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Oscar de la Renta: Dead at 82

oscardelarenta-rip2Dominican fashion legend Oscar de la Renta has passed away at the age of 82, reports state.  The famed designer got his start as an apprentice at Balenciaga in Paris after moving to Spain to study painting.  He went on to build his own brand and not only dressed the ‘ladies who lunch’ crowd but celebrities around the world.

De la Renta is believed to have been battling cancer for some years. Read the rest of this entry »

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Lauren Bacall: Legend Dies at 89

Lauren Bacall dies at 89

Lauren Bacall dies at 89

Legendary beauty and OSCAR winner, actress Lauren Bacall, born Betty Joan Perske – pictured right at the 2008 Australia premiere at Ziegfeld Theater – has died at the age of 89-years-old, reports state.

Bacall, a Brooklyn native, passed after suffering a massive stroke at her home.  She is survived by her three children. Read the rest of this entry »

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Robin Williams: Dead at 63-Years-Old

Actor Robin Williams is found dead in his home at the age of 63.

Actor Robin Williams is found dead in his home at the age of 63.

Funny man Robin Williams has been found dead of an apparent suicide, reports state.  Marin County Police said the 63-year-old star of such hit films like Goodwill Hunting, Mrs. Doubtfire and Dead Poet Society was pronounced dead at his home after they responded to an emergency call. Read the rest of this entry »

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Shirley Temple: Dies at 85

Good Ship Lollipop singer and actress Shirley Temple dies at the age of 85

Good Ship Lollipop singer and actress Shirley Temple dies at the age of 85

One time child star, youngest OSCAR winner and mother of the term Shirley Temple curls has passed away at the age of 85, reports state.  Temple toe-tapped and twirled on screen for 1930’s movie going audiences and was a darling the world over.   Read the rest of this entry »

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Phillip Seymour Hoffman: Found Dead of Apparent Overdose

Phillip Seymour Hoffman photographed on the set of God's Pocket which he serves as producer as well as co-star.

Phillip Seymour Hoffman photographed on the set of God’s Pocket which he serves as producer as well as co-star.

OSCAR winning actor – celebrated on stage and screen – Phillip “Hows It Peeping” Seymour Hoffman, 46, has died of an apparent drug overdose, reports state.  The body is said to have been found by a friend of the West Village resident in his apartment over the weekend.

We last caught a glimpse of the tempermental talent while on the set of God’s Pocket – which he not only costarred in alongside Christina Hendricks and Caleb Landry Jones but also served as a producer.   Read the rest of this entry »

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Tyrese Gibson: Cries At Paul Walker Crash Site

Exclusive:  Fast & Furious actor Tyrese Gibson photographed waiting on his SUV on 6th Ave in NYC

Exclusive: Fast & Furious actor Tyrese Gibson photographed waiting on his SUV on 6th Ave in NYC

Actor Tyrese Gibson visited the Paul Walker crash site memorial erected by fans and was overwrought with emotion as he reflected on the death of his Fast and Furious costar buddy a video shows.

Read the rest of this entry »

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Whitney Houston: Dead at 48

This is truly a sad ending to a long and drawn out public downward spiral.  One time pop sensation Whitney Houston has been found dead at the Beverly Hilton Hotel by her bodyguard this afternoon, state Beverly Hills Police.

Last photo of the troubled singer, taken this past Thursday as she exited Tru night club in Hollywood, depict her looking like a ripe mess albeit alive.

Although the world knew that the one time voice which belted out of the Clive Davis creation was gone and nothing but a memory, her expected return to the big screen in “Sparkle,” opposite Jordan Sparks and Mike Epps, was highly anticipated.

Ironically the upcoming film deals with fame and drugs.

The loss of Whitney Houston comes on the tail end of her fans having already mourned the loss of one of the greatest and most impactful voices of our time.

Her recordings will stand tantamount to her one-time vocal prowess and her life will be a cautionary tale of the hazards of uncontrolled drug use.

RIP Whitney.

We will leave y’all to mourn in your own fashion and share these two videos, showing two very different Whitney.

