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Film Set: West Side Highway Bike Path Run

wshbikepath-filmset-splitDuring a recent drive we came across a film set on the riding up the bike path on the West Side Highway, on a frosty winter’s day mind you, making their way uptown towards Chelsea Piers.

It wasn’t a planned venue for us, we have to say, but as we were in a position to snap first and wonder about it later we gladly did so from the fully heated seat of our ride, all the while thinking we’d give a few research options a try a bit later.   Read the rest of this entry »

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Impaired Driver on The West Side Highway

Driver of black SUV erratically makes his way North bound on the West Side Highway

Driver of black SUV erratically makes his way North bound on the West Side Highway

Working late nights finds one witnessing some troubling sights.  Case and point:  Driver of a black SUV speeding up the West Side Highway seemingly impaired and unable to control swerving lanes.

We marveled at how this driver repeatedly swerved in and out of lanes and, at times, rode two lanes while heading North bound along the Hudson River.  This driver also would hit a hard break, almost coming to a complete stop, for no apparent reason.

We first took notice of his seemingly impaired state on the West 57th Street ramp as he crossed over into our lane without provocation.  Thinking it best to not attempt to pass we slowed and trailed a ways behind him.

Driver continued to weave in and out of lanes and hit his breaks for a large stretch of the road.  Eventually we arrived at the thought that this has to be seen to be believed and we taped his continual high jinks until we parted company a few miles down the road.

And where was NYPD?

No where to be found.  It wasn’t end-of-the-month quota time.

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West Side Highway Bike Trail Fire

Smoke rises from deliberately set fire alongside blaze on the bike path adjacent to Chelsea Piers in NYC

Smoke rises from deliberately set fire alongside blaze on the bike path adjacent to Chelsea Piers in NYC

Some times all types of shit are thrown at you by the universe as you try to make your way to a freelance gig prior to your regular post.  Resistance is futile.  But you can’t help but take notice – and snap an I-Phone pic in passing as you ask ‘Seriously?’

Case and point:

On our way to the Tribeca Film Festival premiere of Julianne Moore’s The English Teacher, we encountered a series of obstacles and roadblocks that all seemed to be saying ‘turn around now!’  But yet we persisted.

These included a major accident on the Parkway involving a motorcycle that backed up traffic off-parkway more than a mile…  Upon our attempt at circumventing the traffic, after waiting 15-minutes without movement, we initiated an U-turn and were shortly thereafter pulled over by a cop, who rather than try to aid the chaos ensuing from the stalled traffic due to said accident, looked to knock off a quota filling moment.

And just when we thought we had dodged a bullet by coasting down the WSH we run into a shit load of traffic – for no apparent reason post 42nd Street and arrive at a Chelsea bike path fire for which cars scrambled all about to try and let a fire truck thru.  Of course the fire was far from accidental and did look like it had started and fueled prior to getting out of control, smoke rising everywhere, as no one thought to pour their designer water on it at the start.

Don’t get us started on the finding a temporary parking spot down at BMCC area!

As you can see from the proceeding post, we did manage to get to the premiere and procure a shot of Ms. Moore – one which we will forever be grateful to her and her PR for…  But it does stand to reason that Murphy’s Law is always in affect.

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Sandy: Creates North-East Havoc’s projected path and arrival times for Tropical Storm Sandy along the Eastern sea-board.

Although its the part of daily life never mentioned in weather advisories, we are happy to point a finger to the conflict created between an expected storm the magnitude of Ms. Sandy and having to head out and work for The Man.

Not a pretty combination.  And they are saying projected SNOW along with 70 mph winds!  Lord have mercy…

Unlike working for yourself, having to head out and report in is one of those Debbie Downers of being the 99%.

It never seems that the coverage equates to the media hyped hysteria.  But given that a few inches of rain creates flooding the likes of roadside pools you can swim in alongside the West Side Highway this will assuredly be unpleasant.  Say nothing of the old ass trees toppling over on anxious motorist who can’t weather driving in inclement weather.

And still one must head your ass out to clock in.

We hope y’all have ample resources as you ready to batten down the hatches.  And stay indoors as much as you can.

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