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Shaun Woolford: Beaten to Death By Ex-Beau

Fifth Avenue hairdresser Shaun Woolford died from injuries caused by blunt force trauma to the head in Brooklyn, NY.

We often hear of not so pretty stories involving an ex-beau, husband, lover, baby-daddy etc, that flies off the handle and, in a fit of rage attacks.  The result is seldom pretty and always leaves us wondering WTF!  This is one of those times.

Devineil Brown is accused of having visited his ex-beau Shaun Woolford of five years and delivering blunt-force trauma to his head resulting in death.

No word yet as to what initiated the violent outburst.

It gets prettier.  Dumbass Brown then allegedly knocked on a neighbors’ door and delivered a revised version of the alleged incident to a 911 operator to the tune of having arrived and finding Woolford laying on the floor.

Reports have Brown cracking under questioning a short time later.

And we are still left wondering WTF?

Sure, we have a friend down South who once hit an ex-military-lover over the head with a frying pan and knocked his ass out after the dude up and got all hands-on beat down with him.  But that dude lived and they have never been in touch again.

That’s the proper protocol.

But why is it that some folks can’t part and go on about their business…?  Why is it that folks – gay or straight – can’t reconcile themselves with the fact that relationships end.  Stories don’t always have a happy ending.  Disney is a myth!

And generally speaking, having further interactions with someone you once shared a lil-something-sumthing with, regardless of the length of time, doesn’t require further communications once it is done.

Move the fuck on.  Erase their number.  Redirect your focus elsewhere.  There are other pieces of ass to be experienced.  Ain’t no piece that good!

Well, in the case of Brown, he will get lots more to choose from when he is sent away.  Assuredly that ass will get passed around the Block, with little opportunity to protest.

On a side note, Woolford’s ink bares an awful-likeness to those sported by rapper Eve…  Hmmmm.

Photo of Devineil Brown. Brown is accused of allegedly killing his ex-beau in Brooklyn, NY.

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Homegirl Takes on Trannies Sex Life

Out firm position on any relationship topic resides in ‘live and mind your own fucking business.’  Nuff said.  We got our own problems in this department and we don’t seem to be making a bit of progress in resolving them any – feel free to drop your suggestions at your leisure – so who are we to address the goings on between two consenting adults.

No one, that’s who we be!

But clearly this isn’t the average position for the masses.  Case and point: as we scoured around looking for a posting today, given that we have been remiss on the celeb front – again, couple your complaints with suggestions at will – we came on this here video of a round the way homegirl addressing topics clearly way above her intellect.  Namely, classification of a “heterosexual” man interested in and/or romantically involved with a transsexual male to female.

We ain’t judging homegirl.  Not in the least.  We are simply making an observation on her muddling thru a topic that is WAY above anyone not fully versed in common sense.

For us, well, you like who you like and if they like you back that is the end.  Just call us simple!  But entertaining the video remains.

The realization proclaimed at the 2:40 mark is too much for words really.  “I don know – shit – thats some confusing ass shit,” she states.  For real, y’all.

In homegirl’s defense, she ultimately realizes that it “makes him man enough to accept” what he is involved with.  I had my doubts she woud get there but she did.  Kudos.

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