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Aremio Solis: Busted in Florida Pedophile Sting

BUSTED: Iraq War Vet & Army Reservist Aremio Solis 1 of 50 arrested in Pedophile Florida Sting

This is far from pretty.  Iraq war veteran and Army Reservist Aremio Solis has been named as one of 50 busted in a pedophile sting in Central Florida dubbed Operation SpiderWeb 2, reports state.  Solis, 31, allegedly answered an online ad for “fun” with a thirteen year-old girl and, after exchanging text messages, visited a pre-agreed upon address only to find Police officers at the ready!

And of course the story gets prettier.

The age range of the gang of perves range from 18 to 50!

On the flip side…  Solis, above pictured in a released mugshot and his bodybuilding social network page, has a slamming body and will, in all likelihood, be a hot commodity in prison. Read the rest of this entry »

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