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Stacey Dash: DiCaprio Climate Change Tweet

dicaprio-dash-oscars-split2Onetime actress turned all things wrong career-wise Stacey Dash has gone and attempted a twitter/blog fight with Best Actor OSCAR winner Leonardo DiCaprio. Read the rest of this entry »

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Geraldo Rivera: Tweets Self-Semi Nude Pic

Fame whore Gerado Rivera tweets semi-nude self pic w/ message "70 is the new 50."

Fame whore Gerado Rivera tweets semi-nude self pic w/ message “70 is the new 50.”

Geraldo Rivera is a fame whore.  No news there!  Ain’t nothing that man – to date – will say – or do – to garner some additional minutes on his ‘look-at-me’ watch.  But as his oral diarrhea has been faltering of late what does he now go and do?  Well, Mr. Man goes and tweets a semi-nude self-pic via Twitter!  And as if tweeting a Mr. Burns – of Simpson’s fame – looking pic of himself weren’t enough his caption goes and reads “70 is the new 50!” Read the rest of this entry »

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Amanda Bynes: Bathroom Self Photo Session

Amanda Bynes self-pic bathroom session series

Amanda Bynes self-pic bathroom session series

What the hell kinda unbalance is poor old Amanda Bynes experiencing?  The one time Hairspray and Easy A star has flipped her lid and let it land on the back of her neck and cause serious permanent damage.  And she is still pining for some “Shoop” from Drake.

We can’t blame her at all on that Drake front as brother is all types of yum-licious.  And evidently Rihanna can attest to that…

Bynes latest foray into the ‘look at me’ comes by way of a self-pic session in her bathroom (presumably) which incorporate a series of semi-undressed pics she posted on her Twitter page. Read the rest of this entry »

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Protected: Alison Pill: Topless Twitter Photo

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Dmitry Rogozin: Madonna Whore Tweet

Dmitry Rogozin takes to Twitter to make derogatory remarks beleived to be aimed at Madonna after she speaks out against Russian punk band prisoners awaiting a verdict.

We just can’t let it go.  We’ve tried.  Russian official Dmity Rogozin is believed to have gone and attacked the divine Madonna on his Twitter account dropping the “W” letter for whore after Madge spoke out against a jailed punk band in the USSR awaiting a verdict, reports the NY Daily News.  Ain’t that some shit?

We’ve never thought Russians were of the etiquette subscribing or moral highbrow bunch – cold fuckers they are – but this one does take a foul cake.  Say nothing of a politician insinuating anyone is a whore – and a Russian one at that = is at the very least a laughable occurrence.

Sadly it appears his culture condones a misogynist voice.  Cuz addressing a woman – any woman apparently, as the dumbass doesn’t go as far as naming her officially – with such demeaning references is apparently acceptable.

This, above all, speaks volume for his people and the country’s overall political arena.

Why don’t you pick on your own kind chubby…?

We thought to share his twitter mugshot with y’all so that you could have visual of this top drawer individual.

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Savannah Dietrich: Sex Crime Victim Facing Contempt of Court Charges

Savannah Dietrich faces contempt of court charges for twitting her molesters’ names after they received a plea-deal in the sex crime case.

Meet Savannah Dietrich.  She is a 17 year old Louisville, KY sex crime victim who is now facing charges for publicly releasing the names of her attackers Will Frey III and Austin Zehnder.  Wow, you say?  Wait for it…  The very court she entrusted to protect her against her two assailants – who happen to be Lacrosse players in her home state – is now looking to penalize her for coming out publicly and identifying the perverted twosomes’ acts, which not only include molesting the teen while she was passed out at a party but documented their acts by taking photos and then circulating them.

Ain’t that some shit?  Top drawer these two are…

Dietrich was so outraged learning that the court – headed by Judge Dee McDonald – offered her attackers a “deal,” as she sat in the courtroom, that she took to twitter to publicly name her attackers in-spite of the courts issuing a gag-order against such.

She is now facing contempt of court charges that could land her in jail for 180 days and fined up to $500.00 for violation of said court order – and this comes at the request of the attorneys for the guilty duo.

Well, kudos to Dietrich we say!

The act executed by these two sickos itself is heinous enough.  You don’t take advantage of someone passed out to get your rocks off and document your exploits and deserve leniency!

That’s foul.  And if that’s what you are doing at this age, just imagine what they will be up to in the years to come.  College female student body BEWARE!

“I was crying as she (the judge) was reading that,” Dietrich is quoted in an interview with the Courier-Journal. “They got off very easy … and they tell me to be quiet, just silencing me at the end.”

We took a look see for the accused online and managed to come up with two who match the location and names perfectly.

So in support of the hell that Dietrich has assuredly suffered we thought to share these photos with you all.  To sign the started petition in support of Dietrich click here.  To show your support for Dietrich click here:  Facebook


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Protected: Tori Spelling: Hubby Tweets Topless Pic

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Juliette Lewis: On The Russell Brand Band Wagon

Juliette Lewis drugdges up an old Russell Brand snap shot to jump on the media coverage post-divorce announcement

Celebrity-dom is a hard niche to maintain.  You can catapult to the top with one forceful performance, but staying there is damn hard thereafter and even harder if it has slipped through your grasp and you end up becoming ‘that one-upon-a-time a-lister.’  – What can be said for this phenom?  The public is fickle and so are the editors on the rags.  The complications of this occurrence is amplified if you were once the ingenue of the moment only to graduate onto becoming too weird for your audience to endure.  What generally appears to inevitably result is the has-been having to jump on the bandwagon of someone monopolizing media attention, at any given moment, in attempts at generating some redirected coverage.  Somewhat of a famous by association effect.  Case and point:  Juliette Lewis drudging up some old photo with Russell Brand and tweeting a message easily misconstrued as a suggestive double-entendre.

We mean not to say that Lewis has lost any of her capacity acting chop wise.  On the contrary, she still manages to channel that quirkyness into formidable performances.  They just don’t happen too often anymore.  We are merely pointing out that neither the rags, casting agents nor the public seem too much interested in what she has left to offer.

Sad?  Yeah.  Reality?  For sure!

So what is a girl who caused waves with a remake of Cape Fear and then wowed everybody in Natural Born Killers to do to get some media attention?

Well, you can pull out said photo with a certain Brit in the throws of a divorce announcement and tweet it for the public at large to start concocting a storyline to go with not only the photo but the tweeted message.

Sad?  Yeah.  True?  Likely!

Now, we ain’t judging, we are simply making an observation.

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Chris Brown Meltdown

Chris Brown Twitter Melt Down

It’s little news that Chris Brown is not having a good year!  Brother man can’t catch a break.  Funny how beating on your girlfriend in a rented Lamborghini can affect one’s life…  And his less than stellar sales of his new CD “Grafitti” appears to be pushing him over the proverbial edge. 

Brown has taken to fighting the industry on his Twitter account!  Bright one he is…  (Thnx HitDanBack for clueing me in…)

Brown Twits:

  • – im tired of this shit. major stores r blackballing my cd. not stockin the shelves and lying to costumers. what the fuck do i gotta do…
  • – WTF… yeah i said it and i aint retracting shit
  • – im not biting my tongue about shit else… the industry can kiss my ass

Poor boy.  His career has permanently derailed and he needs more help than a PR spin can possibly facilitate.  I can’t help but feel sorry for him, largely due to recognizing that he is his own worst enemy.

At least he returned to thank the few that have stuck by him.  “Thx again to my real fans. U don’t go unnoticed. Love y’all.”

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