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President Obama: Shuts Down 9th Avenue in NYC

President Obama's motorcade on 9th Avenue in NYC

President Obama’s motorcade on 9th Avenue in NYC

Anytime the President visits the city it ends with wreaking havoc on innocent commuters and its resident.  We’ve had the misfortune of being knee deep in transit as prior president’s jet in or out of our fair city as our car comes to a virtual park awaiting clearance up ahead – but never as a pedestrian.  Well there is a 1st for everything!  Read the rest of this entry »

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Victor Cruz: Latinos for Obama Spot

NFL pro-footballer for the NY Giants Victor Cruz is one hot salsa-field-sporting Latino.  And a nice guy to boot.  It also doesn’t hurt him any that folks all across the country adore him.  But he has now taken a moment from his sport to convey a well intended and earnest message to his fellow minority in support of President Obama.

And we thinks Latinos ought to pay attention.  STAT!

We marvel at a minority that attaches itself to a Republican ticket in the subconscious belief that by proclaiming their support for a club as the GOP it will merit them membership…

Here’s a news flash for those folks…  being tolerated is not inclusion, nor membership.

We ain’t judging those folks – not at all.  Simply stating facts.

So without further chastising, here is hottie and his spot.


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