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Ryan Idol: Attempted Murder Conviction

Marc Anthony Donais, aka Ryan Idol, faces 15 yrs in prison for attempted murder of ex-girlfriend

Playgirl centerfold and 90’s porn star Marc Anthony Donais, aka as Ryan Idol, 45, was convicted of attempted murder with a toilet seat of his unidentified girlfriend, reports The Daily News and The Edge.  You may recall some of his flicks like “Idol in The Sky,” Idol Country” and “Idol Worship.”  If not, you may recall how he fell out of a third story window in NYC in 1998, reportedly due to drugs and alcohol.

Idol, or Donais – whichever name you now wish to refer to his as, partially left porn behind and redirected onto the Broadway and off-Broadway stages appearing in “Making Porn” and then Terrence McNally’s “The Ritz,” alongside Rosie Perez.

What he appears to have not left behind was his dumbass behavior.

Idol was accused of visiting his ex-girlfriends’ home and telling her that he “wanted to kill her,” stated the defendant on the witness stand.  Police reports list that Idol “battered [her] with a toilet tank lid in her West Sacramento condo on the evening of Sept. 5, 2009 after she had broken up with him.”


Idol was also “found guilty of three other felonies, including battery, asaault with a deadly weapon and corporal injury on a spouse or cohabitant,” AVN reports.  He is presently scheduled to appear in court for sentencing on December 9th and faces up to “15 years in prison.”


One thing is for certain about his imminent future.  His resume will grow from this…  At 45 and given his foray in gay porn he may be soon adding a new role to his creds.  That of a bottom!  Something he never took on in his films.

God speed to Donais.  Perhaps we will see a comeback from this…  Something with a title Idol Prison.

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