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Joe DiMaggio: Nude Shower Photos Up For Auction

Joe DiMaggio appearing nude in the locker room shower photos up for auction

And here is proof positive why Marilyn Monroe’s marriage to Joe DiMaggion didn’t last.  Jus take a peek at this nude black and white photo shot of the baseball hall of famer.  That ain’t right!  We will extend a benefit of the doubt and assume that what we see is a result of schrinkage.  Hell, we will even throw in that he might be a grower and not a shower.  We gotta excuse this tidbit somehow…

It’s little wonder that DiMaggio’s family is up at arms about the surfacing of these here old memorabilia pics which are claimed to be 1st generation stills of a gone-by era.   The family claim these are fakes.

Still others say that the private DiMaggio woudln’t have allowed himself to be photographed this way…


To that last bit we say that guys in their environment are more relaxed and likely know who is taking photos for fun, so no one is in hysterics about it – assuming privacy.  Aside from the fact that, usually when photos are fakes they are enhanced – not minimized.

Just a thought.

We cannot display this gallery


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Blake Lively: Alleged NSFW Nude Photo IPhone Leak

Blake Lively at the Time 100 Gala in NYC

Just as Gossip Girl’s Blake Lively is busy cavorting and carrying on with Leo DiCaprio in Italy – a romance which her camp denies – come alleged leaked self-nudes of the wanna-be serious actress.

And her handlers have immediately responded with a statement that the photos are “fake.”  But what else would they say?

Seriously!  Come up with something more original. Read the rest of this entry »

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Kathy Griffin: Topless in Florida

Kathy Griffin goes bare chested in Florida for photographer

When a friend sent me this here topless pic of comedienne Kathy Griffin – famous for her “My Life on the D-List” show and stand up, we were slightly repulsed.  Let’s keep it real – its far from a pretty picture.  But we thought to share some words on the matter non-the-less.

To clarify, our repulsion largely stems from the fact that, although the pic was allegedly shot in sunny ass Florida, girlfriend is as pasty as any human should be shot with shit for being.  That is a shade lighter than Casper!

The itty-bitty-titty thing on the other hand – well, we can semi forgive it.  Although, with as much work as she has undergone, you would think she would have gotten them perked up a bit.  But it is another surgical procedure…

Whatever the esthetic – or lack there of – for sure this was done for attention.  Cuz having been around, as we have on occassion, the self appointed fairy godmother to gays worldwide, she never does anything if it isn’t going to garner her attention.

But really girl, would it hurt you to get a spray tan?

Of course this one worked.  And for sure she will later talk about it on some show or her own stand up routine.


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Chris Brown: Nude Self Photo Leaked

Chris Brown's Latest Scandal: Self Nude Photos "Leaked"

It has to truly suck being on Chris Brown’s PR team.  Seriously y’all.  That MF just can’t seem to get it together.  And just when his team pulls a miracle and damn near makes folks forget about his ghetto ass behavior and affliction of beating on his bitches – he goes and has a nude self-portrait “leaked” on the web. 

The phrase your own worse enemy comes to mind when thinking of Brown’s antics. 

Here are the NSFW pics allegedly leaked along with another of his genius moves – a twit-pic of his domestic violence “diploma”. 

Really, Chris?  What the fuck is wrong with you? 

My doctor would be glad to prescribe something to help you handle acting on your dumbass thoughts so brazenly.

On a different note, lets reflect on the nudes. 

It looks long, we give Brown that.  But it doesn’t look like it has much girth to it.  And in it’s semi-erect state it doesn’t look like its goin to fill out any…  

Brown, as that male enhancement commercial says…  It’s thickness [folks] really want.

Chris Brown Performs at PowerHouse Concert in NJ

We cannot display this gallery

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Blindfolded Latin Hotness: NSFW

Blind folded Latin hotness strikes a suggestive bedroom pose

We recently came across this here photo while browsing a few profiles.  We don’t know who the model is – fucker is wearing a blind fold – nor do we have any info on who the photographer is…  What we do know is that it is genius.

So of course we had to go and make use of it. 

Ordinarily we frown upon cross-dressing in the bedroom… We actually frown upon wearing anything in the bedroom!  What can we say – we like it simple and naked.  But this here bit serves as falling into all the right places.

If a man is going to wear a pair of stockings – this here is how it should be done!

The body art suggest that he can endure, the muscles are tantamount to his committment and his nipples depict a pathway to a momentary ease of the grip on that whip.

That is art.  Bravo!

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Adam Levine: Gets Naked for Cause

Maroon 5's Adam Levine bares all for Cancer cause

Before y’all go and get all righteous about how these here mostly nude pics of Maroon 5’s front man Adam Levine have been out for a bit already and how I am late in posting them… etc…  I know!  I’ve had them since they first hit and simply saved them as I uhmmmm – evaluated their artistic merit.  Yeah that sounds right.

