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Brazilian Hotness: Palais de Justice Capoeira Performance

Brazilian hotness take over the Palais de Justice square

Brazilian hotness take over the Palais de Justice square

Its not often that we will sit and watch street performers – especially while on holiday – it generally isn’t our thing but what is one to do while you wait upon the arrival of a friend in the old center of Nice and a lot of hotties arrive and begin to stretch it out?  Sit your ass down and watch them warm up is what you do.  It’s that simple!  (see video after the jump!) Read the rest of this entry »

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Brussels: RTnM Holidays

The Atom - Brussels, Belgium

The Atom – Brussels, Belgium

Time for a holiday!  As we enter the tale end of Summer we head across the Atlantic for a much needed respite.  Don’t judge us, we find working for the man – as opposed to working on one – exhausting.  Read the rest of this entry »

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Protected: Prince Harry: NSFW Butt Ass Nekkid!

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Sammy M: Jersey Shore Run 2012

Sammy M. at Jenkinson’s Boardwalk amusement park in New Jersey

Let us commence by saying that the Jersey Shore is far from our primary beach destination on any given day.  It is not that we won’t go – not at all – it is merely that its a schlep.  But when Ant & company settle down for a week-long respid, during their month long Stateside pilgrimage – and said day coincides with a day off rolling around in said week – we are not against the idea of jumping into Escape and schlepping our skinny ass on down for a a quick visit.

So it is with the cosmos lining up that we made our way South to spend to day with Ant, Mariela, Jennifer and the clan – including a village of young-ens – on what Jerseyans believe to be the North-East Riviera.  Don’t judge…

We started the day with some deaf-defying feats aboard family rides at Jenkinson’s Boarwalk amusement park.  This is not to say it is the same as the heart-wrenching experience of Six Flags in any shape way or form…  We say deaf-defying as our asses are afraid of heights anytime we get our feet leaving the ground.  Vertigo central!  And while, deep in our hearts, we want to tell ourselves that inspectors have indeed been commissioned and cleared these rides for safe usage we were too busy attempting to answer the age old question of ‘what the fuck are you doing up here?’ the moment the big ass contraption nudged forward.

Yes, we scream like a girl and have no shame for it!

Sammy M., on the other hand – above pictured looking like a modern day British rock star – had little care and, as his windswept locks shot this and that way, we were busy holding on to what little, if any, safety the ride afforded, all the while Nico made like it was a jumbo jet taking off.  (Ain’t that some shit?)

Having survived unscathed -we all but kissed the ground – we wrapped up the taking your life into your own hands and every man, woman & child for themselves portion of the day and headed back to Ocean Grove beach for a more grounded type of assault on the body.  Something which we are attributing to Isaac down further South.

The waves and strong currents made for an entertaining day of sun worshiping while watching Sammy get tossed around along the shore like a sea-shell with board shorts.  Good times!  And anytime spent in our Speedo is well worth it!

Throw in some take-out and home-made kick-ass margaritas and we can earnestly say we were spent!  (Good thing we didn’t opt for a 2nd one of those…  Or we would have woken up on the lawn with dribble all over the place!  (Tequila is not your friend!)

Alas, the group heads back across the pond weeks-end and we can earnestly say we will miss the lot tremendously.  Luv y’all!

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Bahamas Run: Summer 2012

Mommie shows off her newly blown out do in Nassau, Bahamas

“Do you think I could still find a beau?” asked our mommie & lady creator of a little engine that could with a laugh during our visit to what we term paradise – Nassau, Bahamas.  ‘With that hair flowing, it’s a no brainer,” we responded.

Just look at the perfect blend in that do?  We thought it highlights but au contraire!  C’est au natural.

Believe that!

And with that vision of beauty that is our Mommie our brief Summer 2012 visit has fast come to a fast an end but as the saying goes – it’s truly better to have five minutes of wonderful than a whole hour of trifling.

OK; so we adjusted that slightly but y’all get the gist.

We give a whole big thanks to the Wayne & the folks at Bahama Divers for four awesome dives!  The Sting Rays, giant Tortoise and Nurse Sharks while out on The Wall and The Blue Hole dives made for an exciting time down in the warm waters of The Bahamas!  (Better video clip of dives coming up, b4 u guys start quipping about ‘where’s the turtle!)

Now,  as if the above mentioned weren’t enuf to require us to get out a little blue pill (the ones that calm you, no the Jeremy Renner blue one) and make us mind out heart murmur some, we were  joined by Tracie and Wayne – two of our real BFFs, not Paris Hilton BFFs – for din-din at Tracie’s house.  Good times and good home cooked food!  That’s icing.  And dinner featured some kick-ass bread pudding for dessert – homemade!

Can’t beat that with a Sizzling Garden Kalik cocktail, we thinks.   Nothing personal y’all.

Luv you guys.  We will be back soon.  Gotham here we come…

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RTnMs Holiday Roundup Photos

View of a Maltese resident fishing off The Rock beach in Gnenja

So it’s true.  Our annual pilgrimage has ended.  BA even delivered our lost luggage.  How’s that for a message of ‘your done!’  But even though our holiday is now behind us, we have some keepsakes, aside from the fridge magnets, that will last us a long while and which we are happy to share.  (And if they don’t last we will pop a pill & bring them back right quick!)

All things considered we can earnestly say we had an amazing time and were thrilled to visit with some of our dearest trans-Atlantic friends.  True that our holiday abroad incurred a tad bit of drama during our Berlin impromptu visit…  One we would have gladly done without, but what is a little drama when you have spent weeks on two amazing Mediterranean beaches – undisturbed!  C’est pas mal.

Our new fave beach destination is The Rock in Gnenja, Malta!  Picturesque doesn’t begin to describe it and one which we owe a debt of gratitude to our new friend Rob for directing us towards and laying out the path to nirvana.  A path which includes a water-taxi.

We would also like to thank Rinus, Eric, Bert, Manu, Stephane and Omar for allowing us to visit and making our short stay so memorable.  Nous aimez vous.

We’d love to share some of our other adventures with y’all, but we wont!  We are trying to keep this posting totally PG-13.

We will leave you now so we can dutifully unpack our luggage – which traveled longer than we did – and try to get ourselves situated to the new time zone!  (Damn hard one that is.)

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See Y’all in September!

NativeNYker Heading East on AA

As you read this we will be landing on the continent for a very welcomed holiday on the sunny beaches of the Mediterranean. We may, at times, take a moment to post a tidbit, or two, of our multi-week holiday stay abroad but we ain’t promising nothing other than to get a rocking tan!

Vous comprende?

We will think of y’all though – bank on that – and will miss sharing stuff during our absence – but not enough to cut it short.

Please feel free to email us and share any pressing matters and we will consider taking a respid from our time-out to post.

As the commercial declares…  See you in September…  See you when the summer’s through.  You will know I’m back should you spot someone in tears at the airport mid-sept!


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