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Alexander Skarsgard: Full Frontal in True Blood Finale

Alexander Skarsgard premieres The East in NYC

Alexander Skarsgard premieres The East in NYC

You want to know what can make us put down our morning coffee during the middle of our vacation – post a night of unspeakable debauchery?  (What?  That’s a separate post!)  Coming across a mention of True Blood’s hotness Alexander Skarsgard going full frontal in the season finale – with awesome grabs!  Seriously y’all!  Vacation be (momentarily) dammed! Read the rest of this entry »

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Joe Manganiello: Topless for Mens Health


PHOTO CREDIT: Patrik Giardino/Men’s Health

True Blood’s Joe Manganiello goes topless for the new issue of Men’s Health magazine.  But you have to get past the cover to get a glimpse of his ripe chiseled frame – he dons a shirt on the cover.

The strapping 6.5 Pennsylvania native shows off his bulging attributes and rock climbing skills and talks about, at 36, being in the best shape of his life, etc…  We would call it R-I-P-E! Read the rest of this entry »

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Alexander Skarsgard: The East NYC Premiere

Alexander Skarsgard premieres The East in NYC

Alexander Skarsgard premieres The East in NYC

We could never get enough of the strapping Alexander Skarsgard.  And we mean that in every sense.  More, papi, more!  The True Blood alum alum brought his latest work “The East,” to NYC for a LES premiere at Sunshine in all his smart casual yumness along with his co-stars Patricia Clarkson, Ellen Page and Brit Marling, leaving us salivating. Read the rest of this entry »

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Alexander Skarsgard: What Maisie Knew Screening

Alexander Skarsgard makes for a quick get-away after being swarmed by overzealous fans at What Maisie Knew screening

Alexander Skarsgard makes for a quick get-away after being swarmed by overzealous fans at What Maisie Knew screening

Working an open space with the likes of Alexander Skarsgard is like the worst idea EVER.  Fanatics – young and shriveled  – get moist.  Some from excitement, the others from hot flashes.  Neither so easily discernible   But it always ends the same – badly!  Such was the case at the What Maisie Knew East Village screening for True Bloods’ resident blond bombshell. Read the rest of this entry »

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Alexander Skarsgard: Disconnect Screening

Alexander Skarsgard, Frank Grillo and Paula Patton attend the Disconnect screening at the Santa Barbara Int'l Film Festival.

Alexander Skarsgard, Frank Grillo and Paula Patton attend the Disconnect screening at the Santa Barbara Int’l Film Festival.

Give projects enough time and they will eventually arrive.  How far they go is an entirely other matter.  Here is True Blood hotness Alexander Skarsgard at The Santa Barbara Int’l Film Festival’s screening of his new film Disconnect.

Yes, that is Paula Patton beside him – she co-stars in the film – alongside Frank Grillo.  No, we are no fans of Robin Thicke’s other half.  She just doesn’t do it for us – at all.  We find her lacking and, like Mariah, we feel that she tries to damn hard for something that should be natural.

Overrated and limited range is our personal thoughts…  Sue us or leave a comment!  See more photos from Disconnect filming after the jump! Read the rest of this entry »

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Joe Manganiello: Duracell Olympics Games Program Launch

Joe Manganiello lends his hotness in support of Duracell’s Olympic Games Program launch in NYC

We love em tall.  And True Blood’s resident ripeness Joe Manganiello fits the bill with inches to spare.  So when we got word that The Wolf was racing into NYC to take part in the Duracell Rely on Copper to Go for The Gold Olympic Games Program launch, we were drooling at the onset.   We tell y’all our hearts skipped a beat and we nearly fainted when he sauntered into the Stage 37 studios.

And it gets better!  Like wet dream better…  The ever pretty picture of Gossip Girl’s Chace Crawford proceeded Manganiello and all we could think of was a picturesque menage a trois with uncontrollable emissions. Read the rest of this entry »

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Channing Tatum: Details February Cover Boy

Channing Tatum Struts his Stuff on Set of Son of No One

Hotness Channing Tatum graces the cover of the upcoming February issue of Details Magazine.  And damn if he doesn’t look like two scoops of melts in your mouth yumness!  We are over the rainbow at the prospects of seeing his upcoming shake-his-money-maker stripper flick “Magic Mike,” which incidentally stars a bevy of male hotness, including “White Collar’s” Matt Bomer, Adam Rodriguez, Alex Pettyfer, Matthew McConaughey and “True Blood’s” Joe Manganiello.

OMG!  Lord help us. Read the rest of this entry »

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Jake Gyllenhaal: Do I Make You Horny?

Alleged Jake Gyllenhaal Nude Surfaces on Line Post Grace Jones Pose

Perusing the unmentionable online destinations we stumbled upon this here alleged pic of hotness Jake Gyllenhaal, in all his glory.  The posting was accompanied by a statement professing its unquestionable authenticity.  No word or mention of the purported source or how the photo became public.


