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Sydney Leathers: Porn Star Outs Justin Moed

Adult entertainer Sydney Leathers brings down politician Justin Moed

Adult entertainer Sydney Leathers brings down politician Justin Moed

According to a recent report from a Fox News affiliate – FOX 59 – Justin Moed, a Democratic member of the Indiana House of Representatives, was caught sexting porn star Sydney Leathers—the very same porn star credited for bringing down Anthony Weiner.

After nude photos of Moed’s back half hit the web (courtesy of Leathers), she welcomed the media attention with open arms.  “I never once was like, hey, show me your backside or whatever.  he just sent them willingly,” she told FOX59. “I would be a liar if I didn’t say that I was a capitalist first and foremost, so money was definitely a motivator.  It’s just too funny to not tell in a way.”

When he was confronted by reporters after returning to work, Moed used the “lapse in judegment” excuse and said he had no intentions of resigning.

Hmmmm. Evidently Weiner-gate taught some folks NOTHING!

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George Clooney: Courted for Governor Run

descendantsgeorgeclooneyProducer, actor, director, (ex)ladies man, activist, former UN Messenger of Peace, and all around hotness George Clooney, 53, is considering a political run for the California Governor’s seat, reports state. Read the rest of this entry »

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Vitaly Milonov: From Russia With No Love

Vitaly Milonov

Vitaly Milonov

There is something deeply hurtful going on in Russia present day.  Their anti-gay propaganda laws are, by far, the most extreme homophobia being exercised by a supposed developed country.

And for those who believe that it only affects the locals – which in and of itself is an atrocity – it doesn’t.  It applies to foreigners as well.

Doubt this?  Google the recent arrest of Dutch tourist/protesters.

And with the 2014 Olympics slated to take place in – wait for it – Russia, we are left with mouth gaping open that anyone – Olympian, coach or sponsors – would commit their support to an ass-backward country fueling such hateful practices.

Well lo and behold, their is a petition presently making the rounds looking to ban Elena Mizulina and Vitaly Milonov from acquiring visas required to enter the USA.  And as we have already put down our John Hancock, we thought to share the petition with y’all in the hopes of helping the petition reach its 100k required number to go before John Kerry.

Help send a message to these two  spiteful individual, as well as Putin himself, that says ‘it’s not OK to exercise such blatant homophobia!’

Elena Mizulina

Elena Mizulina

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Anthony Weiner: New Nude Photos Surface

2013 Mayoral hopeful Anthony Weiner

–  2013 Mayoral hopeful Anthony Weiner

Mayoral hopeful Anthony Weiner can’t catch a break these days.  He threw himself into the political trenches thinking that his sex-ting scandal – which caused his Senate House of Representatives seat resignation – was a thing of the past and that redemption was at hand with his dream of becoming the next NYC Mayor fast on the horizon, but NO!  Lo-and-behold some mid-west skank surfaces with copies of their inappropriate texting and pic exchange, all in a bid to snatch her fifteen minutes of ‘I’ve been victimized’ headlines, and screws up his lead in the preliminary poles.

Ain’t she that a bitch? Read the rest of this entry »

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Proposition 8 Overturned

Supreme Court overturns Proposition 8

Supreme Court overturns Proposition 8

Congratulations to San Franciscans on having Proposition 8 overturned!  Happy pride to y’all.

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Pope Election: White Smoke Spurts Out

Smoke spurts out of chimney at the Vatican

Smoke spurts out of chimney at the Vatican

White smoke at the Vatican indicates new pope announcement imminent, reports state.

Far be it from us to tell folks what to have faith in or not and why.  Folks need to believe what will aid them in getting thru a day/month/year/life time and, our general position on it is more power to you.

What we wholeheartedly fail to understand is how a pope resigns his life-long post midst allegations of a scandal of a sexual nature and all avenues redirect to the election of a new perv in some Prada shoes.

History teaches that where there is smoke, there generally can be found some type of fire.

It isn’t that we don’t believe in a higher being – assuredly there is the plausibility of some celestial being out there somewhere – we simply don’t subscribe to the ‘pay, pray and obey’ practices of the Roman Catholic Church.

Our personal detachment to this practice dates back to our Catholic School sentence as a child.  We innocently enough asked why the man was in a dress at a holy Friday mandatory service and it all went to hell thereafter.

Seriously, it was like we had demonstrated the anti-Christ insignia.

Fast forward to present day and our view is still reservedly on this avenue…  Drag queens get chastised for donning cross-gender attire yet these men wear dresses everyday and we are supposed to view them as deity.


What with the altogether recent scandals of inappropriate activity at the hands of pervy Priests one would think that the initial mention of impropriety, as far up as the Vatican, would merit getting down to the nasty details of what there lies beneath but NO!

How does that happen?


Jorge Mario Bergoglio elected as new pope, to be called Pope Francis

Jorge Mario Bergoglio elected as new pope, to be called Pope Francis

Jorge Mario Bergoglio elected as new pope, to be called Pope Francis

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Barack Obama: Inauguration Day

President Barack Obama relaxes in the Oval Office.  (Official White House Photo)

President Barack Obama relaxes in the Oval Office. (Official White House Photos)

Four more years!  YES, today is inauguration day for Barack Obama who was officially sworn in for his second term yesterday.  Generally when one utters these words grouped together its something preceded with a word like ‘damn’.  This happens to be that amazing exception to the general rule.  And it would appear its in honor of the man undertaking another four years of dealing with the daily throws of DC politics.

