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Demi Moore: 9-1-1 Call Believed A Result of K2 Spice

Demi Moore allegedly smoked "something like incense" 9-1-1 caller explains

Celebrity seems to come with a whole special type of stupid act style shit.  Case and point: Demi Moore’s recent rush to the ER after a frantic 9-1-1 call where a description of what she inhaled was given over the phone to the dispatcher, reports Radar Online.

“She smoked something, it’s not marijuana, it’s similar to incense. She seems to be having convulsions,” the caller explains.

Well, for starters, doesn’t this fucker know you don’t go stating such shit on a call that is, in all likelihood, being recorded?  Dumbass.  Throw her ass in a car & hightail yourselves over to the hospital!

Secondly, why would anyone need to smoke something “similar to incense” in a state that has medicinal cannabis stores readily available?  More dumbasses.

It is speculated that what Ms. Moore may have smoked is a designer herb called K2 Spice. It is described as “currently legal herbal incense product spiked with powerful designer drugs” that don’t show up in tests, according to WebMD,” explains Radar.

Well we can begrudgingly see the allure – DOESN’T SHOW UP IN TESTS!

We know Hollywood types tend to be extreme and, above that, catered to on their every whim, without those around them feeling any need to exercise a voice of reason, less they get themselves ousted from their cushy do nothing jobs.  Self-preservation at its worse!  But this just takes a big ole slice of the fucking cake.

Dearest angel Demi, yes, your marriage to that boy Kutcher ended in a haz-mat of public scrutiny.  But c’est la vie cherrie!  You’ve had enough work done that you can get a boy-toy delivered – at any time.  And likely one with more let-me-please-you sentiment than a steadfast up-the-food-chain-of-business-man Ashton Kutcher type.  It ain’t worth going all clinical from loosing it. Pretty is as pretty does and his philandering wasn’t all that pretty.


Take a moment and regroup, perhaps take your toned ass over to Spain, France or Germany and get yourself situated.  Leave the BS of La-La-Land right where it is now and go on an adventure, you will still have an agent, a publicist and a whole bunch of flacks when you decide to return.

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Mary Hamer: Joran Van Der Sloot Guardian Lunatic

Mary Hamer defends her support of confessed killer Joran van der Sloot on Anderson Cooper

Ordinarily we don’t comment on the rules of attraction of other folks, regardless of how wayward they may seem.  Who are we to judge is our official position.  But Mary Hamer’s self designated sponsoring of confessed Dutch killer Joran van der Sloot is simply too much to withstand.  To put it simply, this bitch is out of control!

In an upcoming Anderson Cooper interview, exclusively excerpted at Radar Online, Hamer righteously and adamantly appears to defend the confessed killer who is now sentenced to 28 years in a Peruvian prison, likening him to that of Gandhi and MLK!  No, seriously y’all.

We would go the route of Hitler, but who are we to judge…

If we weren’t otherwise bemused by the apparent conviction and moral stance depicted in the video, we would swear Ms. Thing has visited one too many Dutch coffee shop in her time and is now suffering from uncontrolled flash-backs of an unsavory kind.

It’s not enough that reports have the Florida native shelling out tens of thousands of her own $$$ to fund Sloot’s mounting legal costs, medical attention and subsequent appeal.  But now she wants to take to a public soap-box and preach his innocence although he has reportedly confessed in great detail.

And to hear her say it, this has nothing to do with personal sexual proclivities!  Although she readily admits to welcoming him into her home as a peace treaty of sorts.

We, personally, love the uncut and uncensored variations of The Netherlands – yum and tasty they are – but we would personally advise her to redirect her focus towards a less psychotic sort of youngens.

Unlike an individual who, in all likelihood off’ed that pretty blond teen in Aruba not too many years back and walked scott-free only to be caught on hidden camera in his native land confessing to it sometime later.

But dare we also say that if that is what she truly wants, then she should, by all means, get whats coming to her – beach-side.

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Jonathan Manfre: The Unit is Charged With Fellony K Possession

Jonathan "The Unit" Manfre and Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino

DRAMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  If there is one thing those messy Jersey Shore children can do is party hard!  But apparently its not just with bottom shelf liquor.  Oh No!  Those MF”ers go at it like farm animals.  The gang of the famed MTV New Jersey based “reality” gig appear to have themselves a special heavy hitter style user in their midst, reports Radar Online.  Jonathan “The Unit” Manfre, who touts himself as one buff -assed tight bodied trainer to cast member Mike Sorrentino – skin tight he is – has now been indicted on his Summer 2011 arrest for possession of a “powdery like substance” outside the house of debauchery.

NJ Police investigators now claim lab results indicate the substance resulted as allegedly being determined to be non-other than the horse tranquilizer club drug Ketamine, or Special K, a class third degree felony.  The indictment comes with a possible 3 to 5 year sentence if found guilty.


We wonder, if convicted – not likely as “celebrity” never sees civilian results –  if MTV will look to throw Manfre his own spin-off.  Perhaps they could even call it Hard Bottom Unit!

Has a catchy ring to it, no?

It would certainly be an appropriate title, all components considered, we think.  Cuz you know with a body like that the brothers won’t even wait for him to drop the soap.  Hell if they wouldn’t be clambering for a first crack of that fine piece!

And damn if a scene with him on all fours, back arched, knees shoulder width apart, readied for a downward dog move, wouldn’t be the hottest visual EVER!  Stretch it out…

Manfre’s case is scheduled for a January 10th court date – although the man of the hour is not expected to appear.


We can’t help but wonder how an indictment of this severity does not require him to appear before the judge?  Or how there isn’t a mugshot for the supporting cast member.  And this all in a state that gloated over admitting practicing racial profiling.

Doesn’t seem kosher.

That’s MTV pull for you!

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