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Paula Broadwell: Four Star Adulterers

Writer Paula Broadwell and Gen. David Petraeus currently grip a nation with their extra-marital liaison.

The wayward acts of married scribe Paula Broadwell – biographer of four-star general and now ex-CIA Director David Petraeus’ “All In: The Education of Gen. David Petraeus” – are everywhere.

And our simple-mindedness wonders how is it that time and again the extra-marital affairs of some tramp with an aged poon-hound in a position of authority and/or power manages to grip a nation so tightly.

Seriously, it’s as if this woman were privy to the secret of performing Penis Captivus! 

Newsflash:  She isn’t the first & assuredly wont be the last.

Sure, we understand that as Broadwell was literally taking him “All In” she was afforded the opportunity of procuring sensitive materials that she may not have otherwise been privy to extract while she was extracting, but that assuredly should be a private investigation as opposed to making it front-page fodder.

And, if she may have possibly obtained classified intel during her time taking him All In, than why give her a green light to such intimate proximity with one holding such material?  There are pictures of her on a jet with him for fuck sake!  Mile high anyone?  (We told you we were simple!)

Now y’all know this story will be going for quite sometime.  Cuz, well, you know for sure its more important than Hurricane Sandy’s destruction of a coast-line, the debt-crisis or actually having politicos work at fixing the countries persistent problems.

But let’s be frank, we can’t wholeheartedly blame the powers that be – Networks are in it to sell advertisement time and manipulate what holds your attention.

The real fault lies with the dumbass public who hangs on every trifling tid-bit that is newly “uncovered” of the liaison and its goings on as opposed to notifying the networks and Washington of a desire to handle this matter swiftly and efficiently and get back to real pressing problems.

We don’t mind tell the CIA, FBI, White House, CNN, MSNBC, The Times – et al – that we don’t give a ripe good fuck about what these two did unless there is a sex tape to accompany it for our review.

And as there has been non uncovered, please exercise some tact and quit the bullshit developing story alerts!

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Barack Obama: Message From Your Constituent

President Obama delivers re-election speech in his home-base of Chicago on November 6, 2012.

We have expressed our relief at President Obama defeating the double-talks of ex-Governor Romney.  It should rightly feel like a win over the 1%, for many across the USA, as that man sleeps on $$$.  But one win does not problem erase make.  That’s for damn sure.  This very sentiment, in as much, was poignantly addressed in a moving acknowledgement speech live from Chicago.

And now that the position has been secured we thought we would share a message from our dear Dive Master Mashak with our re-elected leader – a sentiment of the people of these here United States as it were.


Dear President Obama:

We are happy that you have been re-elected for four more years.

We worked diligently to remove every obstacle we could see. To that end, we are partners with you in this success.

Your first term was marred by the fetid, lingering odor of the former regime: epic economic downturn, and stiff-necked obstructionism. We understand the difficultly one might face as a President to engage and inspire with such conditions extant; a notch short of anarchy…

Today has a different outlook!

Put it down hard and fast my brother and let’s, together, make this country the place it ought to be: Strong families, strong education, and an optimism for the future!

The haters are gonna stay haters, we will never get their support. Time is now and the place is here that we take our stance and build that legacy; “That we may tell it to generations following!”

Well, we couldn’t have scribed that better ourselves – at least so eloquently.  So Bravo to you Mashak.  You hit that mark on your first try and Romney should’ve come to you long ago for how-to tutorials on getting to the straight of it.

As for the Networks – well – CNN pointed to the very fact, during their Election 2012 results last night – how voting across the country pointed to a very divided sentiment between the Red & Blue.  Hardly a new phenom, one would say…  But one that, hopefully, we can, for once, overcome and steadfastly do as our leader called for in working not for politics sake but for the sake of the people that put those politicians in their very cushy posts.

Lets (try) to move forward!

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Barack Obama: Four More Years Forward!

