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Ryan Gosling: I’ve Lost Perspective on What I’m Doing

Ryan Gosling photographed on the Valentine set in Brooklyn, NY.

Ryan Gosling photographed on the Valentine set in Brooklyn, NY.

“The more opportunities I’m given, the more I learn about how easy it is to fuck it up,” Ryan Gosling tells AP when questioned about his impending hiatus from the big screen.  “You fight for freedom and then you get it, and then you have enough rope to hang yourself. It’s like trying to exercise some restraint because I do have so much freedom,” he goes on to say. Read the rest of this entry »

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Protected: Juliette Lewis: Terry Richardson Alleged Sex Scandal

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Pope Election: White Smoke Spurts Out

Smoke spurts out of chimney at the Vatican

Smoke spurts out of chimney at the Vatican

White smoke at the Vatican indicates new pope announcement imminent, reports state.

Far be it from us to tell folks what to have faith in or not and why.  Folks need to believe what will aid them in getting thru a day/month/year/life time and, our general position on it is more power to you.

What we wholeheartedly fail to understand is how a pope resigns his life-long post midst allegations of a scandal of a sexual nature and all avenues redirect to the election of a new perv in some Prada shoes.

History teaches that where there is smoke, there generally can be found some type of fire.

It isn’t that we don’t believe in a higher being – assuredly there is the plausibility of some celestial being out there somewhere – we simply don’t subscribe to the ‘pay, pray and obey’ practices of the Roman Catholic Church.

Our personal detachment to this practice dates back to our Catholic School sentence as a child.  We innocently enough asked why the man was in a dress at a holy Friday mandatory service and it all went to hell thereafter.

Seriously, it was like we had demonstrated the anti-Christ insignia.

Fast forward to present day and our view is still reservedly on this avenue…  Drag queens get chastised for donning cross-gender attire yet these men wear dresses everyday and we are supposed to view them as deity.


What with the altogether recent scandals of inappropriate activity at the hands of pervy Priests one would think that the initial mention of impropriety, as far up as the Vatican, would merit getting down to the nasty details of what there lies beneath but NO!

How does that happen?


Jorge Mario Bergoglio elected as new pope, to be called Pope Francis

Jorge Mario Bergoglio elected as new pope, to be called Pope Francis

Jorge Mario Bergoglio elected as new pope, to be called Pope Francis

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Shaun Woolford: Beaten to Death By Ex-Beau

Fifth Avenue hairdresser Shaun Woolford died from injuries caused by blunt force trauma to the head in Brooklyn, NY.

We often hear of not so pretty stories involving an ex-beau, husband, lover, baby-daddy etc, that flies off the handle and, in a fit of rage attacks.  The result is seldom pretty and always leaves us wondering WTF!  This is one of those times.

Devineil Brown is accused of having visited his ex-beau Shaun Woolford of five years and delivering blunt-force trauma to his head resulting in death.

No word yet as to what initiated the violent outburst.

It gets prettier.  Dumbass Brown then allegedly knocked on a neighbors’ door and delivered a revised version of the alleged incident to a 911 operator to the tune of having arrived and finding Woolford laying on the floor.

Reports have Brown cracking under questioning a short time later.

And we are still left wondering WTF?

Sure, we have a friend down South who once hit an ex-military-lover over the head with a frying pan and knocked his ass out after the dude up and got all hands-on beat down with him.  But that dude lived and they have never been in touch again.

That’s the proper protocol.

But why is it that some folks can’t part and go on about their business…?  Why is it that folks – gay or straight – can’t reconcile themselves with the fact that relationships end.  Stories don’t always have a happy ending.  Disney is a myth!

And generally speaking, having further interactions with someone you once shared a lil-something-sumthing with, regardless of the length of time, doesn’t require further communications once it is done.

Move the fuck on.  Erase their number.  Redirect your focus elsewhere.  There are other pieces of ass to be experienced.  Ain’t no piece that good!

Well, in the case of Brown, he will get lots more to choose from when he is sent away.  Assuredly that ass will get passed around the Block, with little opportunity to protest.

On a side note, Woolford’s ink bares an awful-likeness to those sported by rapper Eve…  Hmmmm.

Photo of Devineil Brown. Brown is accused of allegedly killing his ex-beau in Brooklyn, NY.

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