your house butt naked, woman?  In broad-daylight.’

Really!  At least have a thong on if you are going to parade outdoors.  If only for modesty sake.

Now, we ain’t judging none.  We know 1st hand exactly how damn hot and humid it gets in Miami.  That is some Caribe sun y’all.  But this is a bit extreme, it being her front yard and all.

Assuredly there will be litigation stemming from this incident as the photo has been picked up and appears on a multitude of blogs and forums globally.  Some have even posted the exact address location on NE 66th Street for point of reference.

For sure this is 15 minutes of fame she would rather not have been bestowed.  But perhaps she will think twice before showing off what she came into the world with in the future.

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Darren Criss: Sexy Underwear Pic

Glee's Darren Criss poses for an underwear pic at what appears to be a frat party

It is often said that you know your famous when the gay rumors start.  Well, Glee’s Darren Criss ain’t got to worry about that going around cuz brother went and locked lips with an openly gay beauty on the show – and on stage during the Glee tour this summer – and he isn’t pressed about it.  But you know that’s upset a few folks with nothing better to do than hate on him for his progressive approach to his craft and the gay movement.

But somewhere along the line it was inevitable that something would surface given all his success – which includes the much rumored Glee spin-off & news of his taking over for Radcliffe in How to Succeed in Business on Broadway early next year – and it takes the form of a pic of hotness in his undies at what seems like a college frat party.  In his underwear!  Showing some yumness of his derriere!  Que beau!

We’ve had the pic for sometime now.  It’s true, we cannot lie.  But we had to keep it for review of a personal nature.  Y’all understand.  And if you don’t comprend just look a that waist arching…  (We just gave ourselves the vapors – again!)

The photo is obviously real and clearly taken some years ago when he was at the height of twink-a-licious.

We don’t fully approve of the Hanes brand but damn if Criss doesn’t make it work!  What we do approve of is his unabashed personality.  Say nothing of his talent!

And if anything has been gained by some dumbass releasing it in hate, well, this here photo raises Criss’ value factor in our book.

Honoree Darren Criss, of Glee fame, attends the Time 100 gala party in NYC

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Ryan Kwanten: Web Nude Surfaces

True Bloods’ Ryan Kwanten alleged full frontal nude

We will readily admit to being “True Blood” fans.  Call us simple.  It’s got a great cast and their story lines never seem to take themselves too seriously.  Camp is found throughout every episode without question.

And of the cast of course we have our faves.  Ryan Kwanten is at the top of the list – right after Skarsgaard.  Dude is ripe with sexuality – so much of it we don’t think he is acting at all. Read the rest of this entry »

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Duncan James: Boyband Blues Undies Pic

Duncan James of Boyband Blue snaps a flex keepsake in his bathroom

A whole lot has been made of this here pic of Duncan James of Boyband Blues fame.  Actually, scratch that fame part cuz we have no idea who those folks are really.  For all we know the boy band phenom died out circa two decades ago.  But it is what it is.  Initially we looked at this here self-pic and thought it was an old long ago forgotten photo of Nich Lachey of 98 Degrees.  Cept when they were around there weren’t any cellphones.

One thing is for certain, however, the body is R.I.P.E!

It’s also uncanny the resemblance to Lachey – circa when he was hot.

Evidently the photo “leaked” on a site called – some James profusely denies posting.


Well, ripe is ripe.  We don’t actually care how it got out to see the light of day.  Regardless of how demure the photo is…

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Grady Sizemore: Semi Nude Pic Roundup

Jock Grady Sizemore captures some self semi-nudes in his bathroom

Grady Sizemore plays on some baseball team or other – which we don’t rightly know as we don’t watch sports.  We prefer to play them…  But these here pics we’ve collected from round the web are certainly something that we’d pay a visit to his locker room to see first hand.  Particularly that ass!  Yum.  White boy’g got back.  The frontal section seems to be lacking in the size more part…  But for all we know he could be a grower, something that is always appreciated.  Hey, we like surprises.

Evidently when these surfaced last year they caused a sensation…  Some disgruntled ex leaked them out.  (So much for love…)  We don’t rightly know why they caused  stir really…  Must have been a slow time in the sports news field.

One things good to know though…  He knows how to man-scape.  And for that we applaud the jock with a edible ass!

But we thought to post them for posterity sake.


We cannot display this gallery

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Chris Crocker: From Youtube to Porntube

Chris Crocker aka Leave Britney Alone Youtube figure is redirecting into the world of gay porn

Do you remember Chris Crocker?  Sure you do.  He was the twink culprit behind the viral Youtube video imploring the masses to “leave Britney alone!”  That shit went super-sonic – and his Youtube account presently reads in over 200 million view.  We saw it, ain’t going to lie.  Read the rest of this entry »

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