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Porn Sex vs Real Sex: The Numbers

pornvsrealPorn sex vs Real sex don’t generally meet on common grounds.  Although porn is as common nowadays as brushing your teeth in the morning is to the average person the correlation between the two worlds are light years away from each other. Especially true for heterosexuals.  For gays – well – it really can be just like you see it on the screen. Read the rest of this entry »

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Matthew Maleski: Moonlighting Special Ed Teacher

Matthew Maleski keeps hydrated  while taking in some sun.

Matthew Maleski keeps hydrated while taking in some sun.

To a NY’ker, moonlighting is second nature.  Bright lights, big city come at a cost!  Factor in having the commute about town, paying for incidentals and affording a social life and that fucker tallies up with a grand total reading: It Ain’t Cheap, bitch!  Say nothing of eating or affording something as vital as a gym membership and you damn sure better have another method of bringing home some bacon…  And that’s just what P.S 183 Special Education teacher Matthew Maleski went and did.

What avenue did Mr. Maleski chose as his alternate means of procuring a supplemental income?  Go-go dancing.

Unfurl your damn brow.  (Y’all is some judgmental mofos!) Read the rest of this entry »

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George Zimmerman: Autograph For Sale

Accused killer George Zimmerman "selling" autograph to donors.

Accused killer George Zimmerman “selling” autograph to donors.

Putting our wanton thoughts aside for a brief moment.  It does happen.  We woke today to a disturbed posting by a fellow blogger, over at So Let’s Talk About, on how accused murderer George Zimmerman – you might also know him as the all around scum of the earth – is presently selling his John Hancock as if he were Kim Kardashian.

And our stomach turned while still on empty.

You can’t make this type of shit up.  We kid you not.

You can go walk around a gated community packing heat; think your CIA, follow some black kid in the rain and pursue a confrontation based on a personal biased motivation – after 911 has instructed you not to do so – and then get into a physical confrontation which your punk-ass can’t handle and then shoot said kid only to result with you sending out “Thank You” cards to the many like-minded bigots that are “donating” $$$ to your racist ass.

Only in Florida folks!

Far be it from us to tell folks how to squander their presumably hard earned cash – we hear New Orleans is still not fully recovered, say nothing of Sandy victims – but we daresay that this avenue of Zimmerman’s is less than honorable.

Just a thought…

George Zimmerman booking photo.

George Zimmerman booking photo.


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Anderson Cooper: I’m Gay, Always Have Been

This should get a whole herd of folks riled up.  CNN anchor Anderson Cooper finally addresses his long-time official sexual orientation non-disclosure with a letter, published on The Daily Beast, officially and matter of factly stating his gayness.  “The fact is, I’m gay, always have been, always will be, and I couldn’t be any more happy, comfortable with myself, and proud,” states Cooper.

And the chorus sings.

Truth is we’ve always known and only wished it were us kneeling at his feet in praise.  But given that we haven’t been afforded the opportunity to taste hotness we haven’t cared much.  Live and look for a welcoming zipper is our motto.

But some would and often argue that his high-profile presence would be a welcomed champion, or beacon if you will, for gay youths nationwide.

Well now you have it!

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