We are all gleeful that the man we voted for is going full steam ahead – and on MLK day no-less.

Well, we too have a dream.  That the American people as a whole learn to vote into office politicians who are actually out to do work for the people instead of heading their otherwise lazy asses out to the nations Capital to spend their time filibustering and getting greased over by lobbyist who ain’t got no one’s well being at heart other than to figure out how to raise their profit margins at the expense of the very people who put those lazy asses in their cushy spots with the best health care imaginable!

That’s our damn dream.  And that one day, like a dear friend Elease so eloquently put it, we don’t have to work on MLK day!

Congress gets to take off for weeks on end and the people can’t have MLK day?  WTF!

But today is about celebrating history – one that will run another four years!  And for that, we think, MLK must be smiling from the here-after.  Cuz for certain some of what he preached – not all, we ain’t no idealist – has come to pass.

So here’s a Northern congratulatory mention to President Obama.  We don’t volunteer to brave the cold for many but we’d gladly do it for you.  But since we can’t, please know we’d be there with the masses today if we could.

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George Zimmerman: Autograph For Sale

Accused killer George Zimmerman "selling" autograph to donors.

Accused killer George Zimmerman “selling” autograph to donors.

Putting our wanton thoughts aside for a brief moment.  It does happen.  We woke today to a disturbed posting by a fellow blogger, over at So Let’s Talk About, on how accused murderer George Zimmerman – you might also know him as the all around scum of the earth – is presently selling his John Hancock as if he were Kim Kardashian.

And our stomach turned while still on empty.

You can’t make this type of shit up.  We kid you not.

You can go walk around a gated community packing heat; think your CIA, follow some black kid in the rain and pursue a confrontation based on a personal biased motivation – after 911 has instructed you not to do so – and then get into a physical confrontation which your punk-ass can’t handle and then shoot said kid only to result with you sending out “Thank You” cards to the many like-minded bigots that are “donating” $$$ to your racist ass.

Only in Florida folks!

Far be it from us to tell folks how to squander their presumably hard earned cash – we hear New Orleans is still not fully recovered, say nothing of Sandy victims – but we daresay that this avenue of Zimmerman’s is less than honorable.

Just a thought…

George Zimmerman booking photo.

George Zimmerman booking photo.


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Lemon Juice: Hasidic Scumbag Extra-Ordinaire

Lemon Juice of Brooklyn is accused of snapping photo of victim and posting it on the web to hinder pedophile case against Prominent Orthodox leader Nechemya Weberman

Lemon Juice of Brooklyn is accused of snapping photo of victim and posting it on the web to hinder pedophile case against Prominent Orthodox leader Nechemya Weberman

Meet Lemon Juice of Brooklyn, NY.  He is Hasidim worshiper presently accused of snapping a shot of a 17-year-old victim in court during trial investigating pedophilia at the hands of Prominent Orthodox leader Nechemya Weberman.  All in an attempt at intimidating and hindering the witness in a case where suspected acts have already been identified.

Sound like a holy man and devout worshiper to you?

‘To each their own’ has been our general rule when it comes to religion.  We ain’t regressing back to it ourselves but far be it from us to tell others how to interpret a book written by men.

But we can say that we have always disliked those who hide behind their religion and purport a self-righteous pious stance.

This act, to us, is right up there with politicos who tout a Family Values stance while they do the do in bathroom stalls and/or demand their mistresses abort the product of their indiscretion.

Religious fervor, as with Family Values, comes to pass being deeply based in bullshit.  But to each their own.

Juice however is a whole-nother level of scum.

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Paula Broadwell: Four Star Adulterers

Writer Paula Broadwell and Gen. David Petraeus currently grip a nation with their extra-marital liaison.

The wayward acts of married scribe Paula Broadwell – biographer of four-star general and now ex-CIA Director David Petraeus’ “All In: The Education of Gen. David Petraeus” – are everywhere.

And our simple-mindedness wonders how is it that time and again the extra-marital affairs of some tramp with an aged poon-hound in a position of authority and/or power manages to grip a nation so tightly.

Seriously, it’s as if this woman were privy to the secret of performing Penis Captivus! 

Newsflash:  She isn’t the first & assuredly wont be the last.

Sure, we understand that as Broadwell was literally taking him “All In” she was afforded the opportunity of procuring sensitive materials that she may not have otherwise been privy to extract while she was extracting, but that assuredly should be a private investigation as opposed to making it front-page fodder.

And, if she may have possibly obtained classified intel during her time taking him All In, than why give her a green light to such intimate proximity with one holding such material?  There are pictures of her on a jet with him for fuck sake!  Mile high anyone?  (We told you we were simple!)

Now y’all know this story will be going for quite sometime.  Cuz, well, you know for sure its more important than Hurricane Sandy’s destruction of a coast-line, the debt-crisis or actually having politicos work at fixing the countries persistent problems.

But let’s be frank, we can’t wholeheartedly blame the powers that be – Networks are in it to sell advertisement time and manipulate what holds your attention.

The real fault lies with the dumbass public who hangs on every trifling tid-bit that is newly “uncovered” of the liaison and its goings on as opposed to notifying the networks and Washington of a desire to handle this matter swiftly and efficiently and get back to real pressing problems.

We don’t mind tell the CIA, FBI, White House, CNN, MSNBC, The Times – et al – that we don’t give a ripe good fuck about what these two did unless there is a sex tape to accompany it for our review.

And as there has been non uncovered, please exercise some tact and quit the bullshit developing story alerts!

We cannot display this gallery

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