Arite we were busy trying to imagine the skanks hands being our own.  There are you happy?

Then we lingered onto being busy trying to imagine those hands not being there at all cuz we sure would like to see whats behind em…  We also imagined having landed the gig of attending to his needs on set – you know, patting things down, applying the cover up and stuff…

Yes, your conclusions of us finding Levine to be total hotness are right!  We’d luv to get a touch of that chosen one.

Levine bares almost all for Cancer Awareness month – featured in the February UK Cosmo issue.  The lucky hands belong to his girlfriend and Victoria Secret model Anne Vyalitsyna.

Lucky girl…

We cannot display this gallery


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OJ Simpson: NSFW Naked

Acquitted murderer OJ Simpson air dries in a locker room circa 1970's

Here’s one to get your Monday morning going right!  OJ Simpson, pre-murderous Los Angeles spree – you remember the one where he went and off’ed his pretty ex-wife and her rumored pool guest house paramour only to then get off with that slogan “if it don’t fit, you must acquit,” – naked and swinging a big ole banana.  Just like he was brought into the world – cept more developed. 

Of course your hand wouldn’t fit into a glove either if you went and tried to put it on with all your fingers spread open…

Not judging, simply making an observation…

The one time Hertz spokesman has, present day, become persona non-grata all over the world and couldn’t get hired to sell oranges on a Florida side road.

Not even the fanatic fueled memorabilia conventions want anything to do with him…  Oh wait, wasn’t he finally found guilty of trying to off someone or other in Vegas for something involving his football crap? 

Whatever the case – not really like we care really…  Hell if we aren’t surprised that them rednecks down South haven’t put together a Simpson bonfire of all his football days paraphernalia. 

Well at least this here pic depicts a simpler time during a peak in his long ago career, showcasing his attributes.

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RTnM Hotlinks and Other NSFW Tidbits

Madonna and Jesus Luz Uncensored

A new photo of Madonna and a full frontal Jesus Luz has surfaced and it’s a sight to see!  Good thing too, cuz my broke ass is presently dealing with some equipment issues of a tech nature and have not been able to practice my trade for a few days now.

So with a little salaciousness in mind and you guys in my thoughts, I bring you friendly links to postings worth having a look-see at… all wrapping up with an indirect good deed by Lopez Tonight’s George Lopez.  And I will chime in:

OMG Blog: John Edwards’ sextape proves the onetime prez hopeful to be endowed! (Hell hathh no fury like a woman scorned or a booted DL ex-aide! I want to see this tape in the worse way…)

EthanSays:  Bruce Weber’s short film opens YSL’s mens collections in Paris.  (Damn if Weber can’t capture the beauty of a man!)

LA Rag Mag:  Swede Alex Skarsgaard to show full frontal on True Blood!  (I love that show!)

HitDanBack:  Dan shows you what a gay man looks like when about to be hit in the face by a woman’s crotch.  (Even I gasped!  This is some scarey shit.)

CelebSlam:  Different Stroke’s Gary Coleman arrested – again!  (Poor little guy can’t catch a fucking break.)

TMZ:  Tila Tequila looking to sell her ultra-sound pics.  (Fucking skank!)

Peyton delivers vocal hotness on The Fierce Collective’s “Sex on Fire” track!

Center for HIV Law and Policy:  George Lopez’s cash give-away at People’s Choice goes to a good cause!  (I’m a good cause.  Give me some $$$!)

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John Mayer: Rolling Stones Coverboy

John Mayer: Rolling Stone Magazine Coverboy

We like John Mayer.  And not just because he has transformed himself from a doughy youth into a flip mouthing man that will don a floss-thong bikini and run around a boat – baring his smooth ass, just for the fun of it.  Or because he has said he has danced amidst a dancefloor full of sweaty men or experienced a man on man makeout either. 

We just like what we like and that’s all there is to be said. 

Of course we would like it to be us he’d have some of those experiences with…  tit for tat – if he’d agree to have an experience with us, we’d promise to practice a deepthroat blowjob on him to the tune of a happy ending. 

To much?  Kiss my left cheek.  It’s the position we’re at presently.  file a grievance.

Above is the crooner on the cover of the latest Rolling Stone magazine shirtless.  He looks so YUM.  I’d put my Hagen Daz down for a lick of that in a jiffy.

In the accompanying interview Mayer admits to self-pleasuring tout-le-temp, among other things.  “I am the new generation of masturbator. I’ve seen it all. Before I make coffee, I’ve seen more butt holes than a proctologist does in a week,” he states. 

I sure would like the buttholes reference explained further – but perhaps it’s just me.  I don’t get it.  But whatever the case, we are sure it’s a good read. 

…I know where you live, John.  Just say the word.

John Mayer's Famous Thong Bikini Moment

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