Seen through a wire screen, President Barack Obama conducts a conference call to update New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo and other New York officials on the ongoing federal government response to Hurricane Sandy, Nov. 1, 2012. The President made the call backstage at the University of Colorado in Boulder. (Official White House Photo by Pete Souza)

We can’t begin to express the relief showering upon us presently!  Barack Obama has won his re-election bid, guaranteeing us FOR MORE YEARS to move the country out of the mess Bush dug the country into!

This is better than our first orgasm.  And certainly will have a longer duration.  Cuz thinking back on that moment, all those years back, it was like it came and went!  Although to our own defense we did have an immeasurable recycling resilience.

Word is the Romney is not ready to concede defeat – as if that is of any surprise.

We personally hate it when folks don’t know to acknowledge when the party is over and its time for them to take their raggedy ass back to their compound to further plan changes to their annual and personally shifted Olympics!


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Election Day 2012: Everyone Poops But One Smells Better!

Zoe sends voters a message: Everyone Poops! But y’all need pay attention to who’s poop is wretched!

The ole adage “out of the mouths of babes” has never been stronger than today with this here photo of cutey-petuty Zoe Sophie on Election Day 2012 proclaiming:   “Everyone Poops!” She is not only a beauty but a smart little cookie that one is!  The question is, in all sincerity, who’s poop is just simply wretched!

Ain’t little surprise to y’all that we are Team Obama.  That man has steadfastly fought an uphill battle of partisan politics in Washington – at times in the face of his own party.  But as his beautiful wife so eloquently stated in Des Moines last night, he’s “never waivered.”

But that is not to say that we wouldn’t pay attention to a Republican candidate who came along shooting straight from the hip.  We like to keep options available.

Romney, however, ain’t him!

Shape-shifter that he is, we have watched him, time and again, brush his aforementioned statements under a convenient rug as he panders to a people who deserve better but, should he be elected, will likely be the ones made to sweep up and swallow said lies.  With no sign of shame for for the fib he is selling.

The NY Times, being the high-brow folks they are, broke it down nicely:

“PolitiFact has chronicled 19 “pants on fire” lies by Mr. Romney and 7 by Mr. Obama since 2007, but Mr. Romney’s whoppers have been qualitatively far worse: the “apology tour,” the “government takeover of health care,” the “$4,000 tax hike on middle class families,” the gutting of welfare-to-work rules, the shipment by Chrysler of jobs from Ohio to China. Said one of his pollsters, Neil Newhouse, “We’re not going to let our campaign be dictated by fact checkers.”

To be sure, the Obama campaign has certainly had its own share of dissembling and distortion, including about Mr. Romney’s positions on abortion and foreign aid. But nothing in it — or in past campaigns, for that matter — has equaled the efforts of the Romney campaign in this realm. Its fundamental disdain for facts is something wholly new.”

So you see!  Zoe Sophie is right, at her tender age.  We all poop. But here is a concise totaling of who’s poop is stacked the highest!

Well today is that day to take it to the polls.

So we urge y’all to vote – wisely – & do your math.  For us?  We personally gear to brave the cold frost hitting NY to do as we preach to y’all.

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Aremio Solis: Busted in Florida Pedophile Sting

BUSTED: Iraq War Vet & Army Reservist Aremio Solis 1 of 50 arrested in Pedophile Florida Sting

This is far from pretty.  Iraq war veteran and Army Reservist Aremio Solis has been named as one of 50 busted in a pedophile sting in Central Florida dubbed Operation SpiderWeb 2, reports state.  Solis, 31, allegedly answered an online ad for “fun” with a thirteen year-old girl and, after exchanging text messages, visited a pre-agreed upon address only to find Police officers at the ready!

And of course the story gets prettier.

The age range of the gang of perves range from 18 to 50!

On the flip side…  Solis, above pictured in a released mugshot and his bodybuilding social network page, has a slamming body and will, in all likelihood, be a hot commodity in prison. Read the rest of this entry »

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Obama vs Romney: Four More Years!

President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney Square Off in The 2nd of 3 Presidential Debates – Held in NY.

