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Sandy: Creates North-East Havoc’s projected path and arrival times for Tropical Storm Sandy along the Eastern sea-board.

Although its the part of daily life never mentioned in weather advisories, we are happy to point a finger to the conflict created between an expected storm the magnitude of Ms. Sandy and having to head out and work for The Man.

Not a pretty combination.  And they are saying projected SNOW along with 70 mph winds!  Lord have mercy…

Unlike working for yourself, having to head out and report in is one of those Debbie Downers of being the 99%.

It never seems that the coverage equates to the media hyped hysteria.  But given that a few inches of rain creates flooding the likes of roadside pools you can swim in alongside the West Side Highway this will assuredly be unpleasant.  Say nothing of the old ass trees toppling over on anxious motorist who can’t weather driving in inclement weather.

And still one must head your ass out to clock in.

We hope y’all have ample resources as you ready to batten down the hatches.  And stay indoors as much as you can.

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