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Hulk Hogan: Butt Ass Nekkid Sex Tape

Hulk Hogan’s sex tape hits the web!

We have never been a fan of the theatrics that are WWF.  Give us real wrestling any day.  Those boys are hot!  But we do know of Hulk Hogan and his colorful family.  We actually thought they were yester-years news but lo-and-behold here is the middle-aged Hulk Hogan – he is 59 and stands at 6.7″ – doing the nasty with some bimbo in a canopy bed.

Be forewarned that this may cause an involuntary upchuck without warning!

Not an endearing performance but looks like he gets down with the get down.

For those of you hard of hearing there is closed-captioning.

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Carly Rae Jepsen: Alleged Sex Tape Pics Uproar

Video grabs from an alleged “leaked” Carly Rae Jepsen sex tape scandal presently making the rounds.

What’s a sure fire way, present day, of getting that hot piece of ass you keep eying to give you a late night thought and take you up on your incessant solicitation of “call me, maybe?”  Have your personal video depicting you ready to go down on another suitor leaked.  Cuz in this day and age, it’s all about the visual.  And if that doesn’t extend your 15 minutes, well, you better be ready with a backup plan at a drive-thru.  At least that is how it seems to be playing out for Carly Rae Jepsen – singer of that annoying ass song “Call Me, Maybe”.

Let us tell you that when the key words – sex tape and leaked – caught our attention, we weren’t fully sure who the Jepsen chick was…  Our first response was to think perhaps this was Minka Kelly’s pseudonym in her “alleged” sex tape scandal, which incidentally, and all too conveniently, has come forth as she is set to go into filming of some new project…   Hmmmm, you say?

Someone please tell her an actress she ain’t!

But upon closer inspection, and some light researching, we found Jepsen to be the culprit behind that annoying ass song catapulted into global scale by another annoying ass – Justin Bieber.

Our grievances grow by leaps and bounds this early morning…

But wouldn’t it be a sensation if the alleged piece Jepsen was about to perform oral feats on in the video grabs herein depicted was the Biebs himself?  Don’t feign shock!  It could happen…  And it certainly would explain a whole lot.  Now that is a sensation of epic proportions.  And we would assuredly call her, maybe.

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Sam Jones III: NSFW Smallville Exposed

Sam Jones III proves the myth has merit

Tom Welling may play Superman’s pre-cape early days but it’s his sidekick Sam Jones III who could easily double as a the man of steel.  Or at least the one packing the nether region correctly.  Brother has dick talent!

And if you doubt such – just a take a peek at his home-made sex tape!

He ain’t shy – that’s for sure!

Of course, he is now readying himself for a stint in jail stemming from a drug bust.  But we don’t think he will be lacking any supply of white meat to keep him thusly entertained.

All in all, he gets tons of time to work on his body and his choice of all that white ass he can handle to pick from…  Not exactly an all too bad predicament to be in…

Lucky fucker!

To see more grabs from the video click here.

Grab of Smallville’s Sam Jones III nude

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