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James Franco: Bathroom Selfie Posting

James Franco shares a semi-nude bathroom selfie via social media (left).  Franco pictured at TFF Directors premiere in NYC

James Franco shares a semi-nude bathroom selfie via social media (left). Franco pictured at TFF Directors premiere in NYC

James Franco wants to be talked about these days.  Whether trawling around for some young meat or attempting to defend his honor by denouncing the alleged Lohan hookup – he wants to have his say! And we ain’t looking to stop him any…

Not when papi will go and post a semi-nude bathroom selfie to get our attention!  (You see Franco, we are easier than that 17-year-old with less hassle…) The star of stage – presently appearing in Of Mice And Men – and screen took to the Howard Stern radio show to clear things up, cuz who else do you go to when the topic is sexually driven…  The king of all skank of course. Read the rest of this entry »

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Justin Bieber: Pelted With Plastic Bottle in Brazil

Watch Justin Bieber get pelted with a plastic bottle while on stage in Brazil

Watch Justin Bieber get pelted with a plastic bottle while on stage in Brazil

Aaaaaah Brazil!  The land of hot asses and favelas slums worth millions through a photo-op of a celeb visiting via helicopter.  That really does sum up Justin Bieber’s Brazilian leg of his tour.  Then you take the stage and the public shows their luv and admiration some more.   OH, but, WAIT!   (Watch video after the jump!) Read the rest of this entry »

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FDNY: The 2014 Calendar

Patrick McMullan shoots the FDNY 2014 calendar

Patrick McMullan shoots the FDNY 2014 calendar

Here are twelve reasons to consider setting your couch on fire and suffering from smoke inhalation in the hopes of procuring some mouth to mouth!  The men of the FDNY.  Now if only they would arrive shirtless and sweaty – as pictured. Read the rest of this entry »

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Patrick Schwarzenegger: Shows Off Topless Frame

Patrick Schwarzenegger shares a topless pic via his social network page

Patrick Schwarzenegger shares a topless pic via his social network page

A chip off the old block!  Take a peep at 19-year-old Patrick Schwarzenegger’s twink-a-licious frame – son of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Schriver – post-workout, shared via his social network page.


True that he has ways to go before he acquires a frame as robust as his dad at his age but it isn’t anything to kick out of bed, unless rolling onto it on the wood floors is your thing.

Wonder how long before juice enters the picture…

There have been recent reports of the young upstart demonstrating public intoxication and ornery behavior – makes one wonder about that juice…  But from the looks of it right now it is still natural.

We especially love the smooth torso although we can’t say we appreciate the knee length shorts…

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Joe Manganiello: Topless for Mens Health


PHOTO CREDIT: Patrik Giardino/Men’s Health

True Blood’s Joe Manganiello goes topless for the new issue of Men’s Health magazine.  But you have to get past the cover to get a glimpse of his ripe chiseled frame – he dons a shirt on the cover.

The strapping 6.5 Pennsylvania native shows off his bulging attributes and rock climbing skills and talks about, at 36, being in the best shape of his life, etc…  We would call it R-I-P-E! Read the rest of this entry »

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Amanda Bynes: Bathroom Self Photo Session

Amanda Bynes self-pic bathroom session series

Amanda Bynes self-pic bathroom session series

What the hell kinda unbalance is poor old Amanda Bynes experiencing?  The one time Hairspray and Easy A star has flipped her lid and let it land on the back of her neck and cause serious permanent damage.  And she is still pining for some “Shoop” from Drake.

We can’t blame her at all on that Drake front as brother is all types of yum-licious.  And evidently Rihanna can attest to that…

Bynes latest foray into the ‘look at me’ comes by way of a self-pic session in her bathroom (presumably) which incorporate a series of semi-undressed pics she posted on her Twitter page. Read the rest of this entry »

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Justin Bieber: London Hospital Topless Photo

Pop sensation Justin Bieber shares a London hospital bedside photo.

Pop sensation Justin Bieber shares a London hospital bedside photo.

Justin Bieber reportedly experienced shortness of breath and although he managed to finish his concert in London, was taken to an undisclosed hospital shortly after being assisted off-stage.

And the world is in a state of shock!

Actually not really.

But we do kindly appreciate his thoughtfulness at sharing this here hospital bedside photo.

He may be somewhat unlikable but his body is banging!

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Darren Criss: Shirtless Santa Pic

Glee's Darren Criss poses as a shirtless Santa.

Glee’s Darren Criss poses as a shirtless Santa.

The holidays are hard for some folks.  So here’s something to take your mind off the lackluster merriment that plagues your ho-ho-ho.  Darren Criss – of Glee stardom – posing as a Santa (of sorts) shirtless, holding an over-sized candy-cane.

It put a spin on our very own.  If for a moment.

Less is more, is our personal practice, but we ain’t kicking the Murphy gift-horse for sharing this teaser.  Although we might’ve been a little more gleeful had this been an over-the-should showing some smooth posterior.

Coulda, shoulda, woulda been…

Merry Holidays to all and to all a long lick the candy cane!


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Alison Pill: Topless Twitter Photo

Alison Pill garners national attention after tweeting a self-topless photo on her social network site.

