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Kevin Federline: Alleged Nude Photo Surfaces

Alleged Kevin Federline nude photo surfaces.

Alleged Kevin Federline nude photo surfaces.

Like many other folks trawling Tumblr, we too came across an alleged NSFW nude photo of one-time Britney Spears’ husband and baby-daddy, Kevin Federline, and pondered its authenticity.

It looks real from what we can tell – which is to say that there don’t appear to be any discernible shopped areas of the photo.  But obviously we have no first hand concrete evidence. Read the rest of this entry »

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Lea Michele: Dating a Man For Hire

Lea Michele's new beau Matthew Paetz reportedly moonlighted as an escort

Lea Michele’s new beau Matthew Paetz reportedly moonlighted as an escort

Glee star Lea Michele has seemingly plucked her new beau Matthew Paetz from the set of her music video “On My Way,” with one purpose in mind: A headline!  Of course that is hindsight talking jibber-jabber.  Cuz just looking at Paetz promo pics leaves one this perfectly clear, right off the bat:  He is a hot piece of ass for certain.

How the hell was she to know that Paetz – who bills himself as a “Dating and Lifestyle Coach” on his Twitter page – was once a man for hire to lonely ladies seeking male companionship to the tune of $350 per hour, $6k a weekend and a measly $17,5k for an entire week. Read the rest of this entry »

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Tracy Morgan: Critical Condition After Car Accident

Comic Tracy Morgan in critical condition after six car pile up in NJ

Comic Tracy Morgan in critical condition after six car pile up in NJ

Comic Tracy Morgan is in critical condition after a six car pile-up involving two tractor trailers in New Jersey, reports state.  The SNL and 30 Rock alum is said to have been homeward bound from a concert performance in Delaware when the accident happened. Read the rest of this entry »

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Justin Bieber: Attempted Robbery Investigation Underway

Justin Bieber lends his support to Pencils of Promise's inaugral charity gala in NYC

Justin Bieber lends his support to Pencils of Promise’s inaugral charity gala in NYC

Justin Bieber’s bout with trouble in 2014 seems to be a never-ending saga.  News reports alleged Bieber is presently being investigated for attempting to steal a woman’s phone from her purse after a stop at Sherman Oaks Castle Park – a mini-golf course – in Los Angeles.

How’s that for thuggery? Read the rest of this entry »

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Solange Knowles: Headlines After Jay Z Attack

Solange Knowles seen attacking Jay Z inside a Standard Hotel elevator security camera

Solange Knowles seen attacking Jay Z inside a Standard Hotel elevator security camera

Solange Knowles, the lesser famous sister of one-time Destiny’s Child front woman Beyonce, has finally chart topped her older sis after attacking her rapper hubby Jay Z in an elevator post Met Gala, reports state. Read the rest of this entry »

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Chris Brown: Re-Jailed Post Rehab Eviction

chrisbrownpowerhouseInfamous celebrated girlfriend beater and singer, Chris Brown, looks to be a the tail end of his luck rope, ending his run of laissez-faire antics of hurling objects through windows, getting into street brawls and blahblahblah as he jet from one country to the next – which mainly involves Canada and back – and has ended up where so many had predicted he would do so at the very start…  Caught between a rock and a jailhouse cell! Read the rest of this entry »

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Justin Bieber: Miami DUI Arrest

Booking photo for Justin Bieber's DUI arrest

Booking photo for Justin Bieber’s DUI arrest

Canadian wanna-be pussy-boy bad ass Justin Bieber has gone and gotten himself arrested in Miami, reports state.  Accompanying he DUI charge will be counts of drag racing – Bieber was sad to be driving between 55 and 60 MPH in a 30 MPH zone – resisting arrest and driving on an expired license. Read the rest of this entry »

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Justin Bieber: Blunt Smoking Photo Surfaces

Justin Bieber photographed smoking what appears to be a blunt in Colorado

Justin Bieber photographed smoking what appears to be a blunt in Colorado

What are an entourage good for if not to document your stray from righteousness?  Justin Bieber was photographed by a hanger-on smoking what is believed to be a blunt while sitting next to a girl that sorta looks like Ariana Grande who he is said to be bumping pussy with… Read the rest of this entry »

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Forest Whitaker: Frisked by Milano Market Employee

myownlovesongforestwhitakerHere’s one to top all Black History month postings.  OSCAR winner and all around talent Forest Whitaker, presently in NY filming Black Nativity, was stopped and frisked by a Milano Market employee on Friday, reports TMZ.  Like he was Winona Ryder’s alter ego.

Ain’t that some shit?

Story goes that Whitaker was stopped by a store employee as he made his way out of the grocer for being black while shopping and accused of shoplifting.

Wow! Read the rest of this entry »

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Christian Labella: Glad Charges Were Dropped

Congressional Aide Christian Labella cornered by TMZ: Glad the charges were dropped!

There are lessons one must learn the hard way.  A rite of passage if you will.  Like, let’s say, not star-chasing the likes of Lindsay Lohan and taking unrequested cellphone pics in the hopes of grand standing with your friends about getting to visit the whirlwind craziness that is La-Lindsay.  Especially pics she might be upset by…

It won’t end well.

