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Yankee Stadium: Bubble Butt Top Hits Home Run

Drunk couple filmed while bubble butt top slides into home plate!

This brings a whole new meaning to sliding into home plate!  A drunk couple was caught and filmed in a Yankee Stadium men’s room stall getting busy!  And the crowds go wild with cellphones.

We have personally never visited the Yankee Stadium – old or new structure.  Sure we have passed them both on plenty of occasions but we never seemed like it would be rewarding for us.  We say this as we’ve never been afforded a pass into the team locker rooms – our true interest.  (Don’t judge…)  But clearly our conclusion may have been shortsighted as this may not be the only place for rewards in the mammoth facility.

Having survived the NYC nightlife, we can earnestly say that getting down in a stall is nothing new…  We have come across it at many different spots – involving way more than what is here pictured.  But it we weren’t being invited in – and we are not saying we may or may not have been – we wen’t about our business of procuring drink tickets and our own piece of ass.

Having stated that, here’s what we don’t presently appreciate…  The crowd of high school acting spectators climbing up over the stall to film (video has since been taken down – we are still looking for it though…) and photograph the couple.  Yes, y’all.  like a bunch of depraved dumb-ass children.

If you don’t appreciate someone getting into home-plate, your options are simple really… exit and go to another bathroom, report it to the security personnel or do your business and get back to your own business.  Why the need to go and reduce to being a peeping tom?  Read the play-by-play here.

Well, needless to say we fully support the right of two consenting adults to lock themselves in a stall – should the need arise – and get it on.


Hot ass BTW!

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