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Rachel Maddow: Government Hypocrisy Review

MSNBC's Rachel Maddow Reviews the Political Hypocrisy Workings

There are many reasons why I am not politically involved.  Most of which can be found in exhaustive lengths in Rachel Maddow’s MSNBC detailed political review of the duplicitous workings of elected American officials.  

I have to tell you that it is painful to watch – not only because it is of a political nature (which one generally has so much merde to shovel thru,) but because it is itemized with official and factual evidence.

News that politicians can generally be described with an expletive is no surprise – fuckers! is my favorite – but even if you already knew or thought something like this, it doesn’t make watching it any easier. 

To have the American political inner bullshit workings that is a daily practice researched and layed out for you is just cruel!

No, actually it’s downright fucking sad!

I know that it isn’t as simple as Maddow so insightfully explains.  Bullshit never is – it always has a multitude of layers.  You just know that Democrats are far from exempt from this practice, it just appears as if they are the want-to-be good guys presently.   

Assuredly this is just the tip of frozen over pile of shit that comprises our government.  And some folks wonder why so many Americans are apathetic…  It’s just politics.

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