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Gilbert H. Stafford: God Speed


Gilbert Henry Stafford: 1952 /2009 RIP

To say that Gilbert Henry Stafford was a force would be an outrageous understatement.  From NY to Miami and Los Angeles – Gilbert was the quintessential go-to gate-keeper of a club door.  And if he worked the door you knew it was a place to go!

Smart, witty, fashionable and the voice of riveting entertainment whether at the dinner table with friends and their family in the suburbs or at a sidewalk cafe in the middle of the morning – he was always the perfect company.  A man of many talents including never forgetting a face or a name, who considered no one a stranger.  And he knew, appreciated and celebrated drama in all its incarnations. 

I am saddened to learn that on New Years he packed up and headed off to work the velvet rope at the golden gates we all want to enter – but at least my ass now knows I shall not have to be made to wait and will be greeted by a friend.

I would say R.I.P but I know for Gilbert this isn’t an end but more of a promotion to the unltimate velvet rope.  God speed, my friend.


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