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Cheyenne Jackson: Don’t Wanna Know

Cheyenne Jackson at the Les Miserable NYC premiere.

Cheyenne Jackson at the Les Miserable NYC premiere.

Stumbling upon Cheyenne Jackson’s “Don’t Wanna Know” music video came as a pleasant surprise.  Awwww hell, it was more than that, but it’s much too early to get that blood surge redirecting.   Read the rest of this entry »

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Jennifer Hudson: Pampers Lullaby Listening Party

Jennifer Hudson attends the Pampers hosted Lullaby recording listening party at E-Space in NYC

OSCAR winning actress, GRAMMY winning singer and over-all beauty queen Jennifer Hudson has proven her vocal prowess, repeatedly, by tackling songs originated by the likes of Gladys Knight and Jennifer Holiday.   Her covers are as poignant as the divas before her.  Girl’s voice is no joke!  So what’s a golden voiced new mom left to do?  Record a cover of the classic Lullaby!  Cuz you know, babies ain’t looking to hear no razzle dazzle when its nap time.  And if you can’t get the sentiment right, they will let you know it.  So as she tackles the last frontier – babies – Pampers hosted a special listening party for Hudson’s latest venture at E-Space, yesterday, right here in NYC!

Truth be told, we wouldn’t want to sleep a wink while girlfriend is at the mic.  So we’d be just as difficult as a nap-seeking toddler full of fuss.  But that’s not to say that J-Hud couldn’t put our troubles to rest right quick if she put her mind to it!

We dashed into mid-town to catch her quick step-and-repeat and, although she was some twenty minutes late, we were all giddy when she stepped out full of smiles and eye contact!

For a quick listen head over to Pampers‘ official Facebook page for a free download!

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Whitney Houston: Dead at 48

This is truly a sad ending to a long and drawn out public downward spiral.  One time pop sensation Whitney Houston has been found dead at the Beverly Hilton Hotel by her bodyguard this afternoon, state Beverly Hills Police.

Last photo of the troubled singer, taken this past Thursday as she exited Tru night club in Hollywood, depict her looking like a ripe mess albeit alive.

Although the world knew that the one time voice which belted out of the Clive Davis creation was gone and nothing but a memory, her expected return to the big screen in “Sparkle,” opposite Jordan Sparks and Mike Epps, was highly anticipated.

Ironically the upcoming film deals with fame and drugs.

The loss of Whitney Houston comes on the tail end of her fans having already mourned the loss of one of the greatest and most impactful voices of our time.

Her recordings will stand tantamount to her one-time vocal prowess and her life will be a cautionary tale of the hazards of uncontrolled drug use.

RIP Whitney.

We will leave y’all to mourn in your own fashion and share these two videos, showing two very different Whitney.

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