Everyone is up at arms over actress Alison Pill and her topless self-pic posted via her Twitter account.  We, on the other hand, applaud her for being comfortable enough to bare her attributes with the masses.  Cuz let’s face it everyone – if not everything – on the planet has a set of nipples and ever woman has themselves some breasts.

Truth be told, we couldn’t rightly place Ms. Pill right off the back.  So we had to go and do a little bit of Googling.  Lo and behold, she starred in Pillars of The Earth, a series we loved!  She has also starred in Milk, Confessions of A Teenage Drama Queen, Midnight in Paris and most recently, Newsroom.  She also has two upcoming projects we will certainly be on the lookout for – Snowpiercer and Thicker.

Kudos to her!

But of course the good ole USA being founded on puritan values… the powers that be capitalize on the very object of their focused attention.

A deeply rooted contradiction in terms.

We fondly recall a time some many years back while attending an opening attended by Rob Lowe where he walked up to our dear friend Tracie and stuck his face right between her ample bosom.


Hell no!  He was fine as wine.  Made us want to rush out and get ourselves a pair – truth be told.

So here is to the empowerment of women and their breasts the world over!

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AnnaLynne McCord: Tweets Topless Pic to Fan

AnnaLynne McCord Accidentally Twits Semi-Nude Photo to Fan

The CW’s 90210, AnnaLynne McCord, is the latest in the Twit-pic indiscretion brouhaha to a fan.  The blonde beauty claims it was a tech-glitch and she quickly replaced the  photo with a cropped version.  But not quickly enough!  The web being what it is, the photo was instantly picked-up and re-posted online E-V-E-R-Y-W-H-E-R-E!

Now, she ain’t the first and assuredly not the last.  And girl can totally stand proud as the photo is tasteful and only shows a portion of her nips.  So there!

But really y’all…  When you are this beautiful does it even matter?

We had to struglle to take our eyes off her face in the twit-pic.  Just stunning!

What we don’t know is who the fuck is this fan?  And just how damn devoted must they be to get the object of their affection to twitter them a pic personally!  We need to talk with them right quick yesterday!  Tell us boo…  Sharing is caring… And then maybe we can facilitate having Ryan Reynolds, Chace Crawford, Ryan Gosling and Medcad Brooks accidentally transmit some intimate pics to us!

We won’t share em, PROMISE!

no images were found

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Tori Spelling: Hubby Tweets Topless Pic

Tori Spelling & Husband Dean McDermott Twitter Topless Photo

It always appears as though there is little Tori Spelling and hubby Dean McDermott won’t do to get themselves some coverage.  It is hardly news.  Even if it means tweeting a topless pic of Spelling “accidentally,” as you attempt to show off your kid being silly to your Twitter “fans.”   Cuz you couldn’t possible have noticed that your wife was laying in the background with her dollar sized aureoles in full view.

Les we seem harsch, it could very well have been an “accidental” incident.  Because, well, you know, you coulda been so intensely focused on how darling your kid was being in the photo that those big ass nipples were mistaken for a wall or something.  Just a slight occurrence stemming from your over-zealousness to share that cuteness captured of your off-springs with the world at large.  And if it gets media attention, all the better.

They are cute as a button!

But lets face it…  These two “reality” royals will bare anything and everything – as personal and private as it may seem – to ensure that there reality show keeps getting attention and subsequently contracted.

Getting pregnant every year to quantify yet another announcement of being with child?  Not a problem!

It takes a village.

This is not to say that we mind nudity – in any form.  It’s how you were brought into the world and it’s nothing one hasn’t seen at one point or another.  False sense of modesty be damned.  Whatever you have, there is another just like it, if in different size and possible color, one person over.

What we can’t dispel is how desperate for attention – which turns into profits – they seem to always come across as being.

We also can’t help but ponder the irony.  Spelling is herself the offspring of that one-time king of TV producers.  A man with more $$$ than he or his greedy ass wife could possibly ever have spent in multiple lifetimes. (At least his wife’s lifetimes, may he rest in peace.)

You know – if it is possible – he is doing somersaults in his grave over a child of his having to go to such lengths to stay in the public eye and make some money, honey!  Even after all the nepotism you exercised by sticking her untalented ass in so many of your personally produced TV shows!

No justice, no peace!

But, in the end, its about the children.  No, really it is.  Cuz what kinda fucking message are you sending to your children doing such type of shit?  Whoring yourselves in such a fashion can’t be a healthy message to your children.  And while we are pondering that question, where the fuck is Child Protective Services?  Or do they have one on the West coast?


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Topless Hottie: OMG

Lean and lickable torso hottie

A thousand pardons on our absence.  We are deep in the throws of working a freelance gig that is celebrity free.  Can you imagine such?  We forgot such a world actually existed out in the world.

But know that we are thinking of you and will be back on the press line shortly.

As we rise before the sun comes up and check out email, facebook, news blast and etc…  we happen to come across this photo of this hotness. 

Can you imagine, someone actually gets to lick on that…  Its unfair.

The headline adjoining the pic was “sit on your ass and do something.”  Be assured we would love to do so.  Specifically, sit and lick here and there – particularly that left nipples that appears to be calling out our name.

This is the type of specimen that causes us to walk into things – don’t laugh, it actually happens.

Feast on his perfection.