Keeping with a political tone, we dutifully stayed out asses glued to our laptop to catch the 2nd (of 3) Obama vs Romney presidential debates.  We did this, in large part, to see how our president would tackle a man with so many character and political flaws that it begged the question of why he is still in the running.  But we are all too familiar with there being no actual shame in political arenas.  And dumb-ass is ambitious if nothing else.

We can’t say that Obama disappointed – and handled himself with respect and tact – but we were still left with the deeply rooted desire that someone – anyone at last nights debate – simply confronted Romney with a basic question of “tell us what the breakdown of your plan entails” instead of the rhetoric of repeated catch phrases he seems so good at.

Criticizing is to be expected but please follow it up with something better – in detail – is our position.

But there were points to marvel at.  Like, for example, we especially love how post his video debacle where he wrote off 47% of Americans as needy hand-out wanting lazy asses, he now cares about everybody equally.  Wow!

Must be that Mormonism.

We also loved Obama’s quip on the portfolio jab…  For sure Obama’s isn’t as big as Romney’s but daresay that is likely the only large member Romney has.

We are still left with the desire that our present Commander in Chief would throw away his tact and diplomacy and would turn and shut Romney down and reduce him to the level he ought to be brought down to!

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Rosie Perez: Mitt Romney Latino Statement Response

Rosie Perez takes on Mitt Romney’s attack on Latino voters.

We try not tackling politics on folks.  It’s dull and nothing more than a elongated four letter word.  And, why use longer expletives than needed?  There is also the general practice of bias by folks.  We find that people are going to support a candidate within their party and hell to the evidence of wrongs or character flaws there be looking them in the face.  Like take Mitt Romney for example.  The man has all but sworn his looking down at 47% of Americans as nothing more than lazy non-willing to work poor-is-me takers and yet there are those who would march their way on their knees over jagged cement to support his privileged ass..

Say nothing of his Mexican sneers.  But we betcha their are a slew of Latinos still willing to cast a vote for the well-to-do wanna-be president.  Cuz, well, you know, Romney will share the wealth and see them as exceptions to the rest of em…

News flash for those Latinos:  He isn’t going to share it with y’all, nor is he going to let you become a member of his elitist club!  Stop it already, dumb-asses.

It’s a twisted version of tunnel vision – the support any one party member shows for their identified candidate that is – or selective vision, as we prefer to say…  Sad but wholeheartedly true.

We will however make an exception with this here Rosie Perez response to Mitt Romney’s suggestion of it being easier for a Latino.  Cuz y’all know how we grow cash out back alongside those Avocado plants. And most Latino’s have someone sitting at a desk ready to sign that check so their kid can schlep off to Harvard, they just chose not to go cuz what would be the point in taking that opportunity.

Try as we might, however, we couldn’t possibly do it the justice girlfriend uses to break it down so beautifully for the masses.  So we won’t even try any further.  But we couldn’t pass on the opportunity of mixing up the celebrity content – say nothing of the NSFW material – on here with a some sass from a true ass Puerto Rican..

So it is with this sentiment in mind that we give the floor to Ms. Perez of the Bronx, NY.

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Rupert Everett: Death Threats for Anti-Gay Parenting Statements

Rupert Everett receives hate mail & alleged death threats for anti-gay parenting statements.

Reformed one-time escort now aging British actor Rupert Everett, 53, is reportedly receiving death threats as a result of recent statements made against gay parenting during an interview with The Sunday Times.  And if you are now wondering what could be so extreme a statement as to warrant a death threat…  Well, here you go…  The one-time A-lister stated that he can’t think of “anything worse than being brought up by two gay dads,”  adding that gay men don’t “make good parents.”

That’s a way harsh judgement by the onetime hustler turned model, turned actor, turned writer – that order may not be right…  No matter, it’s the statements that are the focus here.

“I’ve now had all this hate mail, and there have been death threats too,” Britain’s Daily Telegraph quotes Madonna’s one-time sidekick as stating during a luncheon promoting his latest memoir entry “Vanished Years.”

We wonder if the title has anything to do or relate to his acting career…?  We mean that metaphorically!