We went in for a detailed look and upon closer inspection one can say it bares a remarkable likeness – yes, it’s something that can be achieved via Photoshop, we know.  But the hair, grin and body – circa Prince of Persia and Love & Other Drugs – would all substantiate believe-ability.  This could be R-E-A-L y’all!  And the notable circumcision would lend itself as hard concrete evidence, not to mention applicable.

But for all tense and purposes we will maintain ALLEGED.

We like ourselves some G!  How can we not?  He’s handsome.  Talented.  A boy next door type of the chosen persuasion – unlike ourselves.  Yes, that would suggest we are of the uncut and uncensored portion of society, but hell if we don’t think diversity is the splice of life!

But les we digress further, we will return to the photo in hand.

Curiously, the pic with the alleged Gyllenhaal likeness in the iconic Grace Jones’ position was quickly denounced by his team.  Too much of a protest for a fake, we think…  This here full-frontal, however, has not received any such objection, that we are aware of…  (Please correct us if we are wrong!)

Interesting?  Perhaps.

We can’t help but recall a certain Kwanten photo, which we posted, that subsequently resulted in an official statement from the True Blood sex kitten’s team unequivacably denying the photo’s authenticity.  (Same photo which the charming folks at HuffPost commented on and wrongfully credited to an alternate source.) Dumbasses.)   But what does come to mind in reviewing this here alleged Gyllenhaal full monty depiction is how little we care whether or not it’s real!

And dare we say, we are not alone!

Why fuck with the fantasy is our continued position!  (Call us cheap, depraved, perverted, lustful – we’ll take it!  And take it well.)

And in the end, there is little wrong with nudity.

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Alexander Skarsgard: What Maise Knew Set

Swedish sensation Alexander Johan Hjalmar Skarsgard on the What Maise Knew set in NYC

Swedish sensation Alexander Skarsgard, 35,  is everywhere these days.  He is the runaway hit on fire, sparked by a little camp HBO blood thirsty tale called “True Blood,” where he plays a 1k year old viking vampire who will bite into anyone he fancies.  Everybody wants some of him.  Ourselves included!  The accolades to date – say nothing of his resume – keep building on top of the 5x Sexiest Man title winner, and deservedly so!  Papi is the hottest Swedish export to arrive on these here United States since Greta Garbo.  An that’s a long time coming.  So rightly, the land welcomes him, sans panties, exposing a newly performed Brazilian wax leaving baby smooth skin on which he can leave his seed mark.

At 6.4 he is a veteran cover boy and a photographer’s dream.  Beautiful, supple, malleable.  Pick up a copy of the November issue of Men’s Journal.   YUM!  He has also graced the covers of Blackbook, Details, Rolling Stone, GQ, VMan and of course TV Guide.

Presently, he can be found on the streets of NY while filming his new project called “What Maise Knew,” opposite Diana Garcia and Julianne Moore (yes, Ms. Thing, we are a photographer!  But we ain’t chasing after you.)

And just last night The Cinema Society premiered the highly anticipated thriller “Straw Dogs,” which also stars James Mardsen and his ex Kate Bosworth.  (Our invite must have gotten held up somehow, right Andrew?)

But don’t fret none, cuz he has an additional three projects in the pipeline:  “Disconnect,” “The East” and “Battleship”.

Just the thought of it all leaves us like Brit-Brit singing give me, give me more!

We took a moment to stalk wait on his fine smooth ass while the crew filmed in the West Village to finally get our very own keepsakes.  We figured the film crew being in the birthing place of the gay revolution was a sign – if you must know! Stonewall and all that jazz…  Dutifully anticipating his exit from the wardrobe trailer to procure a few frames and lay eyes on him first hand.


We don’t mind telling y’all we nearly tripped over our right foot and couldn’t help blurt out, when done, just how much ‘the gay boys love some of you.’   Skarsgard was visibly amused by the declaration and we had to pick up our heart and self-perform CPR!

We’ll leave you with a variety of shots – including the November cover of Men’s Journal to peruse…  And we’ll throw in these here video of yumness doing a striptease for friends just because we like to fantasize it’s us he is pinning up against that pillar.

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YouTube Preview Image

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Ryan Kwanten: Web Nude Surfaces

True Bloods’ Ryan Kwanten alleged full frontal nude

We will readily admit to being “True Blood” fans.  Call us simple.  It’s got a great cast and their story lines never seem to take themselves too seriously.  Camp is found throughout every episode without question.

And of the cast of course we have our faves.  Ryan Kwanten is at the top of the list – right after Skarsgaard.  Dude is ripe with sexuality – so much of it we don’t think he is acting at all. Read the rest of this entry »

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