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Anna Nicole Smith: Bahamian Grave Visit

Anna Nicole Smith grave site in Nassau, Bahamas

Nassau, Bahamas is a hotspot for jetsetters from around the globe.  Sir Sean Connery is a permanent resident, Johnny Depp has his boat docked there, Shakira owns real estate and frequents the island and Javier Bardem visits with wife Penelope Cruz.  It also happens on being the final resting place for pop-icon Anna Nicole Smith and her son Daniel Wayne Smith.  A sad ending to a troubled existence, one which, we feel, has left a void in present day pop-culture.

And no, we don’t think Britney’s anst are of merit!  That troll may be an unwielding weed but she ain’t no Anna Nicole!

Truth is Anna brought a-whole-nother level of crazy when she popped up.  Inciting near riots with fans and paps alike.  Never mind that paps would step over themselves for a shot at a turtle crawl if it were to be deemed news – with Anna, it became like she was a cold drink of water to a desserted man!

True that. 

On the tail end of the Huffington Post reporting on The Today Show’s Anna Nicole Smith’s daughter DanielLynn tribute – originally airing earlier in the year – to fill air time during a slow news day no doubt – we were forced to think of the controversial beauty and how it all came to end so disastrously. 

It was also eery that we had just visited her grave during our Bahamas holiday.

We prefer to think on Anna Nicole as the stunner that she was and chose to leave her daughter alone.  That little one has had enough drama.  We would petition that The Today Show and HuffPo & the rest of em do the same & let that child just be.  May she rest in peace.

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Jamey Rodemeyer: Teen Suicide as a Result of Gay Bullying

Jamey Rodemeyer, 14, commits suicide after years of gay bullying in Buffalo, NY

This is no way to start a day.  A FB friend brought this sad bit of news, posted by Towleroad, to our attention and we are still unsettled by how the story ends.  Jamey Rodemeyer, 14, of Buffalo, NY, committed suicide on Sunday, September 18th after what news coverage and his parents describe as years of gay bullying at his school.

Buffalo News reports that shortly after returning home from a family camping trip, the tortured teen was found dead outside his home of an apparent suicide after weeks of posting what appear to be cries for help.

We are deeply affected by what the acts suggest for us.  More so affected by the thought that this is an environment monitored by adults and educators entrusted with young minds of all backgrounds and orientations.  And ultimately we are heartbroken that Jamey reached a point where suicide appeared as his only way to end the taunts, slurs and epithets.

Most touching is Jamey’s self-posted “It Get’s Better” YouTube video where he addresses his experience and resoundingly attempts to hold on to the message that It Gets Better.  Sadly, for him, he wouldn’t reach a point where he realizes that it does…

This shouldn’t happen in NY State!  Or anywhere else for that matter.  It is reprehensible that bullying continues unaddressed by some, excused by others and unpunished by our present hillbilly legislators.

To pay your respects to Jamey’s memory and his parents please visit:!/pages/Rest-in-Peace-Jamey-Rodemeyer/250495344994144

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Andy Whitfield: Gladiator Looses Hodgkin Lymphoma Battle

Spartacus Himself - Andy Whitfield, at the NY Premiere

In truly sad news, Andy Whittfield, 39, best known for his role in the Starz hit “Spartacus,” died on Sunday – Sept 11th, of Hodgkin Lymphoma, reports USA Today.  The series catapulted the relatively unknown Down Under Sydney native to international drooling attention.

Whittfield battled the illness for 18 months before losing his battle against the disease.

Vashti Whittfield, in a released statement, said he died “on a sunny Sydney day…”  in the “arms of his loving wife.”

We not only attended the NYC premiere of the show but are huge fans of the Roman themed testosterone fueled spectacle that is “Spartacus: Blood and Sand,” which also stars John Hannah and Lucy Lawless.

Word from the network is that Whittfield will be replaced by fellow Australian actor, Liam McIntyre, USA reports.

Hopefully Starz will honor Whittfield’s immense contributions to the widely successful show and not simply attempt to wash away his arduous work.

Our untraditional prayers are with his family.

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