Needless to say that we will not be purchasing the new release.  We have loved his acting prowess and can only imagine that he was worth every British sterling for a shag…  But we will opt for Rowling’s latest entry instead.

We happened on spotting Everett last we visited Mykonos and marveled at how unhappy he seemed while on a picturesque island off the coast of Greece.  We thought it not possible.  Spotting him on the streets of NYC, which we have also experienced, is one thing, but Greece?  C’est pas possible!

But at this juncture and with his never-ending diarrhea of distasteful comments we have concluded that it matters not where Everett finds himself – his unhappiness comes within.  That’s a deeply rooted festering toxin right there.

Sadly, We think Everett will not know the smiles & laughter a child can bring to folks.  We personally would cut his nut-sack off if it meant having one of our own.  Nor will he know beauty again as, with pushing 60, his vamp days are behind him.

And to think this all stemmed from some reference about his Mumsy still wanting him to marry.  Wow!

So his end will be likely one of a working title along the lines of A Bitter Queen Who Once Was…

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Innocence Of Muslims: Short Movie Sparks Alleged Muslim Outrage

Innocence of Muslims short film sparks alleged riots in Syria.

Behold!  The short film Innocence of Muslims (Mohammed: Prophet of the Muslims) which is allegedly being attributed to having sparked riots and the murdering of four U.S. Diplomats in Libya.

We were so curious as to what could be so incendiary as to be at the ground root of such heinous actions that we had to go and pull the youtube clip before it is wiped away.  And yes, we did sit through the trifling material first.

Offensive?  Certainly appears to be its core message.

But what we are left really pondering is where the hell did $5 million go in the making of this garage made home-movie.  For real!

Assuredly someone, and by that we mean the alleged “investors”, got seriously jipped.  Cuz this is some hand-held non-sense, not worthy of a film student creation anywhere.

Of course we don’t attribute the likes of this here shabby attempt at cinematography as the root of the present uprising – those folks don’t rightly need to much of a push to point their finger to the West and burn the American flag.  But why would anyone want to go and give them apparent cause is the real question.

52-year-old writer, director and producer, Sam Bacile – if we are to call him that…, is quoted as stating that he “wanted to showcase his view of Islam as a hateful religion.”

We’d say he managed to bypass that and just be downright insulting.  Oddly enough Jews get riled up over any statement directed at their views.  So why would you need to go and insult a people who don’t have capacity of being objective.

“Islam is a cancer,” he is said to have added in a telephone interview. “The movie is a political movie. It’s not a religious movie.”

Wrong again Mr. In-Bacile!  For additional coverage on this topic click here.

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Uganda Gay Pride Parade Debut

In the face of extreme retribution Uganda’s 1st ever gay pride parade takes place.

We love defiance.  It’s what takes place in the face of odds often times bigger than you.  You know the repercussions are a stones throw away but you push thru and march on anyway.  This above Amnesty International photo handout proclaiming Uganda’s gay populace making history by endeavoring in their 1st ever gay pride march would top the listing of acts of defiance.  It also serves, for us, a humbling piece of pie.

We are often asked why we don’t par-take in gay pride parades & the likes.  And we always respond the same…  We are gay everyday.  It’s true, can’t help it.  And we have always been perfectly at ease with walking out our door in a skirt, should the dress code deem it fashionable, in-spite of assured disapproving reactions.  As such, we have always felt that we don’t need a parade to mark some sense of pride or affirmation for who and what we are.  But we would never denounce anyone, or lessen its meaning, for the millions of dutiful participants.

But this act by Ugandans is more than a simple parade – something we dutifully admit we likely take for granted given our disdain for crowds and being stepped on.  This march is bigger than what it translates to for the dozens of other cities that put on such fetes – Berlin, Amsterdam, NYC, Los Angeles, Madrid, et al.  This is an uprising by an oppressed minority who face extreme retribution.  And for such they deserve our support and accolades.

So as such we yell bravo and bid our Ugandan brethren a deeply felt happy pride!  We’d totally make an exception and walk with pride with y’all.

For additional material on the festivities check The Advocates posting.

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