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Justin Bieber: Gets Cheeky and Moons Public

Justin Bieber bares his smooth ass on his social networking site.

Justin Bieber bares his smooth ass on his social networking site.

Following talk of twink sugar-pop prince Justin Bieber lighting up and smoking on some of the good stuff comes a self-posted ass photo, via his personal social networking site, which can only be proclaimed as a message to rim his smooth ass!

We didn’t personally catch the shortly thereafter removed photo but thankfully one of our ardent supporters sent us a copy prior to its disappearance.  And for that we are immensely thankful.

Of course adamant detractors screamed from the heavens of the nudes which were “leaked” shortly after the Bieb’s property was stolen.  But we daresay they can’t backtrack on this one!  (We hold steadfast that the previous nudes are real!)

So if you are of the cheap thrills bunch, well, feast on this indisputable tidbit.


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Justin Bieber: NSFW Nudes Surface Post Theft

Justin Bieber joins the celebrity leaked-nudes club!

Twink-a-licious Justin Bieber joins the bevy of celebrity folks with leaked nudes.  And fans rush to decry foul.  But the evidence would suggest authenticity.  Right down to the smooth torso and body art that adorns the Canadian crooner. Read the rest of this entry »

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Carly Rae Jepsen: Alleged Sex Tape Pics Uproar

Video grabs from an alleged “leaked” Carly Rae Jepsen sex tape scandal presently making the rounds.

What’s a sure fire way, present day, of getting that hot piece of ass you keep eying to give you a late night thought and take you up on your incessant solicitation of “call me, maybe?”  Have your personal video depicting you ready to go down on another suitor leaked.  Cuz in this day and age, it’s all about the visual.  And if that doesn’t extend your 15 minutes, well, you better be ready with a backup plan at a drive-thru.  At least that is how it seems to be playing out for Carly Rae Jepsen – singer of that annoying ass song “Call Me, Maybe”.

Let us tell you that when the key words – sex tape and leaked – caught our attention, we weren’t fully sure who the Jepsen chick was…  Our first response was to think perhaps this was Minka Kelly’s pseudonym in her “alleged” sex tape scandal, which incidentally, and all too conveniently, has come forth as she is set to go into filming of some new project…   Hmmmm, you say?

Someone please tell her an actress she ain’t!

But upon closer inspection, and some light researching, we found Jepsen to be the culprit behind that annoying ass song catapulted into global scale by another annoying ass – Justin Bieber.

Our grievances grow by leaps and bounds this early morning…

But wouldn’t it be a sensation if the alleged piece Jepsen was about to perform oral feats on in the video grabs herein depicted was the Biebs himself?  Don’t feign shock!  It could happen…  And it certainly would explain a whole lot.  Now that is a sensation of epic proportions.  And we would assuredly call her, maybe.

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Dominique Strauss-Kahn: Au Revoir

Dominique Strauss-Kahn uses fotog to shield himself from paps

Dominique Strauss-Kahn has dominated the international news for quite sometime with some less than desirable headlines screaming of charges involving a hotel maid and alleged forced sex acts.  Well, those charges which are said to have cost him any prowess politcally, although now dismissed, remain tawdry and damn if we don’t love ourselves some tawdry!

As we have just returned home from our annual respid abroad – we are busy downloading some images as we type – we thought to share this here AP video sent to us by a friend of DSK loading up to embark back to his native land of gay Paris.

The video, shot by the Associated Press, gave us a right good giggle as we fully recognize some of the participants depicted in the throngs of media present bidding the former International Monetary Fund leader au revoir et bon voyage.

Particularly amusing is the clip where he uses our dear friend as a momentary shield, in jest, from a facing pap.

Good move?  Probably not given our wayward mind…

We would break into a whole new tangent diatribe on this act of humor by the repeatedly accused sex-offender (he faces entirely new allegations back home) but we won’t as we have full faith y’all can conjure up your own dialogue for the inappropriately timed act.

As for DSK…  Well, the rape charges may have dropped off on technicalities but the case is far from over for the philandering Parisian.  The maid Nafissatou Diallo is presently pursuing her own monetary reimbursement for her ample services.

We have little doubt that she will bank her own sizeable chunk of the fund!

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Rupert Murdoch: Speaks in Front of Parliament Figures

James and Rupert Murdoch appear before a Paliamentary hearing in the UK

Rupert Murdoch and his son James are presentl appearing before British Parliament figures to get to to the bottom of the phone hacking scandal that is plaguing his company.  A company that employs some 52k folks.  We are riveted by the on-going developments to date.  Including how one wanna-be comedien attacked Murdoch Sr during the hearing – on a live broadcast.  So much for dignified and official…

All bullshit aside, it’s fascinating how the world seems shocked at the idea of “investigative” reporting having reached phone hacking limits.  If only sensationalized by the likes of names like Jude Law and Sienna Miller.

If you run with a ‘get the story’ theme – regardless of the outlet – the tactics used, all tactics, are fair game and presumably expected.  The idea of it is no doubt the brainchild of a little thing called ambition.

News outlets around the world generally make it to a crime scene along with responding personnel – at times before them.  That in and of itself should reaise an eyebrow – at the very least.

Government officials taking bribes – in this case UK Police personnel – is hardly a new phenom, if albeit a wrong one.  Neither is it shocking that a news outlet employs private investigators or pay informants.

Rupert Murdoch may be the CEO of a company but realistically he is one man at the end of a company with 52k employees.  That is a whole lot of folks through which intel is disseminated through.  His position hardly merits being the scapegoat.

We are sure this is hardly the end of the story.  Undoubtedly it will cross the Atlantic – as all UK matters do – and take on a life of its own in the US.  God’s speed to those folks…

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Tiger Paid Top Dollar for his Pride!

Tiger Woods’ libido is all the news of late.  I swear that not a moment goes by where there isn’t one more story of another hooch disclosing his use of her cooch!  The count is around 10 so far….

Case and point: West Coast convicted madame – Michelle Braun, in an interview with the NY Post reveals that she personally supplied Woods with female companions (note the plural use here!).  Apparantly, the Tiger liked to seed two at a time and paid top $$$ for his pride of pussy.

“He liked girl-on-girl,” Braun is quoted as stating. “He had sex with them together.”

Braun goes on to say that her girls thought “that he was just wild and a lot of fun…  and that he was tough to keep up with — days [at] a time, with just being a booze and sex bender.”

Tiger’s tally for his ongoing service allegedly amount to about $60k, Braun says.

I’m sure his pretty European wife Elin Nordegren is seething with the count  that everyday continues to mount and will be out to get her own prorated payment for having been a passenger on that long philandering train of his.

Tiger Woods "Tough to Keep Up With" say Escorts

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