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RTnM Hotlinks and Other NSFW Tidbits

Madonna and Jesus Luz Uncensored

A new photo of Madonna and a full frontal Jesus Luz has surfaced and it’s a sight to see!  Good thing too, cuz my broke ass is presently dealing with some equipment issues of a tech nature and have not been able to practice my trade for a few days now.

So with a little salaciousness in mind and you guys in my thoughts, I bring you friendly links to postings worth having a look-see at… all wrapping up with an indirect good deed by Lopez Tonight’s George Lopez.  And I will chime in:

OMG Blog: John Edwards’ sextape proves the onetime prez hopeful to be endowed! (Hell hathh no fury like a woman scorned or a booted DL ex-aide! I want to see this tape in the worse way…)

EthanSays:  Bruce Weber’s short film opens YSL’s mens collections in Paris.  (Damn if Weber can’t capture the beauty of a man!)

LA Rag Mag:  Swede Alex Skarsgaard to show full frontal on True Blood!  (I love that show!)

HitDanBack:  Dan shows you what a gay man looks like when about to be hit in the face by a woman’s crotch.  (Even I gasped!  This is some scarey shit.)

CelebSlam:  Different Stroke’s Gary Coleman arrested – again!  (Poor little guy can’t catch a fucking break.)

TMZ:  Tila Tequila looking to sell her ultra-sound pics.  (Fucking skank!)

Peyton delivers vocal hotness on The Fierce Collective’s “Sex on Fire” track!

Center for HIV Law and Policy:  George Lopez’s cash give-away at People’s Choice goes to a good cause!  (I’m a good cause.  Give me some $$$!)

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RTnM Hot Links

Ivana Trump attends Victoria Secret Runway Show at The Armory

It is the last Monday of the 09 and as I haven’t taken out my trusty Canon for a hot spell so I got nothing but merryment for y’all.  As such I am sharing the most interesting bits from the sphere around us and chime in.

DListed:  Ivana booted off a Delta flight for showing her true face to a bunch of wayward kids!  (WTF?  How was she the only one booted?  Sue em girl, sue!)

TMZ: old ass JFK photo on yatch with a bunch of naked women uncovered!  (As if the world didn’t already know Camelot was a PR spin….  he bedded Monroe for fuck sake!)

OMG:  Lady Gaga reworks her masterpiece for a Depends endorsement deal.  (Brilliant, I can just see the fierce stage piece she could put together for this!  Brava!)

AngryBlackBitch: Ponders and drudges forward through a holiday funk in time to get out a 2010 resolution list!  (Brava, bitch!  Work it out and get sum fluff back into that fro.)

JustJared:  Adam Lambert stocks up on skin care products in anticipation of his NYE’s live performance.  (Motherfucka should let those pores breathe for a spell!)

Celebslam:  Billy Bush is a dick and not in a good way. (Bush, is there a need for anything additional said on this?)

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