Case and point…?  Well, Labella is just coming out of the vortex that is Lohan after he hooked-up with the troubled starlet at NYC’s 1Oak and headed back to her W Hotel quarters.

Que suspense – as if y’all weren’t aware of the story already…


You would think that getting to party w/ the likes of her crazy ass might suffice, but NO!  Labella had to go and document his unsuspecting ring-leader in what has been said to be unflattering moments, and when Lindsay became aware of it, well, all hell broke loose.

Presently the latest news comes via TMZ who cornered the politico aspiring dumb-ass and he attempted to evade the attention.  He relented and stated that he is “glad the charges have been dropped.”  Following up with “no, comment.”

Oddly enough our Dictionary word of the day is Apophasis: Denial of one’s intention to speak of a subject that is in fact named.

We bet that Labella will think twice before star-chasing again and may even wish to never revisit her name…

We still think hanging with her crazy ass would be a whole lot of booze induced fun!  Call us girl.

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Prince Harry: Vegas Billiard Strip Down!

We can’t say that we are all that surprised by the surfacing of nude pics of hotness Prince Harry and some skank in Vegas during a strip billiards game this past week.

TMZ posted two doctored images, presumably from a set, and we ask them why?  Why doctor them Harvey?

So much so and to the point of putting a star on that smooth bum of his?  Is that really necessary?

Clearly Principeso didn’t mind letting it all air out!  And we should honor his free spirit by paying it back in kind…

We hate ourselves some censorship!  We do.  Can’t help it.

Why even bother is our state of mind if you are going to censor the very thing that makes it worth posting?

Not judging anyone, simply making an observation is all…

We are also left wondering if Lochte was in on the strip billiards match post pool race…  And if so, where are the pics?

Now, you know Harry is a freak!  Cuz papi was playing strip billiards with a Group of folks.  That spells a propensity for group activity if y’all know what we mean.  And on top of a billiard table is a perfect spot to get down w/ a get down that comes with edges to anchor yourself on for better leverage.

We petition that they be re-posted w/out the censoring layers.  And someone please tell us what the “cupping of the genitals” by Harry-licious is all about?  Be free Harry.  No matter, for now, they will do nicely.

no images were found

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Johnny Depp: Accused of Employing Thug Bodyguards

Johnny Depp opts out of joining costar Amber heard at BIFF event only to see litigation developing over bodyguard thuggery

While the Bahamian International Film Festival hosted Amber Heard and an opening night screening of The Rum Diary, Johnny Depp opted out and headed to an Iggy Pop concert in LA.  Duly deserved playtime – for sure.  But what should have been a leisurely good time for Depp – as opposed to clocking some work time like Heard – has turned police involvement ugly.

TMZ reports that Depp’s bodyguards are facing accusations of having tackled a disabled woman who ventured a little too close to the Pirates of The Caribbean alum.

The  developing legal fracas entails a filed police report made by Robyn Ecker, 52, “claiming she was celebrating her husband’s birthday at the Iggy Pop concert — treating him to $600-a-pop seats at the Palladium… and Johnny was seated right beside her, surrounded by bodyguards.”

“Ecker claims she was having a blast, dancing her face off … when she accidentally strayed a little too close to Johnny’s table,” TMZ tells us.

From Ecker’s accounts, told to LAPD, Depp’s overzealous thugs pounced — grabbing her wrists and taking her down!


And yes, Ms. Thing was drinking a bit!

Curiously enough, no word of what her alleged disability is other than to assume that she is a challenged dancer.

For all we know she could have looked like she was experiencing convulsions, causing Depp’s team to want to rush in and protect him from bodily harm by her flailing fit.

For sure there will be litigation by the accuser.  Cuz, let’s face it – it has a smell of it already.

I bet he wishes he had taken his ass to the BIFF screening now…

And on a sidenote, here is a list of winners:

BIFF 2011 winners are:

New Visions

RESTLESS CITY (USA) / Director: Andrew Dosunmu

First Look

Best Feature: AMOS (The Bahamas)  / Director: Karen Arthur, Thomas Neuwirth

Best Short: FIVE BONES (The Bahamas) / Director: Tyler Johnston

*Honorable mention to TALL TALE OF AN ACCIDENTAL TOURIST (The Bahamas) / Director: Jason Evans

Spirit of Freedom: Narrative

VIPS (Brazil) / Director: Toniko Melo

*Honorable mention to BETTER MUS’ COME (Jamaica) / Director: Storm Saulter

Spirit of Freedom: Documentary

MARATHON BOY (USA/UK/India) / Director: Gemma Atwal

*Honorable mention to ZERO PERCENT (USA) / Director: Tim Skousen

Short Film

HOMECOMING (USA) / Director: Gursimran Sandhu

2011 BIFF Audience Awards

Best Narrative Feature: BETTER MUS’ COME (Jamaica) / Director: Storm Saulter

Best Documentary: ON THE WINGS OF MEN (USA/The Bahamas) / Director: Calvin Dwight Harris

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