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Equinox Ad Will Make You Wanna Do It

Equinox features two ripe specimens in their new "Equinox Made Me Do It" advert

Equinox features two ripe specimens in their new “Equinox Made Me Do It” advert

Our dear friend Eddy recently emailed us this here screen grab of the new Equinox advert featuring the statement “Equinox Made Me Do It.”  The words alone truly are a loaded declaration.

But when you get past the words and come to rest on the two disrobed ripe asses of the nude couple running away from the camera the words take on a whole-nother level of significance. Read the rest of this entry »

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Marc Jacobs: Porn Beau Number Two

glamourmarcjacobsGoogle Marc Jacobs and his new beau Harry Louis and you will register more hits than a domestic abuse line.  Seriously, the two have been frolicking, beach-side, for the world to see.  Make a second go at just the beau and his foray in the porn world will overload your page but you may result with some just cause for Jacobs’ enamored state!  Brother is packing uncut and uncensored. Read the rest of this entry »

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Miranda Kerr: Nude Polaroids Surface

Aussie VS model Miranda Kerr pictured in a set of nude polaroids shot by French photog Laurent Darmon.

Aussie Victoria Secret supermodel turned Orlando Bloom baby momma Miranda Kerr has faced newly surfaced nudes with tongue and cheek.  But hell, how else to do it given her whole career is about tits and ass – and a lucrative venture at that it really is!  So we are befuddled over the hoopla over a set of alleged “unauthorized” nude Polaroids shot by famed French photog Laurent Darmon surfacing and making the rounds these past few days.  Slow celeb news days will do this to the under-worked folks pretending to be “journalists.”

As if the beauty getting to make beaucoup $$$ for strutting and showing off her attributes and getting to shag one of the most coveted Brit specimens EVER weren’t enuf already!  No, we have to endure having our noses rubbed into it and be made to feel guilty about being lax’ed on our gym regiment.


We don’t see the big to do.  Not really.  Less it’s really about how she isn’t adding bank to her account with the release of these here photos.  And you know that’s where its at.

We have a simple approach to such matters…  If you don’t want something getting out simply don’t do it!  And by the looks of the photos, Ms. Kerr was all too happy to show off her hot piece of ass and perky and quite appealing tits!

Yes, y’all, it’s about the tits and ass.

Sure we would be happier were they of her love Bloom.  In that Lord of The Rings blond wig please!  But we do appreciate beauty when faced with it and the photos do the subject justice so lets leave it at that.

Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr at The Good Doctor TFF premiere in NYC

We cannot display this gallery

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Perez Hilton: Purported Manhunt Profile Nude Ad

Alleged Perez Hilton Manhunt Profile SurfacesThe self proclaimed one-time chubby queen of all media, you know the one – Perez Hilton (aka Mario Armando Lavandeira, Jr) – the same one who has transformed himself into a muscle Mary yet has still managed to be as unattractive as a wet-fart, is now himself the focus of attention at the hands of an alleged Manhunt profile containing nude self-pics.

Shocked you say?

Well, we have never been fans of the Ms. Thing.  And don’t mind stating there isn’t any love lost.

Ugly is as ugly does.  Made all the worse by the incessant drive to achieve some personal level of fame without any discernible talent…

But what does surface at reviewing the profile info are the statement it contains…

We winced at the “fantastic neg top” declaration.   And nearly choked on our Dr. Pepper at the “almost 8 inches” part.  We think that’s stretching the truth a tad bit.  It’s more along the lines of almost 7 inches, with little girth to make up for its shortcoming.

The “into” portion, however, suits his vapid existence – especially the “voyeurism” part.  Bitch was fat as all hell & assuredly couldn’t pay for it with a borrowed platinum card so it is easy to visualize him being one of those obnoxiously over-bearing trolls that is always peeping others trying to get a grove on at the baths.  (Don’t act like you don’t know the type dammit!)

We do also wonder how this materialized…  And we are not ruling out dumbass purposely putting it out there for some half-hazard attempt at infamy ala Christopher Landon.

As for the “work out 5x a wk” bit…  the mirror never lies Princess Perez.

We cannot display this gallery

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Michael Fassbender: Cocked and Packing

Michael Fassbender at the X-Men: First Class NYC premiere

It’s been a week since George Clooney made his comment about Michael Fassbender’s sizable endowment and folks are still chatting about it.  Hell, we don’t mind telling y’all that it got our attention right quick and before Clooney could finish with his colorful acceptance speech we were online pulling from a few choice full-frontal video grabs of the new Magneto letting it all hang out and swing!

