Isaac Sopoaga: 49ers Renege on It Gets Better Spot
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Isaac Sopoaga: 49ers Renege on It Gets Better Spot

Ain’t this some thit?  Isaac Sopoaga, Ricky Jean Francois, Donte Whitner and Ahmad Brooks, of the San Francisco 49ers NFL team, have collectively gone and doubled back on a Trevor Project “It Gets Better” pro-gay commercial they filmed citing they weren’t aware it was anything more than a anti-bullying spot, as opposed to a pro-gay spot for a pro-gay non-profit.

And one must say ‘hmmmmm.’  See video after the jump!

A whole lot is being made of the issue, but the one thing that hasn’t been pointed out is what is plainly and obviously staring us in the face – how all the participants in the spot are of Afro-American descent.

Why is this of note, you may ask?

Well, given that these are folks who, in all likelihood, at some point pre-football fame, have experienced the sour taste of discrimination, it merits making note that they would renege on involvement with an organization that spearheads attempting to end discriminatory bullying against the LGBT teen community.

Yes, we understand that the mere mention of something alternative makes some folks uncomfortable but personal and moral issues aside – discrimination knows no limitations.

Discrimination, in all its fashions, is wrong and hurtful.  One would hope that these here folks would be able to rise above the petty H.S. peer pressure bullshit and take a stand – if for no other reason than knowing what being discriminated against feels like.

Yes, we know, we expect too much from folks, most times.

But here is a message based in fact for this here pas de quatre…

We are everywhere!  For as long as time has existed, gays and lesbians have been around.  And we daresay, that, in all likelihood, there are plenty around you presently.  Cuz you see, we are EVERYWHERE!  You may not easily point them out, they may fly under your un-tuned radar – but rest assured, WE ARE EVERYWHERE!

And the only thing you have proven by taking the “we didn’t know what this was about” stand is just how dumbass you truly are.

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