Strange though, with those few choice words out of  the mouth of a celebrated Hollywood icon, an otherwise serious and talented thespian who has not yet fully gone main stream, and is only now getting his due, has been catapulted into the stratosphere and is the talk of EVERYONE.  Not to mention getting every vagina and gay man, across the world, deep in monologue about getting their mouths around that club.

Ok, so yeah, we know Fassbender from his roles in the X-Men: First Class, Jane Eyre and 300 flicks.  But Sadly, he skipped the step and repeat at X & we only managed to obtain one frame of the Irish-German soon to be 35 yr old.  But we were paying attention!

Of Course the German portion of that aforementioned heritage coupling fully explains his third leg and would hardly necessitate Clooney’s statement!

We’ve done a little bit of research on the matter…

Now, we haven’t as yet gotten a chance to screen Shame – the much touted film from where the grabs originate – but make no mistake about it, it’s on our Netflix que!

Fassbender can presently be seen in Haywire and is next slated to star in Prometheus, opposite Charlize Theron and Patrick Wilson and Twelve Years a Slave, opposite Brad Pitt.  He is also gracing the present issue of The Hollywood Reporter cover with photos’ by Brian Bowen Smith

We cannot display this gallery

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Chris Crocker: From Youtube to Porntube

Chris Crocker aka Leave Britney Alone Youtube figure is redirecting into the world of gay porn

Do you remember Chris Crocker?  Sure you do.  He was the twink culprit behind the viral Youtube video imploring the masses to “leave Britney alone!”  That shit went super-sonic – and his Youtube account presently reads in over 200 million view.  We saw it, ain’t going to lie.  Read the rest of this entry »

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Blake Lively and Leighton Meester: Gossip Girls Nudes

Blake Lively Nude Pic Scandal

The web is on fire with the “It is” vs. “It isn’t” tit-for-tat stories of alleged Blake Lively nudes that have surfaced this week.  So of course legal action is promised, by legal team representing the Gossip Girl star turned “serious” actress, to anyone posting the tell-tales of the young blonde thespian.  Are you surprised?  We aren’t.  Not that we care any one bit!  We believe wholeheartedly it is her.

And as there have been add’l pics released by the hacker, as posted on UnratedPerez, it is not irrefutable.

Oddly enough, no mention has come of the Leighton Meester nudes that preceded “The Town” co-star foray into capturing her smooth toned frame.

We thought this one grave omission.

So here are both.  Just for you!

Don’t say we don’t care about y’all.

What is absurdly obvious is how Lively’s self-portraits differ from Meester’s set.

Like ripe green apples to stale sour oranges.

In The Wake of Blake Lively's nude pic scandal lest not forget Leighton Meester did it first!

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Blake Lively: Alleged NSFW Nude Photo IPhone Leak

Blake Lively at the Time 100 Gala in NYC

Just as Gossip Girl’s Blake Lively is busy cavorting and carrying on with Leo DiCaprio in Italy – a romance which her camp denies – come alleged leaked self-nudes of the wanna-be serious actress.

And her handlers have immediately responded with a statement that the photos are “fake.”  But what else would they say?

Seriously!  Come up with something more original. Read the rest of this entry »

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Christopher Atkins: NSFW Nudes

Blue Lagoon’s Christopher Atkins sans Loincloth for Gorham

Christopher Atkins peaked shortly after his portrayal of the marooned nubile blond god alongside Brooke Shields in “The Blue Lagoon.”

Not a bad way to peak actually… Read the rest of this entry »

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Equus Revealed

Daniel Radcliffe’s stint in the Broadway revival of “Equus” has been talked about to deaf. Or rather his nude scene has – and this dates back to the London run of the show.
But now I can bring you a glimpse of it in action, thanks to the folks at OMG Blog who have surfaced some up-close and “personal” footage of the much talked bout scene – shot from the front row.

So close is the footage you can make out that Mr. Radcliffe has: a) growth potential; b) is BARE – and I don’t mean as in naked. We know that already! I mean bare as in not even a discernible amount of peach fuzz on that ripe bum of his. And c) it appears that he man-scapes his pubes.

That a boy… (no one likes to floss while going deep!) I have a new found respect for the young thespian.

I think a TONY is in the works!

I wonder if I could request a closer inspection…

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